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    Time in each rank

    In traditional kung fu, there were only four ranks: Grandmaster who headed the syste, Masters, disciples, and students (si hing and si dei, older and younger brothers). Nowadays, even kung fu has rankings in America to help everyone along, but in my opinion, and in observation, putting a set...
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    What the heck is a 'Falcon Punch'?

    I have not watched the video, but one of my three masters has taught me a Wudan Shaolin style created by his master's family going back years at the temple in Hong Kong, called Nine Birds style. One of the Nine Birds is Falcon, the fastest bird, but there are no traditional punches in the...
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    What are the martial arts to you?

    As a short and small person, I started over 32 years ago as a teenager wanting to keep a specific bully away from me, as I got sick every day of running home from school. A few years later, I saw this same bully, had been training for a little over five years and was back from college for the...
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    Favorite or most useful martial arts related book and why?

    As others have mentioned, the Art of War and Book of Five Rings. Particularly, in the Art of War there is theory I love: Retreat is a tactic, never a surrender! And, in the Book of Five Rings I love the page that describes Musashi's Ways of the Warrior Traveling Alone, the 22 precepts of...
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    how old were you when you started in MA

    I started at age 18 in the Chinese martial arts, started wrestling in high school at age 15, and I am 51 now. I wish I had started about age 10-12, but when I really got interested was age 13-14 when the series Kung Fu came on. I knew then that was the stuff for me, but unfortunately it was not...
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    What flashy move have you tried in a real combat?

    That question is an oxymoron...LOL! In real combat, the KISS principle always applies....keep it simple stupid!! Or, when I turned 50, one of my three masters said to me, "now, wait until he lands from the air, then kick 'em!" He also said, " How can you root and generate real power while up in...
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    Five year old is a first dan black belt...

    I have stated before on this forum, and I will say it again, no person under the age of 18 should receive a black belt equivalent in any art. Maybe a junior recognition, but if so they should be required to re test at age 18. I have been in the Chinese martial arts a long time, and one premise...
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    Post an Announcement about a Memorial Fund for a young martial artist

    Gentlemen: Where could I go on here to post an announcement to ask for contributions to support a young martial artist who is 16, been in the arts since age 7, and is currently ranked 2nd on Nick Scrima's circuit? He lost his very supportive Dad ( a Vietnam Vet who died at age 56 and supported...
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    OK... minor rant time

    One of my Sifu, Leung Shum, in the old days would barely allow us to even call him that until after his Master Ng Wei died. Afterwards, it was Sifu, but now with 6 masters under him officially, and many instructors, does he accept the role of Sigung. On the other hand, in one of my two other...
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    Question to all instructors, sensei, sifus ect.

    It would be an honor to try. One good thing about learning from Leung Shum and Jeff Bolt, senior of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, it would be interesting to teach chin na and adapt the wheel chair as a movement vehicle or a leverage point for the chin na applications. Also, would teach the person in the...
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    My Jhong Law Horn / Mi Zong Luo Han

    By the way Grandmaster Lee and Grandmaster Marr are from Shanghai, not Hong Kong.
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    My Jhong Law Horn / Mi Zong Luo Han

    With respect, and Nick is an eagle claw brother from the Leung Shum group, but another great My jhong law horn teacher is Kwong Ming Lee, otherwise known as Johnny Lee in Dallas. You might be referring to Grandmaster Marr in Canada, his elder in the style. There is a close id between Ying Jow...
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    Instructors: Negative loss of your 1st/Senior student?

    In traditional kung fu, it is de riguer after many years, for the master to almost force the senior out to see how it is to teach and train by his/her own. In this way, the senior truly reaches an understanding of what he/she has been taught, whether it will work within their own...
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    Green Dragon Kung Fu?

    You get to keep what you kill!! Oh, Riddick!!
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    Ip Man movie: legit Wing chun?

