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  1. stone_dragone

    Goju Shorei questions

    I did a quick search for this subject and had no luck, so here's a question or two for anyone with experience or knowledge of the Goju Shorei system. For background, lot can be found at:
  2. stone_dragone

    Question about a school

    I am soon PCSing (moving) from my current duty station to Ft Lewis, WA. Near where I'm going to be living, there's a ninpo school. The instructor is Tracy Corder sensei. I intend to check out the school when I get there, but I like to have as much info as possible. His website claims...
  3. stone_dragone

    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    I've had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great input on this forum over the years. A lot of it constructive, some of it complimentary and some just helpful. I've learned a lot about history, philosophy, and technique from a wide range of arts that has often led me to ask better questions of...
  4. stone_dragone

    SCA, ARMA, or other

    If the topic has been discussed, I couldn't find it from my tapatalk app, so I apologize for any redundancy. I've been interested in western sword, quarter staff and the like since I was a kid. As many of you may know, I've been involved in Asian arts for almost 18 years now and for the...
  5. stone_dragone

    10 year anniversary

    Haven't been posting much here on MT lately (although reading alot). To break my silence, I just want to announce my 10th anniversary with my beautiful wife is tomorrow! Just bragging'... That is all! On with your day. Thank you for your attention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Aikido Shodan

    I'm pleased as punch and proud as hell to announce my father-in-law's successful test for shodan under the auspices of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba today as Aikido of Northern Virginia. 7 years ago it looked like it would be a long road, today he realized just how short it was. Congrats to...
  7. stone_dragone

    ASU Testing next Saturday

    Are any Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) folks here going to be in attendance at next week's dan testing in VA? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While killing some time earlier today, I came across a reference to unifight (Universal Fighting). Turns out that it's not a system but a training methodology and a competition that incorporates physical fitness, precision shooting and full contact fighting. Has anyone else heard about this...
  9. stone_dragone

    Been gone, probably forgotten...

    But now I'm BACK! For some reason that makes me think of the Contours' song "Do you love me?" Been over at Kenpotalk alot, but haven't forgotten my first love, MT. Living in San Antonio these days, working, riding the Harley and making my own beer. Just wanted to drop one of...
  10. stone_dragone

    Research on Peter Urban's Early Years

    So here I am, minding my own business when out of the blue an old interest in my lineage pops back up. I had thought that some of my doors were shut, but someone squeeked a few open so now I'm left with a bunch of new questions and no real answers. Hopefully someone here can be of some help...
  11. stone_dragone

    Iphone 4G

    I have the 3G and am due for an upgrade, does any MT'er have the 4G yet and what do you think? I've read about issues with the antenna but everyone I've talked to with one haven't had a problem. Should I get it? Should I just go for the 3GS instead?
  12. stone_dragone

    Dichotomy, thy name is "Shodan..."

    Although this may or may not have been discussed in it's own thread, I know that it has been discussed in almost every thread that I've read about young black belts and 1st degree "masters." Here is something that I've noticed and have wondered about... I'm pretty sure that most black belts...
  13. stone_dragone

    Moving to San Antonio

    I'll be moving to San Antonio this month and am fairly open regarding course of studies. I was hoping for either a bujinkan dojo or a tai chi school (pretty different, I know) among other things to study at. I know there is a Shaolin-Do school near where I'll probably be living that...
  14. stone_dragone

    Is the awe still there...was it ever?

    This is specifically for the kyu/gup/non-black belt folks, but if newer (last year or so) black belts want to chime in, please do. I remember being a yellow belt at a tournament and being in almost awe if a black belt that I didn't know struck up conversation with me, all the more so if it...
  15. stone_dragone

    Made some chishi this evening

    Since I have been training in traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu a few days a week for the last month, I decided to build some beginner chishi. For those who aren't sure what a chishi is, it's a weighted stick used for strengthening exercises (and other drills, I presume) in okinawan arts. It helps...
  16. stone_dragone

    Kenpo in the Carolinas 2010...the Review!q

    In case you couldn't make it to this year's International Karate Connection Association's premier East Coast Event - "Kenpo In the Carolinas" - you missed out on some phenominal training and awesome brotherhood! The entire weekend lived up to (and dare I say, surpassed) the IKCA's reputation for...
  17. stone_dragone

