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  1. Master Dan

    Need advise on taser stopping large dog atacks?

    My dog is large and strong and I maintain him on a leash at all times. Problem is as many as 3 loose male dogs may run up on us at a time while walking. Most serious is a 100lb plus blue pit very aggressive that the owner refuses to leash and runs up on me with him and extremely hard to hold my...
  2. Master Dan

    Being attacked in public with child

    We went to a movie at a Subway theater and on the way out we talked with 4 young girls who had been texting during the movie. All of a sudden a female came from behind started shouting obscenities and threatening. A worker from behind the sandwich counter told us all to leave. My wife was in the...
  3. Master Dan

    Ma people show us your dog and why you have them

    I got this guy because we have a lot of bears and we hike a lot. But this year the bears came almost to our door steps chasing Musk Ox. He is three now and my daughter 10 and they are just best buddies. They wrestle and play all the time. I never have to worry about my daughter or anyone coming...
  4. Master Dan

    Advice on Back Surgery

    Lost flexibility this last year, Worked 6-7 days a week last 2 years. Just three weeks ago could not stand, walk or sit with out very bad pain, could only lay on side. Took three weeks to find a doctor that would take the time to examine me and take X-rays. Before that all I got was Tylenol...
  5. Master Dan

    Apprentice Job offer for life long trade and paid training to include KKW BB degrees 1-3rd

    The position is with Safeway Corporation a global company in Nome Alaska as a Meat Cutter apprentice. Apprentice ship is 2 years with pay at $20 hr. or more negotiable. This a trade that can last you your whole life. There are many good paying jobs here the store could employ a whole family...
  6. Master Dan

    How Many of You have been hurt by a bad fall?

    I teach and stress falling in class as one of the most important parts of self defense that can act as a counter to locks and throws but more importantly protecting your self from serious injury by accidental falls that could cause permanent injury or even serious crippling or life threating...
  7. Master Dan

    Zimmerman to face Wrongful Death Civil Trial

    George is not out of the woods by a long shot. I am sure the family and their attorney's will fill a Civil Wrongful death filing and his attorney fees and stress will not end. I believe there is better than a 75% chance he will receive a judgment that will continue to make his life bad. Right or...
  8. Master Dan

    Email Spam Filter Rant (Original Title: I am wore out with ... spam)

    I have put up with the last 2 year of all the Viagra spam they use all kinds of crap to get around the spam filters but tonight was the last straw they are using Banking Loan offers with attached PFD for loans or offers that are direct to Viagra spam. I sent every threat I could think of...
  9. Master Dan

    CBO: higher taxes on rich won't harm economy

    WELL BILL HERE IS A COUNTER TO YOUR DOOM AND GLOOM?? I generally find that the CBO counters most facts or lack there of put out by the GOP (Government OOber Party) 繚 CBO: higher taxeson rich won't harm economy By Steve Benen FriNov 9, 2012 1:28 PM EST Justyesterday, as talks over taxes...
  10. Master Dan

    Florida GOP: Maybe* we have a problem

    By Laura Conaway FriNov 9, 2012 1:55 PM EST JThompstonDistrict4/Flickr KenDetzner is the one in the gray suit. FloridaGovernor Rick Scott is defending his decision not to extend early voting, as Steve notedearlier. "Im very confident that the right thinghappened," he told Daralene Jonesof...
  11. Master Dan

    What to expect from ryan as vp

    IT FUNNY ABOUR ROMNEY SAYING HE WILL REACH ACROSS AND BE BYPARTISAN WHEN HIS VP HAS A HISTORY AS FOLLOWS? I'm sure the focus groups told Ryan's aides this kind of rhetoric would resonate in a state like Minnesota, but unless the congressman is living in some kind of alternate reality, the...
  12. Master Dan

    Help for IE-9 Windows 7 prfessional

    I have tried everthing you can think of to do the online Dan Rank promtion with Kukkiwon. I am a registered recommending master but cannot log on using my IE-9 Internet Explorer 9 with Windows 7 professional. I can log on using Mozilla but it will only let me enter some information and no...
  13. Master Dan

    $100 million pledge to defeat obama???

