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    Can you become a good fighter by just sparring/wrestling only?

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    Aikido.. The reality?

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    opening dojo branch under sensei's name - appropriate fee/percentage?

    It never hurts to ask your sensei what he would expect. You never know, he may want an unreasonable amount, or he may want virtually nothing at all. I was in a similar situation several years ago when I branched out on my own. My sensei said I could be under the same banner, at no cost...
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    Looking for Peoples take on being avoided in class

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    Between Judo and Kick Boxing

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    Run away from no-mask people

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    What size B to get

    Purpleheart is heavier than most other woods (such as hickory, maple, etc). It's actually pretty resistant to breakage, but when it does, it breaks in a way that exposes very sharp edges. Usually, you'll see it crack first, at which point the weapon is better off being discarded. Still...
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    Setup AR-15 for Home Defense

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    Rank based on progress vs. merit, and/or when to switch

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    Self defense against people who don't wear masks...

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    TaeKwonDo and hip surgery prevelance

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    What is your plan for re-opening?

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    In these strange times....

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    New BJJ guy needs advice

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    Why do Westerners train in exotic unrealistic weapons and ignore practical ones like baseball bats?

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    Not New but...

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    Aikido vs. suspect seated in car

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    New Student: when will you quit?

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    The Side Parry

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    My newest training weapon

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    Questions about Shotokan competitions: Then vs now

    Today's USA-NKF / USA Karate tournaments are emphasizing more vigorous contact, which in turn, changed the rules to allow for body shields. They're not nearly as bulky as a hogu used in olympic-style Tae Kwon Do competitions. Strikes to the head must still be controlled. Basically, face...
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    MMA for self defense thought experiment

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    What would you suggest?

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    Want to carry a sword..... move to Texas

    You'll see on your profile page, if you have any warnings / warning points. As to how many points are required, well, it's simply a matter of this: We try to give people opportunities to better themselves, and for the most part, people who break the rules tend to learn to follow them in the...
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    Want to carry a sword..... move to Texas

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    Are Standing Arm Break Unsportsmanlike in MMA?

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    Why every martial art on earth will get you killed in self defencemy

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    Why BJJ will get you beaten or killed in self defense

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    Why Taekwondo will get you killed in self defense

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    Hand and foot arrive at the same time, or foot arrive first and hand arrive later?

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