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  1. Shaolinwind

    Anyone remember Jem and the Holograms?

    A little vid by yours truly.
  2. Shaolinwind

    Yours was a very "forward" art

    My Sifu in Kajukenbo asked me that about a week ago. I am having a hard time with the kajukenbo fighting stance and often find myself doing doing a KF hand position, and much of the time 5-star guard ends up being my fighting position. My sifu, ever patient, says "you studied a very forward...
  3. Shaolinwind

    Motorcyclists: WEAR A FACE SHIELD

    A community service announcement from Pavement Muncher, Shaolinwind.
  4. Shaolinwind

    Baby shaking instant karma!

    Well, not really shaking. He was just holding little Allestair and having a good time. But as babies often do... Btw.. That is in fact Kurt, former frontman of Information Society. (happens to be best friends with my...
  5. Shaolinwind

    I got an idea!How about promoting MT on your Myspace?Instructions 4 dummies included!

    Here's a great idea! I just read the sticky thread that just happened to get a new addition, followed the links around and I'm upset with myself that I didn't think of this earlier. I just put a MT banner on myspace. It looks sharp there. I figured I'd put up another post encouraging everyone...
  6. Shaolinwind

    Martial arts of the future!

    I was thinking about how farm impliments evolved into Kung Fu weapons, and how many of today's uniforms are representations of what was once worn. Then I thought, what about the DISTANT future? My thoughts then turned to Madd Maxx, a post-apocolyptic future where fuel is even more at a...
  7. Shaolinwind

    Boil your meatballs and DON'T ARGUE

    I recently contacted a friend with whom I attended culinary school, who recalled and subsequently poked friendly fun at my meatballs. I'm telling you man... Make your meatballs with a blend of turkey and beef, LOTS of pepper, herbs and cracker crumbs and parseley, and BOIL those suckers...
  8. Shaolinwind

    strike to the testicles

    A recent post inspired this question. Does an attack to the testicles hurt you? People tend to think the victim will double over in pain and cry for a half hour. However with me, and I've been hit quite a few times, on a 1 to 10 scale, it's about 4. How about you?
  9. Shaolinwind

    websearch = crash

    Ok this is SCREWED up. If I search in yahoo, the search comes up, an error message shows and says that it cannot find the page it had just brought up. I can hit back and click a link fast and the page comes up.. But if I don't act fast the error comes up, and gives me a "page not found" 404...
  10. Shaolinwind

    Sick from the heat

    I've never had this happen before. I went for a walk today, it usually takes me a half hour to get the store and back, today it took me an hour. It's 104 degrees outside, low humidity but still rather brutal. On the way back, I found it difficult to walk very fast, and started to feel very...
  11. Shaolinwind

    A question for people in NorCal

    Hey guys.. Where are the redwood forests? I am not getting great results in google. A gf of mine wants to see them and I'm hoping to find the closest redwood forest to Fairfield. Anyone know their Norcal?
  12. Shaolinwind

    Living with cartoon characters

    If you had to pick 3 cartoon characters to be your roomates, who would the be, and why? (Muppets/puppets count). Personally I already live with punch and judy. But if I had to pick.. Rosie the Robot - To clean. Samurai Jack - He's cool and definately good whenever I need lunchmeats sliced...
  13. Shaolinwind

    Good and Bad MA spirit

    While doing my job at Jelly Belly (customer service when not tour guiding) I noticed a girl with a Kajukenbo sweatshirt on. I stopped her and attempted to broach conversation. What I got was "I'm [famous Kajukenbo grandmaster]'s grand-daughter." And that's about it, I won't bother with...
  14. Shaolinwind

    Jelly Belly atrocities exposed!

    I can't sit by and watch any longer.. The horrible things that go on in this company and the atrocities committed by Mr. Jelly Belly and his candy henchment must be stopped. I am convinced that Mr. JB is the Hitler of the modern world. Cannibalistic infanticide, debauchery, torture, nothing...
  15. Shaolinwind

    MAN do I love a painful lesson!

