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    Is this a legitimate gym or mcdojo

    Salem Muay Thai - Krav Maga Salem - Salem, Oregon Im thinking of signing up at this gym but I'm not sure if it's legit, can someone look at the gym through the link I provided and tell me if it's legit? Im a beginner and I've taken some bjj classes but I don't know nothing about striking and...
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    Beginner needs help to see if this place is legit(bjj)

    Basically, this bjj place opened pretty much right down the street from my house and Im really thinking of joining because I want to do bjj for exercise and self defense. Can a expert in bjj tell me if this gym is legit? Ill leave a link Combat Sports Center | MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Muay Thai
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    what art would compliment sambo?

    After a long time I finally decided to start learning sambo at team quest in Portland, Oregon. I was wondering what would compliment sambo more for street situations sub wrestling or Muay Thai or boxing? Anything helps
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    Can I get some conformation on a gym

    Hello, I live in Portland, Oregon but I work in Salem. Anyways, I was wondering if someone can help me because Iam new to the martial arts game lol and I don't want a mcdojo gym. The gyms name is Keizer martial arts and they teach a variety of stuff but I was wondering if there Muay Thai and...
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    10th planet or Combat Submission wrestling (Erik Paulson)

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right area if I'm not just tell me and I'll post in the correct area. Anyways, I'm new to these forums and martial arts in general. So my question is about 10th planet and CSW. 1. Whats the difference between the two? 2. is 10th planet really bjj cause I see...