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    Favorite Samurai/Ninja movies

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    Favorite Samurai/Ninja movies

    I was just looking around the net for a few new movies, preferably the older Japanese versions and realized there are way more than I had ever thought. I own "Seven Samurai", "Sword of Doom", "Samurai 1" and "Yojimbo", all awesome! I was really wanting to get some good ones but would hate to...
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    Candles, Oranges and Ping Pong Balls, Oh My?!

    Like the title says. Can anyone explain the benefits of such exercises. Snuffing out candles with a bokken/gum. Cutting an orange off of a tameshigiri stand. Slicing a ping pong ball out of the air. What is the benefit by cutting a long sheet of paper with Shinken? I have my opinions and...
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    Funny training in your backyard or dojo/dojang

    Just wanted to hear any suggestions and/or stories you have had practicing outdoors. I have a short story, kind of funny. Practicing in my backyard, fenced/private. Iaido/Gumdo with daily Misogi/Kotanama (sp?). One day I hear the neighbors in the back on the other side of the fence...
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    Hello, I'm new here and I hope I can learn from you. Student for life.