    My Sifu was showing us a few good places to pinch and cause pain today, just touching on it for fun but not getting too super involved. He showed a great place on either side of the lower-middle back to grab and cause a big ouchy. So me being the inquisitive one I say "What happens when you...
  16. Shaolinwind


    How do you feel about it? If you are Christian, you know God says that's for him to take care of. (I tend to follow that school of thought). If you are lawful, you might depend on justice to take care of it. But when, if ever is it necessary to do the job yourself? For instance, someone just...
  17. Shaolinwind

    another good use for Kung-fu

    Ok, I'll keep it short and cut out a lot of the dirty laundry. This morning I was physically attacked from behind without notice. I was bruised and bloodied. The offender was my younger brother, fresh out of jail on bail. While exchanging serious words about screw ups, and him spitting in...
  18. Shaolinwind

    The Cuddle Party - My new political affilliation. I have to go to one! (I'm staying in the shallow end of the cuddle pool)
  19. Shaolinwind

    Motorcycle Touring and More, Photographs of my travels in CA
  20. Shaolinwind

    Motorcycle problems

    My 1983 Kawasaki KZ 440 LTD died. Seizure, for darn sure. I don't have the means to get it to a shop yet. I was wondering if anyone knows What usually dies when the engine seizes, and is rebuilding typically possible on an old bike?
  21. Shaolinwind

    The Kajukenbo Fist

    Ok this is really new on me.. The two distal digits of the forefinger are extended and held under the thumb. This is to avoid finger breakage from a poorly closed fist. First let me say, I study Kajukenbo now, and if that is the Kajukenbo fist then it is my fist. I practice with it, and in...
  22. Shaolinwind

    Jelly Bellies - Ask me anything

    Ok, well I've been a tour guide at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA for a couple months. I know more about jelly beans than the Easter Bunny. Ask me anything! I got all the facts & figures =)
  23. Shaolinwind

    Almost like riding a bike

    So I've been exploring the bay in CA a lot, being a Noob here. And recently,I found myself on Haight street, walking about and chatting with hippies and drunks and other bikers. Whilst hanging about, I met an older fella, stinking of Gin who shook my hand and wouldn't let go.. Maybe he...
  24. Shaolinwind

    Sorry 'bout that!

    Hi guys and gals! Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while. Long story short, I had something really bad happen, I moved to California, I quit kung fu, I descended into depression and alcoholism and heavy cigarettes smoking, I gained a ton of weight back. So that's the bad news. The...
  25. Shaolinwind

    a new art for shao

    Well, circumstances screwed me pretty hard and I ended up leaving my home in Pennsylvania to join my family in California. To continue on as a Ying Jow Pai student is unrealistic as I no longer have a car. But nearby me in Fairfield is a Tracy's Kenpo school.. What do you guys think... Would...
  26. Shaolinwind

    Sleeping patterns

    I've noticed that if I sleep too long (9+ hours) I wake up fatigued. If I sleep less than 4 the same effect. But it's at 6 hours that I really wake up wired, flower-leg out of bed and lunge towards the gym like it was a Chinese buffet. I'm interested in other people's sleeping patterns, how...
  27. Shaolinwind

    what a friday

    After a long week at school and practicing fu, I was looking forward to my customary clubbing on the southside to see the multitude of bands that play on any given friday. Well, I couldn't find my ID to get into the clubs where the music was playing. So I picked up a big greek salad and...
  28. Shaolinwind

    your dumb leg

    Are you right legged, left legged, both or neither? That is, which of your legs performs better?
  29. Shaolinwind

    your mortality

    When did it hit you that you were going to die someday? Did it chill you to the bone? How do you feel about your own mortality and how do you emotionally deal with the inevitable? I ask this, because today I had a thought that changed my whole outlook on the subject.
  30. Shaolinwind

    Shaolinwind in motion - fu'ing and shrinking

    Here's the first version of my video project. 330 lbs to 260 lbs. I also get a tiny bit better at kung fu, but not much. It's about 6 megs and 2.5 minutes long. I tried to pick clips that best represent my skill level at the time rather than make myself look good with creative editing...