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    Yagyu Shingan Ryu Canada

    The two-man kata taught in koryu dojo are accompanied by a teaching methodology which ensures that they are not 'good for demos.. reduce the capability for improvisation, personal expression etc..' In fact the training/teaching methodology explicitly sidesteps those concerns. Improvisation is...
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    For those of you who want to learn how to fight outside of sport:

    Sosuishi ryu. We also train old school Kodokan Judo alongside the koryu jujutsu stuff though - it makes for a good combination.
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    Do Grip Trainer AddOn Device Exist For Swords the way Baseball Bat, Raquet, Hockey stick, and other Sports Equipment have Tools Teaching proper Grip?

    Not from what I've seen. Like the other poster said, in Japanese sword arts it is generally the teacher's job to explain those details, and ensure they're adhered to. While there are detailed requirements for tenouchi, it is considered a basic, entry level aspect to training that should be...
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    Whereabouts to Japanese jiu jitsu and Goju Ryu in New York

    As Tony mentioned, Chris has well described the state of the arts you are asking after. There is a highly regarded branch dojo of the Sosuishi ryu in New York: Sosuishi-Ryu Jujutsu Kai (S.J.J.K.) Good luck with your search!
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    Couple of Japanese swords at recent auction

    Skeptical. Unpapered swords at auction are... not likely to be the genuine article.
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    Train TMA but fight like kickboxer

    This is the issue many people have with traditional martial arts that practice or teach stylised techniques. Of course fighting is going to look like fighting, so the practicing of stylised techniques invariably amounts to little.
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    Train TMA but fight like kickboxer

    I get your point - I'm familiar with arts which use training/conditioning exercises that are not necessarily intended to reflect the style. I have however left arts because there were forms and exercises which were explicitly meant to reflect the fighting style, and absolutely didn't. Age 18...
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    Video examples of multiman-fight.

    Doesn't look very TRIGONDO.
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    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    I think it pays to know what the term actually means, outside of one niche art. Traditional Kata in Japanese MA
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    Aikido and other arts

    No - the most prestigious magazine on the topic was Stan Pranin's Aiki News. It's fairly well established that Ueshiba did not have any extensive MA training before meeting Takeda and learning Daito ryu, which he went on to do for a couple of decades.
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    Aikido and other arts

    Pertinent to this topic: Great Aikido Aikido Greats 斤暹郎
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    Japanese word for Kwan

    This is the kanji for ryu: This is the kanji for 'Kan' - meaning 'building' ie Judo's 'Kodokan' or 'Nippon Budokan'
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    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    Didn't realise I was, honestly. Was just curious - hence the questions. No worries though, later.
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    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    What makes you think it is? Do you think 'Bullshido' and 'McDojo' mean the same thing? FWIW that is Iida Hiroo of Daito ryu Muden Juku - a legitimate teacher of Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, the art studied and modified by Ueshiba Morihei to create Aikido.
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    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    Worked alright for me last time someone tried to do a home invasion - chased him off with my bokken.
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    The Mechanics Of Powering Your Martial Arts Movement

    As an Australian I heartily endorse this message.
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    Authenticity of Learning Wing Chun via a Screen

    Depends on your definition of 'legitimate WC practitioner'. Most people who have learned the system at all would say that you need to be shown it - in person - by someone who has it. I know that the WC I learned was entirely dependent on two person work, from day 1; I don't think you can...
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    Is there anyone who can help me understand the blade marking on my sword/ makers mark?

    It is a real sword, obviously - but real ray skin and silk, differential hardening doesn't mean anything I'm afraid. It doesn't look like a nihonto. The maker's mark will be on the nakago, as jks said - you should simply be able to pop out the mekugi and remove the tsuka. You can search on...
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    DK Yoo Awesome Martial Artist? Fighter? hmmm You decide

    People who have never seen them performed in an actual fight?
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    Starting Judo next week

    I started Judo three years or so ago at 36. With many chronic injuries - I have arthritic hip joints from broken pelvis, plates in both forearms, no right wrist, can't extend my right hand back to a 'pushing' position etc. Still loving it. Advice - listen to teacher, focus on ukemi and...
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    DK Yoo Awesome Martial Artist? Fighter? hmmm You decide

    The difficulty with that is... there are differing camps re what 'real kung fu application looks like.' The only time anyone has seen people use 'real kung fu applications' has been in staged fights, like those on those cctv4(? not sure if correct - the internal Chinese channel). Otherwise it...
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    DK Yoo Awesome Martial Artist? Fighter? hmmm You decide

    The 15 styles thing was never a claim - his claim was that with his unique system that he teaches in expensive seminar format, one can develop the shen fa of these famous styles. It was just marketing playing off the 'spectacular' speed/demonstrations in his marketing video.
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    DK Yoo Awesome Martial Artist? Fighter? hmmm You decide

    Although he didn't have a fight record, there was footage of him sparring, boxing style. It was decidedly average.
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    AMA About Boxing Terrible Tim Witherspoon 2X Heavyweight Champion of the World Here

    It's a real honour Champ - I'm a big fan. I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.
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    How Effective Is Bodybuilding For Self Defence?

    Fedor did not win through luck. As I said, there is no way to quantify skill, and being a trait in constant flux, it cannot be held constant. I've heard people make all sorts of stupid claims regarding fighting. The only honest assessment is actual fighting. Everything 'matters'.
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    How Effective Is Bodybuilding For Self Defence?

    Of course size and strength matters. But so does skill. So does luck. This is one of my favourite size mis-matches:
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    How Effective Is Bodybuilding For Self Defence?

    There is an obvious, uncontrolled variable. 'Trained' is not a consistent measure - who decides, and how.. that two people are 'equally trained'? Two people who have been training for exactly the same amount of time are obviously not going to have exactly the same degree of skill. Is someone...
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    How Effective Is Bodybuilding For Self Defence?

    You seen any of the first UFCs?
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    How Effective Is Bodybuilding For Self Defence?

    It's just not that simple. Muscle is absolutely essential for speed; there is a reason that the fastest people in the world are muscular: Those muscles are not for aesthetic reasons - they are what make these people the fastest humans to ever live. There is also a reason that endurance...