    Spirit Warriors Dojo, San Antonio

    I will be moving to San Antonio this summer and was hoping to find some X-kan training there. Internet searching has found the titular school. A search on MT has found minimal information regarding it, with one iece of info that raisies a question... Sources indicate that although the primary...
  18. stone_dragone

    "Calls For Cthulhu"

    Recently found out about this small webseries shortly... Personally I think it's hilarious. Enjoy (or not) "CALLS FOR CTHULHU" When I can remember how to embed video, I'll put it up here.
  19. stone_dragone

    IKCA and evolution

    This is mostly for folks who do or did study the IKCA kenpo curriculum, but if you have experience in a similar matter - system evolution - please feel free to comment. From their website ... "The Karate Connection began as a Dojo in 1980. It has since evolved into...
  20. stone_dragone

    Kenpo in the Carolinas 2010...

    Who's going? It's always a great time of training and awesome brotherhood. I'm going...are you with me? If you've never seen IKCA stuff in person, here's a great chance to ask some questions and compare and contrast in a friendly environment. Oh, if you don't know what I'm talking...
  21. stone_dragone

    Moving to San Antonio

    So the members of my medical evaluation board finally came back with a decision, which was that I am now medically fit to return to duty! Seems that the next PCS will take us from the Baltimore/DC area to sunny San Antonio, TX! Loving great authentic mexican food, i understand that we'll be...
  22. stone_dragone

    Looking for some affordable wrestling mats

    A friend of mine that teaches in NW PA is looking to replace his school's wrestling mats. While he is checking the normal Ebay and classified ads, does anyone have a good (or bad, what the hell...) suggestion as to where he could pick some up at a reasonable price?
  23. stone_dragone

    Who broke for Chris Penn in BotB?

    I was just watching one of my favorites, Best of the Best, and randomly wondered - was Christopher Penn - God rest his soul - a martial artist or even a boxer? I don't know if it's been asked before, but I couldn't find anything. If he wasn't a martial artist, who was his stunt double? Related...
  24. stone_dragone

    Good Chest pads/Protectors?

    I have put it off for as long as I can, but since having open heart surgery, I have to be REALLY careful about my contact when sparring and practicing techniques. With this in mind, I am in the market for a good, light and preferably thin/moldable chest protector that I can wear under my...
  25. stone_dragone

    Hanshi George Anderson

    Posted here because I couldn't find a thread in the Memorial section...TwendKata posted something in the Japanese forum, but here it is as well. On August 6, 2009, 10th degree black belt George Anderson, father of the Kwanmukan and Kwanmu Zen Do Kai system passed into memory. He began his...
  26. stone_dragone

    Caution...Graphic Video, You should get PO'd

    Again, CAUTION - GRAPHIC VIOLENCE Just saw this over on Kenponet. I'm virtually speechless and hope that those involved burn brightly in the darkest corner of hell. I can only hope this isn't true... The video is on the page.
  27. stone_dragone

    What the hell is this

    I am familiar with the name "52 Blocks," AKA Jailhouse Rock. I just watched this video and couldn't help but wonder WTF? Does anyone have experience with or information on this crap?
  28. stone_dragone

    Different looking belts...

    For those practitioners that are in arts that use a belt system, does anyone have "unique" belt colors or designs? Any long time lurker not familiar with the ATA probably knows from conversations that in Songahm TKD they have a camouflage belt. While on the eosin-panther site here, I...
  29. stone_dragone

    Need book about my new art...

    I've decided to finally try a new, non-martial art hobby... Texas Hold'em. Being vaguely familiar with the rules from downloading a game on my Iphone, I entered a free (just for fun) tourny earlier this week and out of about 60-70 competitors, I made it to the final table on dumb luck and...
  30. stone_dragone

    Hanshi Robert Mallin, RIP

    Hanshi Robert L. (Bob) Mallin, 74, of Pittsburgh, formerly of Meadville and Dalton, Ga., passed away Thursday, March 19, 2009, after a long struggle with Alzheimers disease. On October 24th, 2003 Mr. Mallin was presented the rank of 10th Dan in Goju Karate by Hanshi Lou Angel, student of...