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  1. stone_dragone

    Goju Shorei questions

    I did a quick search for this subject and had no luck, so here's a question or two for anyone with experience or knowledge of the Goju Shorei system. For background, lot can be found at:
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    Question about a school

    Thanks for the info. I missed the note about breaking ties with the Genbukan, but I won't let that be the deciding factor. I'll check them out when I get there.
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    Question about a school

    I am soon PCSing (moving) from my current duty station to Ft Lewis, WA. Near where I'm going to be living, there's a ninpo school. The instructor is Tracy Corder sensei. I intend to check out the school when I get there, but I like to have as much info as possible. His website claims...
  4. stone_dragone

    Home Study Courses

    I'm sure that we can do without the uninformed person attacks, especially from senior members. That being said, this topic has been discussed in depth in many other locations. Another suggestion, if your looking for a martial art outlet and exercise program, is to purchase an XBox kinect...
  5. stone_dragone

    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    This is an answer that I can live with. While I have come across the (lack of better words) a martial snob or two, I can understand this point of view as well.
  6. stone_dragone

    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way, Mr. Parsons. I am the first to admit that there are some major limits to the written word and my tone seems to have been interpreted by you as hostile and closed-minded. I agree with nearly everything that you said and have had much of the same...
  7. stone_dragone

    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    I'm glad to have started such an involved discussion! As a point of note, I can be relatively certain that there is no Soke in my future, and absolutely certain that there will be no claims of assumed rank for teaching and naming whatever previously unnamed art mix I do.
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    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    I've had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great input on this forum over the years. A lot of it constructive, some of it complimentary and some just helpful. I've learned a lot about history, philosophy, and technique from a wide range of arts that has often led me to ask better questions of...
  9. stone_dragone

    Dan Farmer.

    Rest in peace, Uncle Dan.
  10. stone_dragone

    Cthulhu gi

    Straight up WOW.
  11. stone_dragone

    Shotokan's Secret (book review)

    Speaking of axes to grind...
  12. stone_dragone

    SCA, ARMA, or other

    If the topic has been discussed, I couldn't find it from my tapatalk app, so I apologize for any redundancy. I've been interested in western sword, quarter staff and the like since I was a kid. As many of you may know, I've been involved in Asian arts for almost 18 years now and for the...
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    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    "The Way of Kata" by Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Student: when will you quit?

    My first school and martial home has been open for 24 years. For the first 15 years, conservatively one could say about 200 folks a year started classes, the next 9 years averaged about 75 or so a year starting (due to a new location). Let's just round it down to about 3600 folks. Only 34 folks...
  15. stone_dragone

    What is a Shihan in the Bujinkan?

    While I completely agree that 5 years is too long & we have threads of interest that are newer, now this one has some new traffic too which is good, especially for those interested in the topic without the to time to dig through every post on this awesome forum. As to the original topic - I'd...
  16. stone_dragone

    10 year anniversary

    Haven't been posting much here on MT lately (although reading alot). To break my silence, I just want to announce my 10th anniversary with my beautiful wife is tomorrow! Just bragging'... That is all! On with your day. Thank you for your attention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Master Al Case' Matrix Martial Arts

    Not to resurrect a year dead thread, but I have just purchased one of Mr. Case's programs out of curiosity and will review it and let folks know what I think first hand. I figured for the cost of a dinner out, if I can learn three things that I didn't know, then the $ and time'll be worth it...
  18. stone_dragone

    How many of you are black belts?

    When facing such a request, I point to a tree and say "Look...a tree. That's something, isn't it?" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. stone_dragone

    I was promoted to Ni-Kyu tonight!

    Congratulations, sir! Vitamin "M"and Tiger's what's for dinner!
  20. stone_dragone

    Speaking the truth gets General sacked...sigh...

    Just as an aside...we speak of this government or that system as being corrupt. It all boils down to the cultural definition of corruption. In big terms, corruption is the accepting of inappropriate influence. The bigger questions that need to be considered before one can solve a problem of...
  21. stone_dragone

    Was told to not come back to the class!

    First of all: Welcome to MT! Why not stop over at the Meet and Greet section and tell us a bit more about yourself. Second: Sounds like you found out why. You used the word "Team." Sounds like something in which the membership is "earned". There are plenty of other places where you can...
  22. stone_dragone

    Always depends on who's asking? ;)

    Always depends on who's asking? ;)
  23. stone_dragone

    Black Shogun who lived around the 800's CE

    Sho-nuff, these things will happen.
  24. stone_dragone

    Black Shogun who lived around the 800's CE

    Wasn't there a Black Shogun who dominated the Harlem Prefecture circa 1985?
  25. stone_dragone

    Dropping In

    Greetings and welcome to MT!
  26. stone_dragone

    Im back

    As has been said, welcome back to the arts and the home of the arts online! The hardest thing about martial arts is getting started...the second hardest is getting back after an absence. Great to have you back!
  27. stone_dragone

    Greetings from the cornfields of NE Maryland

    Greetings and welcome to MT!
  28. stone_dragone

    Greetings from Buffalo, New York

    Greetings and welcome to MT!