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    century board holder

    Has anyone tested out the holder from century? If so what did you think about it?Thank you all the best in the arts
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    Shotokan in Oklahoma

    I am Trying to find out if someone is a real black belt in Shotokan,or if they read some books or watched a dvd? I think the person is a fake, but I can not prove it! They have a Dojo in South Eastern Oklahoma. All help in this matter would be great. Thank You All the best in the arts
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    Shotokan Karate

    I am trying to find out if a instructor has a real black belt in Shotokan or his he just a fake that read a book or whatched a dvd? I live in OKLAHOMA. Any help in this matter would be helpful! All the best in the arts
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    The basic's forms

    Does your school, do the basic forms one thru eight? our school does one thru five for rank and six,seven,and eight for fun. All the best in the arts
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    blocking wrap ups

    When you wrap up to do a down block where do you start with your hands? Or do you even wrap up? Where do you end? I start at my ear and end at my knee. Does your school have a set starting point and ending point. Just trying to master the basic's. All the best in the arts
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    I want to send out a big THANK YOU and a job well done to our students that helped us at our rank test. We had 16 students test from 9th gup to 8th gup. This was our third test at our new location. All the best in the arts
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    Mr. Jack Hwangs 44th All american Open

    I just want to say Super Job to all of our students that went to the All American Open Tae Kwon Do Championships on march 29th 2008. You guys and gals did a out standing job of showing what our dojang can do.All the best in the arts
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    Staff size?

    I have not post on this side of martial talk, I do not know the correct terminolgy for the Bo staff in the Korean way. My KWONJANG NIM is going to show us a little about the staff weapons,I have had some training in the Okinawa arts. The training there said the length of the bo should be the...
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    starting right

    I was wondering if all the forms start turning to the left except for pyung won? Some start facing the center but ending turning to the left,koryo,kumkang ,basic one thru eight etc. all the best in the arts
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    brick breaking

    I have seen a break done with a sudo strike on three bricks held out in the palm of the hand , the breaker will point to one brick middle ,front, back and strike the bricks and the brick that the breaker pointed to was the only brick broke. Does anyone have a idea as how it was done? the man...
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    Teaching Forms

    What is your best way of teaching forms to white belts? All the best in the arts
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    Blue Cottage

    Does anyone know where I can find a video,dvd or book on these forms? I would like some info. for the sake of history on these poomse. All the best in the arts
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    Cost of a few books

    I was thinking of buying the set of books by Gen. Choi, Would someone give me there two cents worth on the books. Would a 3rd printing be ok or do I need to buy the late printing? And are they worth it, to buy? Are they full of good info, or the a bunch on good info? That should start a good and...
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    School patch

    I am looking into a school patch for our school, does anyone have someone that you have had good luck with? Our school use the Ferderation patch and the head school patch of our Grandmaster. I think that a patch that could be put on the collar stripe or sleeve would be great. No pictures just...
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    New rank

    I just wanted to SHOUT! to my students on a great test to today! You guy's did a super job! And a special thanks to Mr. Jack Hwang for coming down to give his special input. All the best in the arts
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    Oldest Forms

    Does anyone have a clue as to what the oldest forms are? or form?something before the 1870's. I know the the influnce of China and Japan but before them?
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    board breaking

    I have a group of little dragons and was getting ideas as to how other schools let them do breaking ? Cut boards? plastic boards? ETC.
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    School for student

    I have a 8th gup student who is moving to Birmingham Alabama,does anyone know any good dojangs that I might send him to?
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    puzzle mats

    We installed some puzzle mats for our dojang,on top of some carpet. The puzzle mats are moveing around on top of the carpet,does any one have a good way of anchoring the mats with out messing up the carpet under the mats. Also does your insurance people give you a break for the mats in your...
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    Starting a Dojang

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    Starting a Dojang

    This is to all school mangement, and others, is your school set up as a L.L.C. or are you a Sole P. or other. And if so why did you set it up as such. I would like to set up as a club and put all profits back in the school. But I do not think the I.R.S. will let you do that. Any C.P.A.'s have...
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    Dojang Ninjas

    How many BB instructors have had a wantabe "ninja" come to class and take a class or just watch a class, How did you deal with these bozo's? You know the type, a know it all.
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    bad weather reading list

    sorry for not posting, I have not had any power or internet due to ice storms. so it has gave me time to read candle light is great! I read the TAE KWON DO SECRETS OF KOREAN KARATE by Sihak Henry Cho, it was a great read. And several other great martial art books , If one was to make a list of...
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    Lady instructors

    I posted this awhile back and still have not gotten a answer, What do you call a female instructor? As in Sabumnim, nim means sir? I have a lady instructor who teaches with me, I would like to know the correct term to address her by. All the best in the arts
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    What about BOB

    I was thinking of buying a BOB from century martial arts supply. Does anyone have any thing as to care and feeding of a BOB?
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    Can anyone tell me what move number 26 is about?I know the the move but what does the hand over head mean?and the foot comming up into a crane stance.Then comming down withthe hand into the palm about?In the great words of Sgt. Shultes I know nothing!
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    name stamps or school stamps

    Does anybody have a some pointers on buying a school and name carved stamp. Does a ying or yang stamp better than the other? How do I know if the writing is correct, for all I know the stamp could say do not ship from this side! Also how do you tell if the stamp is lined up in the proper...
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    new to group

    hello out there! I am new to this just wanted to say hi! and ask a question, does anybody know the correct names for dan rankings in korean arts? all the best in the arts