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    Suggestions for Good Supplemental Workout DVDs or Programs

    This forum has been super informative and helpful. I'm wondering if anyone has found a good supplemental workout DVD or program? You know, for the days you're stuck at home or can't get to the gym. Nothing to replace training, but something to supplement it. I've heard everything from power...
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    The Teacher/Student Relationship When It Becomes a Business Arrangement

    The backstory: A friend in the local martial arts community wanted to open his own business teaching martial arts, I think in TKD or a related discipline. He had some background in TKD and is likeable, a coach for his kids' sports teams, easy going, and is well regarded. He was laid off from...
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    We have one relatively newbie teacher in our area who refers to themselves as "Master" and wants to be formally addressed as such. Your thoughts? Some of the most accomplished masters I've encountered never refer to themselves as such, but others refer to them respectfully as Sensei, Sifu, or...
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    After Training Kenpo/Kempo What Style Did You Do Next

    For kenpo/kempo martial artists who left to study something different, what type of martial art did you pick next? For those with black belts or a lot of expertise in kenpo/kempo, what styles are most complementary? What helped take your training to the next level?
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    What are good tournaments to attend?

    For you guys on the West Coast are there any great open tournaments you'd recommend? For example, tournaments open to a wide variety of practitioners in different arts. Seems like there are all these little ones for each group, but not larger ones. Maybe I'm missing something? Thank you for...
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    Kenpo/Kempo Tournaments

    Are there open tournaments for kenpo/kempo or related arts in California that are worth attending? Any one have experience with these? I'd like to attend one or two because they're fun and a good way to gauge what you're learning.
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    Importance of Ethics in Selecting a Dojo

    Thought I'd throw this out to you guys: How important are the ethics of the school or organization you are training with? Is this a valid consideration or should selection of schools be based solely on the actual training received? To me, I would not train at an unethical school or one where...
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    Best way to mend bridges?

    Do you guys think it's possible to mend bridges in all situations? I really messed up in friendship with a martial arts colleague. I thought he had done something he had not. I've emailed an apology and tried to make things right. But he has ignored it. Not sure what else to do. Do you...
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    Verbal Self-Defense, Best Verbal De-escalation Strategies for Kids and Adults?

    Sometimes we all run into a hothead intent on bullying, being generally belligerent, or downright offensive/threatening.What are the best ways to verbally de-escalate these things? For kids? For adults?
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    New Student Walking In, Striking Too Hard, Follow Up Question

    As a student, I'm curious what the appropriate response should be when a new student walks in and is clearly either using too much force or out of control? I've had this happen once and chose not to dignify it. I thought the instructor would step in and correct the new student. This...
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    Meditation to Begin Class

    Wondering what you thought about meditating before the start of class? In different schools I've seen there's been: 1. No meditation or 2. Quiet meditation with students off to the side 3. Meditation with teacher and students all facing same direction 4. Meditation with teacher facing students...
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    Need School Suggestions

    Do you know of any schools teachings Shaolin Kenpo or something similar in the San Francisco area? I'd like to avoid chain schools and finding an independent school or teacher would be great. I could commute down to the Peninsula if there's a great place there. I'm looking for excellent...
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    Looking for Good School/Rec Class/or Training Group

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good school, rec center class, or training group. I'd like to train in Shaolin Kenpo, but prefer to avoid the chain schools. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and could travel anywhere from SF to Santa Clara.