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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

    These are headlines and subheaders pulled from miscellaneous news services in the last few days. when our generals and politicians use surge and better body counts as a gauge of the situation, it's interesting to see what stories are being written in the national and international press. i...
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    No illusions with the Son of Mad Dog

    in this interesting interview we learn that Qaddafi's son is a pure cynic who doesn't have any illusions on how business gets done in the world. The b.s. he describes with such frankness is so deep that one does wonder how europe and the u.s. didn't eventually work a deal with Saddam in the same...
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    Bush goes for the record...

    Bush is now tied with Tricky Dick for 2nd lowest rated president since they began tracking... Truman still holds the top spot... for now.
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    A Man Called Dick

    Oversight? we don't need no stinky oversight... ha ha ha.,0,405085.story?coll=la-home-center
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    They hate him, they really really...

    Seems Dubya's great popularity in Albania is no where to be found in Serbia.
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    It's good to be Prince.

    not much of a blip about this here- but this is a major story in England right now.,,2099077,00.html
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    They Like Him. They Really Really... what's more pathetic... a news day focused on a screaming crying 20 something spoiled rotten rich kid having to face a dose of reality or a NY Times front page story about how the man running the United States...
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    white house slams itself

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    David Halberstam

    his book The Best and The Brightest, is the definitive book on how and why we went to war in Vietnam- a great man and a great writer. He will be missed.
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    And just how is the Surge going? let's see, things are better in Baghdad, worst in the outer areas. "better" in Baghdad means a lot more "sensational bombings" a lot less general mayhem. Petraeus adds that everyone's just going to have to get used...
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    Kurt Vonnegut

    Vonnegut is dead. Long live Kilgore Trout! :asian:
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    Gambia President Cures Aids

    just when you thought meglomaniacal dictators were no longer interesting such as in the days of Idi Amin...
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    Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise

    another disturbing piece of news-- teens killing homeless people cause it's fun. at least at the time-- then jail, then realization that it is not a game. Seems that a growing portion of teenagers are in sort of self-destruct mode-- strangling each other as a form to get high, hood-surfing...
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    guillty of living the good life in this article, a man in holland wants to be jailed for eating chocolate- he's seeking a sentence so he can bring awareness to the chocolate industry's purchasing of cocoa beans from the ivory coast which is acussed of using child slave labor...
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    the New Loan Sharks interesting article on debit card fees for overdrafts. the banks act like they're doing you a favor when the offer this "courtesy" service-- but they dont' mention fees. instead of the flat embarassing but fee-less turn down on your...
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    Malibu Dictator

    well, it ain't Mel Gibson-- it's a real one-- Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue and he's enjoying LA life while he waits to for his dad, the current dictator in chief of equitorial guinea to croak. ain't it strange that this is considered one of the most oppressive anti-democratic and corrupt...
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    spent political capital

    george w. is down to a grim 35 per cent in public support. most folks want him to essentially bow out of the political arena. only 2 and 10 folks want him taking a leading role in setting policy.
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    is this the best the dems can offer...

    hillary or obama? between smooth tongue and the sharp one--- is there any alternative? hillary acts as if she's entitled to the throne (much like gore and all family members named bush)--obama is riding a wave of gush cause he can string a cohesive statement together that actually sounds...
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    In Vain i gather from these comments, that the general feels if we pack up and leave- the war in iraq was, for the dead and wounded, a sacrifice not worth making. the only reason he can really see for being there is "success" and that the mission "is...
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    take the money and run it up for even more...

    this is why we'll ultimately be in trouble with paying our national debt.. the pentagon's who give's a crap, zero accountability, job waiting with the company you just greenlighted a mulitbillion dollar contract to, biz as usual b.s. just stopping to review the mess is going to cost $14...
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    Big Article In La Times on MMA sports,1,4215329.story?ctrack=1&cset=true interesting front page article today--- sounds like the extreme fighting is being marketed much like entertainment wrestling was-- but at least the outcomes are not known in MMA sports. the...
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    parody of comedy

    o.k., explain it to me, what's the point of these movies like the new EPIC MOVIE and DATE Movie before it, of making fun of comedies? how does this make any sense? what did the producers think? that Napolean Dynamite was a drama? let me know ye wise film critics in martial artsdom, how is...
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    Saud's ready to back Sunni's in Iraq

    according to this story-- the sauds will support the sunni insurgents-- those same insurgents that currently attack our troops-- if the U.S. pulls out. the good news- oil prices may come down as a part of their strategy. could that've been George W.s mad master plan all along? hmmmmm...
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    Markus Wolf

    the east german spymaster who's real life antics gave John Le Carre and many spy novel authors tons of material to write about. commie or not- he was an important historical figure.
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    Rumsfeld Is Out

    he's resigned. I assume Bush accepted it this time. expect we'll hear a Bush statement or speech in the next few hours. now who do we get and what direction do we go in?
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    reality comes knocking

    and now this...
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    Meanwhile back in Iraq...

    U.S. officer describes disarray in Iraqi army POSTED: 6:26 p.m. EST, November 2, 2006 BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- In an assessment for a military journal, a U.S. Army officer who advised Iraqi troops concludes the goal of having Iraq control its security "will exceed" the new army's capability...
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    What Republicans really think of our troops

    which party really supports the troops? and don't forget this stuff. and what better way to support our troops than encouraging insurgents to kill them...
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    Radical's take on Cheney

    another leftwing nut pipes in on Dick.:wink1:
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    Where were you when we were getting high?

    Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants OTTAWA, Canada (Reuters) -- Canadian troops fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy -- almost impenetrable forests of marijuana plants 10 feet tall. General Rick Hillier, chief of...