    Here is the letter I received byEmail today Sheldon Adelson, the conservative billionaire Las Vegas casino owner, haspledged to give up to $100 million -- whatever it takes -- to defeat BarackObama. We know it's not out of love for Mitt Romney, so why part with so much money?As President...
  14. Master Dan

    Embassy atacks and deaths

    I am split on this one first I hated that Romney is using this as a political platform to slam Obama? However our Embassy's are US soveriegn soil and should be defended as such! Given how severe security is anywhere in the Middle East why did we not have better security? We should have had armed...
  15. Master Dan

    My most popular Salmon Recipe

    While I am adjusting med and diet this year eating yogurt with walnuts and olive oil for brekfast and such we are trying to eat more fish. We live in an area that has a good anual run of several varieties. Silver and Kings are most sought after Kigs especially for smoking but bottom line eating...
  16. Master Dan

    Have you used this product?

    I currently use Chinese Slim Tea once a day very good digestion and slowing reducing weight 15 pounds in 3 months but emailed this add today I find many weight loss products very suspect even fraudulant. HCG drops claims to loose average of 1-2 pounds per day but I notice they say in conjunction...
  17. Master Dan

    Wisconsin governor recall election

    Here is live link for updates on recall effort important to many of us I think it is a very serious sign from polls that Democrats are just not that energized as Republicans and it that is a national trend after this our country/states are going to run red in November which if that happens I can...
  18. Master Dan

    Do any of you know what this is??

    Found this in a pile of old electronics from our Dojang fishing vesel last week. A 30 year vet in munitions and no one else here can figure out what it was possibly practice bomb or marine sonar device but it has USS markings and weighs about 25 pounds solid brass. [ATTACH]16832[
  19. Master Dan

    Gene Simmons For President? The Rights position on who is qualified?

    The constant Montra of the Romney Campain, Trump and now Gene Simmons is that the only person qualified to be president is a person who has run a business not just that but made alot of money? All the RNC GOP and conservatives seem to be in agreement on this?? Now Gene Simmons made his money...
  20. Master Dan

    Tae Kwon Do Fron On The Edge

    One of my students from our Junior Nationals team that all medaled in the 90's just posted this on YouTube. Because he works for one of the airlines here that flys to the Eskimo villages and Rusia he gets a discount and rented a helicoptor for $400 to take him and friends up to the mountains of...
  21. Master Dan

    Post Cards from the edge

    Bet you have not done this? here if you die in the winter regardless of the funeral your put in the freezer and buried in summer when the ground thaws in some cases they build fires and hand chop and dig for 12 hours or more and traditional in some areas they just put your box on the side of the...
  22. Master Dan

    Bering Sea Gold

  23. Master Dan

    Going to organize Bear hunt using tradittional Japanese Archery Equipment

    Several of us have past and current archery experience and it has long been my desire to organize a bear hunt here using traditional Japanese long Bow. We have a very large agressive Brown Bear Grizzly Bear population. People pay over $10,000 each to come here to hunt we can do it for free. I...
  24. Master Dan

    Paying Obese and at risk youth to train

    In the last 17 years its the worst I have seen since the media and internet. Theres seems to be two major things in our culture that has been removed from parenting. Parents telling the kids NO! and YOU HAVE TO! It eliminates structure and self dicipline. Kids are opting for just tunning out on...
  25. Master Dan

    LGBT in Taekwondo

    As instructors, mastors and owners of Dojangs have you had to deal with this and how have you handled it. I know one thing I have had to do related to any unknown new male students due to the fact i have children in the classes I require background check before even starting class period and...
  26. Master Dan

    Team USA wins Three Medals so far World Juniors Egypt So far as of last night three medals waiting to hear how one Alaska competitor faired?
  27. Master Dan

    World Tae Kwon Do Juniors to be held in Egypt?

    Last I was told WTF is going to hold the World Juniors in Egypt? While it may be up to adults to do as they please how can parents guardians consider sending youth especially Americans to that region? They are killing people over soccer games I know its more than that but even so. Going into...
  28. Master Dan

    Grant funding for taekwondo

    I usually use this sponsor for equipment only but last year we lost alot of low income students that just could not afford the training fee so I applied to cover there training fees and got a grant to support 30-40 students at $5 - $7 per class that is about $60-$84 dollors a month. You will...
  29. Master Dan

    Are you being overcharged for Internet usage?

    We are hostage here with only one choice of internet supplier charging $75 a month that allows usage of 5 MB Email and 2 Gigabites down loads. They are currently in the last 6 months sending people bills from $300 to $800 extra claiming down loading overages. They have been hitting me $30...
  30. Master Dan

    Craigs List Self Defense Brag Post

    Ralph this ones for you. The post below reads well and is a fun laugh but in reality if this was really done you would be a fool to post it and I feel it is more a blog of feel good wishing. My good friend sent this believing to be real and my comments back were as follows. Anyone truly trained...