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  1. Blindside

    Santa Clause is coming to town

    Me (not Santa) was working on a variation of the SCA wrap shot to give me some extra reach compared to Santa and his extra reach.
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    single stick (solo baston) bout

    This was a recent sparring match at one of our open sparring classes and my sparring partner here isn't part of my regular class so I was working on some material that we had been covering in class the week before. In this case it was "breaking-in" from long range to close range. One of the...
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    Short Blade cutting competition

    This is highlights from the first (and only) cutting competition I had the chance to compete in. Very educational and I hope we can do another this year. Cutting is like golf, it is just about you and the target, it puts a pure focus on your skills, not the comparison of your skills to...
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    sabre vs. rapier

    So last year my kali group spun off a Highland broadsword and military sabre group. This is a match against a rather short rapier.
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    stick and 'hawk match

    I (blue shirt) was tired and not ranging out like I should have, basically I stayed in the pocket too long. Fun fight got to use the hook of the 'hawk to tie temporarily tie up both of his arms when we got into close range. Never got to use the 'hawk offensively as it was spending most of its...
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    Circular hand movement

    I didn't even know we had this section, here is a bit on how I teach hand movement.
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    Playing with the slow motion....

    From a couple of months ago, I didn't catch all of the exchanges but a good opportunity to see some of the combinations that come into play. This is pretty much "stick as machete."
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    weapon sparring footage

    So last Saturday was our first, and hopefully annual "Warrior Tipon Tipon" in Bellevue, Washington. This is weapon fighting event inspired by and conducted under a similar ruleset to the Dog Brothers. We had lots of guys who this was their first time fighting with bare rattan (probably like...
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    Full contact stickfighting event in Bellevue, WA April 25th!

    warrior tipontipon flyer final by wyldbio, on Flickr We are putting on a (probably) small gathering for fighters interested in participated in full contact light armor stickfighting on April 25th in Bellevue, and we wanted to extend an invitation. We put this group together to expand the...
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    Something odd on "new posts" search

    Nevermind, think I figured it out. This search is just different than the way the old software handled it.
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    hand movement

    One of the simplest defenses in any of the armed arts is to hit the other guys hand/arm so he can't use a weapon, call it a "defang" or whatever, hit him in the arm and it can change the nature of the fight. So how do you prevent it? One of the things about getting out of my PTK bubble and...
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    cross training

    This thread is splitting due to a question by Flying Crane: discussion to ensue....
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    Tuhon Rommel (Pekiti-Tirsia Kali) in Seattle June 4 & 5

    Tuhon Rommel Seattle Seminar by wyldbio, on Flickr
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    Rory Miller Conflict Communication Seminar

    Well, I just got back from a Rory Miller seminar called "Conflict Communication." A general description of the course can be found at: The course wasn't physical like many of the seminars that I have attended, but it was incredibly valuable, much...
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    Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Seminar in Salt Lake City

    Grand Tuhon Gaje will be back in Salt Lake City at the end of this month for his annual seminar. DATES: August 28-29, 2010 TRAINING SCHEDULE: 10:00am 4:00pm each day LOCATION: Bernales Institute of Martial Arts 2257 South State Street South Salt Lake, UT...
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    So why does this (stupid) show get a forum? And are we really considering this "analysis" anything other than entertainment? And regardless of the opinion of the show, shouldn't it be a sub-forum of The Rec Room?
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    "Human Target" fight choreography

    I just watched Human Target over on Hulu, and the fight choreography was excellent, very similar to the Imada choreographed Jason Bourn movies, very high quality for a TV show. Does anyone know the background of the fight choreographor for the show, IMDB lists it as "Mike Desabrais."
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    Hate the new Myspace Style background

    Is there a way to disable this? Maybe a skin that does or does not allow this. Thanks, Lamont
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    Danger of bipeds....

    Given the previous thread of the various 4 legged, six legged, and 8 legged dangers in the outdoors, I just thought this would make us pay attention to those with just two. Witness to BWCAW shooting spree recounts harrowing night John Myers Duluth News Tribune Published Wednesday...
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    Looking for a MA school in WV

    I've got a student who is moving to Fairmont, WV, and wants to continue his MA training. He did kenpo and kali with us, but I've told him to look for the best instructor rather then a particular style (he is a beginner.) He had two kids in our school as well (ages 9&11) and they also would...
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    Giant badgers and the war on terror.,22049,22056684-5001028,00.html Tells you something about the public perception in Iraq when it is skewed on the recent population growth of badgers.
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    slashing knife attacks

    One of my complaints about the kenpo system is the apparently incomplete curricullum for knife defense. The most glaring difference is the lack of official techniques against a slashing knife. I have heard from several instructors that the defenses against this type of attack are contained...
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    new toy

    I just thought I'd share the AR I finished building last week. I bought the stripped lower from a SLC gunshop and ordered the kit online. I impatiently waited for the several UPS deliveries (mags, rear-sight, complete upper kit), and when they finally did, a couple of hours later I had her...
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    improbable shot

    From the Seattle PI ---------------------- Amazing shot cited as self-defense Police bullet lodged in gunman's weapon By HECTOR CASTRO P-I REPORTER A highly improbable shot left an officer's bullet in the cylinder of a gunman's revolver, and police say it's a pretty clear sign that the...
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    Anyone going to the Disney Martial Arts Festival/Kenpo event?

    Anyone going to be there this weekend? I'll be attending with my instructor and a fellow blackbelt. We're mostly going for the Tiger Claw Elite Series tournament, but we'll be participating in the Kenpo tourney as well. Unfortunately, we'll be flying in tomorrow so we'll miss several of...
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    Feb 4th SLC - Pekiti-Tirsia Kali - Tim Waid

    A Pekiti-Tirsia Kali seminar in Salt Lake City featuring Instructor Tim Waid. The seminar is hosted by Jared Wihongi. Details on the seminar can be found at