    I am a practitioner for 32 years of mostly Northen kung fu styles and Yang tai chi so I have no expertise in Wing chun other than basic concepts like centerline, chi sao, sil lum tao, the dummy, etc. But would like to know if the movements I saw after watching the new movie are close to the real...
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    Is the number 108 important to your style?

    108 Eagle claw locks, 108 movements in long form Yang tai chi, etc., but more importantly are the divisors of 8 or 3, like 24 movement, 48 movement, 72 movement, etc.
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    what is david carradines MA background

    I do mourn his passing, even with some rather bizarre details of his actual death now coming out, but I mourn even more the greater passing of Grandmaster Shih Ken, Mr. Han of Enter the Dragon, at age 96. Not only a great actor, he also was Bruce Lee's true senior, and my understanding is during...
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    Hand speed fluxuation problem?

    This may sound quaint, but relax in every movement. One reason you may be slowing down is you tense at some point during the repetitions. Just let it go and remain focused on the end of your technique, not the beginning. Also, it is okay to breathe! Purposely listen to your breath and your chi...
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    A memorable weekend

    Now your true journey begins! Enjoy it, listen, and smile all the way!
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    CMA Near Ballinger Texas?

    John Painter is actually in Arlington, Tx, between Dallas/Ft Worth, not Austin. And, if you want ba gua, go see Grandmaster Kwong Ming Lee aka Johnny Lee, in Dallas who also teaches lost track and Wu tai chi. I have a Shaolin master in Dallas/Vegas and a Long Fist/White Crane master here in...
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    2009 World T'ai Chi and Qi Gong Day

    We will be holding our annual event in a very nice park in Houston from 830-12 local time with 1-200 people expected. Demos, refreshments, etc. are planned, and I know there are corollary events in Dallas and Austin at the same time.
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    Has race ever been made into an issue for you?

    I have been fortunate and would like to address our colleague here. First, I have trained in kung fu and tai chi for a long time and have three masters: one is Chinese in NYC, one is black in Dallas/Las Vegas, and one is white here in Houston. I wanted their knowledge, their wisdom, etc. and...
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    The Pacifist Martial Artist?

    If anybody says I am not a pacifist on this thread, I will fight them!! LOL!
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    Inside Kung Fu Mag.

    Sukerkin, per your point, I will try to break my sentences into paragraphs, though it appears at least 4 people got what I was saying by their thank yous...LOL! Sorry, my Masters in Finance and undergrad in International Economics should preclude long statements, but then that comment was merely...
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    tony jaa vs jet li

    To the last comments, Jet was 6 time national champion of China, do not know Tony Jaa's actual martial arts background, anybody? Through the years, in order to be more realistic, I know Jet has trained under traditional internal and external masters to understand the true fighting nature of the...
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    Eagle Claw Locking Sets

    This past weekend we celebrated the 35th anniversary of teaching and the 74th birthday of one of my three masters, and the kindest soul who can kill you I have ever known, my second father Shum Leung in LA. Many of us flew into LA and I stayed with my wife and my training brother Joel Rodriguez...
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    Inside Kung Fu Mag.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been reading IKF for years, and was heartened when Gene Ching came out with his mag several years ago. What has gone unmentioned, and I only recently noticed, is I believe Curtis Wong, the previous publisher, recently sold the mag as his by line is no longer there...
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    What is the MA Mecca of the USA?

    I respectfully disagree about my fair country of Texas. And, I have a unique base of comparison since I trained in NYC and Hong Kong as well as going all over competing in the old days and judging now. Texas has some great kung fu schools like Raymond Fogg (John Cheng's teacher in Texas and his...
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    I'm curious. Why do people study more than Martial Art.

    For me, it was mostly a case of moving from time to time plus having the opportunity to train with the three masters I did. However, all of my styles were "bird" derivatives of kung fu like white crane, nine birds, and eagle claw. I also started Yang tai chi 20 years after my kung fu practice...
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    Is there really anything you can't teach yourself?

    Your black belt is on its way through the mail...please place it on the shelf next to your will make a nice room addition.