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  1. Dave Leverich

    ATA success story!!!!

    Lol yes on the bashing part. I don't like generalizations generally about anything (and yeah I lol'd about writing that sentence ;)). That being said, I don't hide that I'm an ATA guy (have been since 1985 after I left WTA). In fact I even am open about it on Bullshido (fireproof underoos ;p)...
  2. Dave Leverich

    Chael Sonnen

    I'm with MattJ on this one, Chael has improved tons over the years and has an insane amount of experience. I think his skills right now are the answer to Silva. Watch his bouts vs Filho, Marquardt, Okami, Baker etc. While he did lose to Maia with a slick slick triangle, I haven't seen Silva...
  3. Dave Leverich

    Metal Legend Ronnie James Dio, dead at 67.

    Scott said it best... "Horns at half mast. Such a huge loss." - Scott Ian Rest in Peace Ronnie, thanks for being one of the founders of a phenomenal movement.
  4. Dave Leverich

    looking for a mentor

    Shikata, VIP passes. Most bang for the buck. You offer a week free, two weeks, a month, whatever suits you. Some do 4 weeks for 49 + free uniform etc. But the key is interaction and getting them to come and try it, most will sign up from that point. It's just getting them in the door. VIP...
  5. Dave Leverich

    Gi questions?

    Try Howard Liu's. HCK kimonos, way way good, great quality and good price.
  6. Dave Leverich

    Crazy Monkey Defense

    Malleus, have you looked up Rodney's YouTube channel? IT could give you a pretty good feel for the overall style.
  7. Dave Leverich

    Crazy Monkey Defense

    I've trained CMD as well. I find it to be a very good approach for boxing.
  8. Dave Leverich

    post a pic of yourself......

    Hm, recent ones...
  9. Dave Leverich

    Hand Wrapping

    Killswitch, I use the thumb simply as an anchor when I wrap, but yeah you really should talk to you coach and see his method. My main concern in wrapping my hands is the hand stability (metacarpals). A side thought is the wrist stability, but for some people that is a big issue as well.
  10. Dave Leverich

    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

    Joe, the boxing base will be great for your stand-up. If I'd started with that, I'd look to add in wrestling (greco and hs/collegiate), as well as BJJ. Honestly I wouldn't _start_ with 10th Planet as it seems to assume you already have a decent BJJ base (at least from what I've seen it...
  11. Dave Leverich

    Mister (Miss), Master...what's in the term SBN?

    Kwan Jang (nim) is generally referring to the head of a Kwan or style. IE. Chung Do Kwan, has one 'head' which is the Kwan Jang of that 'gym'. I've been introduced as Sa Bum Nim from one Korean master to another, not sure if they meant master/instructor etc. We never used to use 'master'...
  12. Dave Leverich

    ATF Seizes 30 Toy Guns, Says "They Can Be Converted Into Machine Guns"

    Holy crap, and they're standing behind it so they try to not look like complete morons... Whew. Look out for those 6mm full-auto plastic sprayers guys. What idiots.
  13. Dave Leverich

    all ma are sport

    My understanding of it was that so he could do all techniques with intent, without crippling the opponent. IE. Alive style training.
  14. Dave Leverich

    definition of a "martial artist"?

    Honestly I think anyone who is training in martial arts (asian, european, whatever) is a student in the martial arts. If they've just begun, well crap awesome, they have yet to experience so many awesome things. If they're someone like myself with 25-30 years of experience, then awesome! They're...
  15. Dave Leverich

    BJJ for 13 year old girls?

    OMG, Pyrock I was grinning ear to ear watching your 4/yo munchkin hehe. Awesome!!! Yeah, I need to start training my babies in that :).
  16. Dave Leverich

    BJJ for 13 year old girls?

    Pyrock, she looked great! My baby is 'almost' 7 and I'm about ready to get her into it too :). My son's 11 and been chomping at the bit to start in on BJJ. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Dave Leverich


    I beg, steal and borrow from CaCC does that count? Hehe.
  18. Dave Leverich

    Meeting MMA: An outsider's encounter with the world's fastest growing sport.

    Beautiful article. It's amazing to see how he 'got it' so clearly. Terry, no worries, we each have the flavors we like right? I wouldn't pull guard on the street either heh, then again, I wouldn't be bouncing with my hands down like my TKD tournaments (I don't in those either, but you see the...
  19. Dave Leverich

    "We are not a McDojo"

    Lol, ok yeah with that further information um heh. I kind of feel like we were baited into this one... ;p
  20. Dave Leverich

    "We are not a McDojo"

    Or it could just be that they are very aware of the moniker and don't want to be associated with it. I'd judge it off of the business model along with watching the class to see the apparent skill levels first. Some mcdojo's make great martial artists, although most don't.
  21. Dave Leverich

    Any Other Sombo Guys Here?

    Lol, not me Jimmy. But I do steal from Reilly and Steve when I can, great stuff!!
  22. Dave Leverich

    When to let children watch MMA?

    I have a 7 year old daughter (ok, almost 7, a month) and an 11 year old boy. They both watch some. My son likes it more as he's done a couple of years of wrestling now, my daughter likes it as well because 'thats what daddy does'. I just make sure that they understand that it is a competition...
  23. Dave Leverich

    Pan Ams / Mundials 2010

    Steve, Pan Ams are looking less and less likely for me, but maybe Mundials. I'll keep you posted on one of (here/fb/lockflow) heh.
  24. Dave Leverich

    Death Metal Rooster

    Pure awesome!
  25. Dave Leverich

    Federal court reigns in use of Tasers

    Er sorry, apparently 'ape feces' is censored ;p.
  26. Dave Leverich

    Federal court reigns in use of Tasers

    They just need to codify what 'going *******' is, and allow that as reasonable reasoning for taser use. Guy goes *******? Tase him.
  27. Dave Leverich

    master multiple korean arts in 4 years?

    Did you even really have to ask? I mean the BS meter is blowing off the charts right? Guy is so full of crap that his blue eyes turned brown right? Why is it that people cant walk the full road, but have to start this kind of crap? Reminds me of the 19th dan Ninjers, wtf.
  28. Dave Leverich

    Employer pays for BJJ private group classes on company time!

    Heh, they need any graphic designers, web designers, or just random slaves?
  29. Dave Leverich

    My instructor trains us to be tense/rigid

    Rabbit, best of luck in your voyage man. Don't fret on things, you'll find the path you need. Just keep challenging yourself to do better, to learn more, and keep going. Tae kwon!