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  1. Tgace

    steel targets

    I love em...there's nothing like immediate feedback. There is still a lot to be said for paper target drills when perfecting technique and working on specific things, but steel really adds a dimension to your training you can't get otherwise. I have some small disks I hang from shepherd hooks...
  2. Tgace


    I had an interesting discussion with some guys about weapon zero today and the issue of individual zero vs weapon zero. What I have learned/read over the years is that scoped guns are different from iron sighted guns and both are different from red dot/holo sights. On magnified optics...
  3. Tgace

    Dry Fire and other weapon drawing "arts".

    I was putting my time in with my SIRT Pistol last night... ...working on my presentation, the mechanics of grip, target transitions, reloads...etc. Later on, before bed, I was reading another chapter of Japanese Swordsmanship:Technique and Practice when a thought struck me. What practical...
  4. Tgace

    rollover prone and ballistics

    when things go sideways the things worth believing in This post is going to try and explain one of the more difficult combat carbine concepts to comprehend (see what I did there ?). That is the trajectory of a rifle round when firing from the "rollover" or "urban" prone position. Before I try...
  5. Tgace

    AR bolt catch replacement

    The AR Platform is probably THE most modular of long gun's out there. There seems to be no end of parts, upgrades and do-dads available for it. While there are MANY people out there with the armoring know how to replace their own parts or upgrade/repair their AR's, there are others who are a...
  6. Tgace

    Rifle Twist and Ammo Selection

    twist and shoot the things worth believing in A little something I wrote last year.... Rifling twist rates can be another head scratcher for the new AR owner. The internet is full of different opinions of what is best她ften times based on what the writer has purchased and is now trying to...
  7. Tgace

    Animal Abuse?

    This is getting a lot of internet traction lately. When I first watched it I was expecting something a LOT worse than what I saw. I think people are transferring the emotions they have for their family pet onto a working police dog. While a person who has never been around Police K9's may find...
  8. Tgace

    Is the US really a crime ridden slaughterhouse?

    ...lies...damn lies....and the rest.
  9. Tgace

    well as long as he teaches "good stuff"...

    ...who cares if he is a liar? Where is the line between "harmless fibs" and outright lies when it comes to these martial arts/firearms trainers?
  10. Tgace

    Excessive or not?

    This video is starting the social media rounds: I do not know anything about what this guy was doing but obviously he is being arrested. Was Taser'ed and is still refusing to roll over and comply with being cuffed. One officer applies some baton strikes to the subjects lower legs. One officer...
  11. Tgace

    The 47 Ronin..truth vs legend.

    I recently wrote a post about the 47 Ronin: In a nutshell. Some scholars believe tuch of the "Legend" as we know it now is based on Meiji Era propaganda vs "the truth". While I don't know if anyone has all of the facts behind the "Ako Incident". I find...
  12. Tgace

    no good deed goes unpunished So..if Cop arrests her some in the public will complain "why can't you do what cops did back in the day, give them a ride home instead". Cop is bad. Cop brings drunk girl home. He leaves and...
  13. Tgace

    Snitches get stitches

    This is the latest news around my PD to boot. Which brings to the conversation our societies attitude towards snitching, tattleing, telling, etc. While the "gang" connotations of "Snitches get stitches" is...
  14. Tgace

    LE Myths and misconceptions

    This thread is for things people commonly believe or wonder about when it comes to police and police procedure. 1. Undercover cops have to tell you they are LE when asked- No 2. If a cop doesn't mirandize me at the time of arrest then my arrest is unlawful and/or will be dismissed- No. Miranda...
  15. Tgace

    dear liberals....
  16. Tgace

    Protect and serve?

    Rant on: After perusing a FB post full of "cop haters" (dunno why I bother) I was struck by all the comments about how cops are "worse these days" or how they don't "protect and serve" anymore.... IMO, most of these "good old days" of law enforcement types are wearing coke bottle bottom rose...
  17. Tgace

    Anthony Bourdain...a liberal on the American Gun Culture. I thought this would boil my blood...I was wrong. Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  18. Tgace

    An Indian students thoughts on life in America

    A fascinating view of life in the US through Indian eyes... Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  19. Tgace

    What happens when risk adverse leaders set policy. The typical catch 22 we cops wind up in. The people don't want to tolerate this but they will be the first people criticizing the police when a chase kills someone. At some point you have to...
  20. Tgace

    "Dont Rape" training...

    Marc MacYoung has an interesting post up on his blog: usual, its blunt and controversial but contains a core of truth. The current climate surrounding "rape education" does seem to focus on trying to "train men" not to rape...
  21. Tgace

    Its all fun and games till his feelings got hurt. Seriously?
  22. Tgace

    what are we doing to our children

    I just saw this article on FB. What these "bombs" are are called Pressure Bombs, or Works Bombs/Draino bombs. In a nutshell, chemicals that produce gasses are put in a...
  23. Tgace

    Honor the flag

    This man had strong convictions:
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    Breaking News!!,33333/?ref=auto
  25. Tgace

    Who joins the US Military?

    Put aside all the "poor and uneducated" memes:
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    Trouble logging in

    I recently tried posting from my home network and received some sort of odd "you don't have authorization....forbidden" warning and now I get "web page unavailable" when I try to access the forum. I can still post from my cell phone. I tried a cookie dump to no avail. Ideas? Sent from my...
  27. Tgace

    Brits flip out over.....bullets? Of course they were not a risk...while I wouldn't fire one, small arms rounds are obscenely stable...these were not UXO/bombs/grenades.... Is this just a case of...
  28. Tgace

    nanny cam beating

    An arrest has been made: Dude is fresh out of lock-up (December of 2012) from a 22 month burglary bid. This guy should never see the light of day again. What I find sad is how many people wouldn't...
  29. Tgace

    Who's the bigger fool here?

    The guy driving around a crime scene videotaping hoping to get into a confrontation or the cop who fell for it? Cops approaching citizens with cameras and...
  30. Tgace

    "Funny" how the left is all PC....

    ....and the "word police", until someone they like puts his foot in his mouth. Do you think that if a Conservative celeb said the same word these women would be so...