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    More WWII photos

    Rare Kodachrome Images World War II -Revisited - has a link to this: Rare color photos of World War II has several WWII photos from a recent book. These are unique in that they are not only in color, but Kodachrome. I would love to know how they got it processed. But the...
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    Cats can do martial arts

    I am not familiar with this photographer, and there are a couple of repeated shots, but some cute ones as well. Photos of Cats Doing Martial Arts
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    Photos of WWII

    From, AKA RFF: Mystery Naval Photographer - is the thread at RFF, and has some historical commentary. It is from a photographer in WWII who was apparently in the Pacific during and after the war. The link below is the actual site where the photos are...
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    How many are Hapkidoists?

    We don't see much activity in the Hapkido thread. I was just wondering how many consider themselves Hapkidoists (or Hapkidoin if you prefer). Are you belted? Do you still study? In my case I attained a 2nd Degree black belt in 1987. I have trained to 3rd, but never tested. I study on my...
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    A short reflection on 7 Dec 41

    Tomorrow is of course 7 Dec 16. For some of you it is probably already 7 Dec 16. For those of us in the USA, 7 Dec 41 was a "Day of Infamy." The USA was the victim of a surprise attack on 7 Dec 41, that damaged or destroyed a great deal of the military sea power we thought of as nearly...
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    Photography of old England

    From RFF, a member posted this URL which shows photographs of an older England. Most intriguingly was the accompanying URL Whitewashing the abuse of women in pictures which has other links at the bottom of the page. Just thought some...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA and USA expatriots everywhere

    The title speaks for itself, but isn't meant to exclude anyone else who wishes to participate and be thankful. Hope all have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. My wife's health permitting, she, I, and the dog will visit a daughter. The cat will be on its own. :)
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    WWII story of Robert Capa, the last soldier to die

    The below link is to a site that shows some of the photos Capa took in two wars, especially WWII. Fascinatingly there is also a recording of an interview of Capa. Hope all, but especially those who are interested in photography, enjoy. Leipzig flat made famous in Capa war photo becomes...
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    Some interesting photos from WWII England

    In color no less, and one photo of Girl Guides and Sea Rangers. I got the link from RFF. rare-colour-pictures-give-glimpse-of-london-life-during-the-blitz
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    Captured camera goes back to where it was

    Not MA or MT related, but it seems not necessary in this forum. I thought it was interesting. This link came from RFF. BBC News - WWII German camera captures Nazi troops at rest and tells of a Royal Marine who during an operation in WWII found a camera and not only kept if, but used it. Then...
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    Quyen Vin Phan Le, Tae Kwon Do instructor arrested

    Reports from Washington, DC, and Virginia: "A fixture in the Northern Virginia world of martial arts and an instructor to hundreds of children in the art of Tae Kwon Do has been accused of molesting two of his young students, police say." He has been arrested, but not yet taken to court, much...
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    Where in the world is Bill Mattocks?

    I may have just missed it, but I don't think I have seen him post in several days, maybe a week. He hasn't answered a PM either. Anybody heard anything from/about him?
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    Why do you come to the Hapkido Forum?

    I see people visiting the Hapkido forum every time I come into the Korean Martial Arts area. What I almost never see is someone posting in the Hapkido forum. Are there Hapkido practitioners who just don't find anything of interest? Please start a thread on something that interests you...
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    Soong Moo Kwan Hapkido

    Don't see too much mention of what style people in the Hapkido forum learned under. It isn't perhaps all that important anyway. The different styles share many of their techniques. Still, I was wondering if there are any others here who studied Soong Moo Kwan Hapkido, either in Korea, under...
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    Newly joined

    Greetings all. I have just joined, but have made some posts. I studied TKD many years ago under Jhoon Goo Rhee when he only had a small place on the third floor, at Connecticutt and S Streets in Washington, DC. Only got to 8th Green due to military commitments. He was a great instructor and...