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  1. zDom

    Spinning Twist Kick?

    Yes, there is. Spinning twist kick is very powerful. I also practice jump spinning twist.
  2. zDom

    Physical difference between men and women regarding training...

    I agree. But then, we should always train with a thought to our body type and its advantages and disadvantages. Specific to male/female: question once came up on whether a front kick following a punch should go inside (closer to the centerline) or outside the kick. Came to the determination...
  3. zDom

    How Many of You have been hurt by a bad fall?

    • "Knowing" that you should keep your chin tucked isn't the same as training to keep your chin tucked. Even if someone is fast enough to consciously tuck their chin to keep their head from hitting the ground, sometimes the force of the fall can overcome an untrained person's neck muscles...
  4. zDom

    Fountain of youth

    Genesis 5:21-24 (New Living Translation) When Enoch was 65 years old, he became the father of Methuselah. After the birth of Methuselah, Enoch lived in close fellowship with God for another 300 years, and he had other sons and daughters. Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with...
  5. zDom

    So how did Count Dooku beat Anakin and Obi Wan?

    Who is "better" or "should win" doesn't necessarily ensure victory; it just stacks the odds in their favor. "Any given Sunday ..."
  6. zDom

    most useless

    I don't believe the "flying kicks are to dismount folks on horses" thing either.
  7. zDom

    Breaking the spirit?

    IMO, in the military they are reshaping them to fit into a unit. So, like a bone that has been incorrectly set, their spirit is broken, realigned, and then allowed to grow whole again. But for martial arts, I think it should be more like muscle training: we want to push their spirit as far as...
  8. zDom

    most useless

    Similar kick — done with straight leg instead of hooking it — was one several Old Timers in my organization recall seeing the late GM Lee H. Park train regularly — and as part of a combo. My instructor told me of how Park was seen doing the spinning heel kick at the...
  9. zDom

    most useless

    They are only useless for someone who hasn't trained them well enough to really use them and doesn't understand their art enough to know when to use them.
  10. zDom

    TKD Dobak or Starfleet Uniform?

    Why pussyfoot around? Tuck in the top and make the neckline dip a little lower. :eyeroll:
  11. zDom

    Preferred Kicking Leg

    I find this to be true for me
  12. zDom

    Preferred Kicking Leg

    With just over 20 years of experience, I really don't think about what stance I'm in and change stance a lot sometimes to set something up, sometimes just to disrupt a thought I see forming on my opponent's face. I don't have a preference for either leg although some techniques "feel a bit...
  13. zDom

    am i over looking judo for real self defence?

    For someone without breakfalling experience: any throw would be brutal even on a mat. The most impressive (and scary) martial artists I've ever worked out with is an age 70-something Korean grandmaster who specializes in Yudo.
  14. zDom

    Ruger lcr .357 or .38 any thoughts...?

    The .357 will also take .38s, but I went with a .38. As Gren pointed out, even a .38 is unpleasant to fire from a snubbie. I've got no desire to shoot .357 magnum from anything but a nice, large, heavy platform.
  15. zDom

    The Ick factor

    Only slightly less unpleasant than same scenario minus the cup.
  16. zDom

    Too pretty to work?

    She looks too much like Michael Jackson for me. Disturbing.
  17. zDom

    "Belt tag?" Really?

    Just so. As even the allegation of inappropriate behavior can ruin someone's reputation, I have long maintained that instructors should NEVER be alone with a minor student out of sight of other people. I've asked the parent of the first student dropped off to please remain at the school (when...
  18. zDom

    Justified television show...

    I like the show. It gets space on my DVR.
  19. zDom

    Debt = Serfdom

    Agree. Banks didn't really want to loan me any money for my mortgage. Even though I have paid off one mortgage and several car loans already, I don't regularly participate in debt, so it means nothing. If they don't see you as a regular in their casino, they don't think you are worth the time...
  20. zDom

    Hapkido falling skills

    Yep that is some great video footage (I see a lot of similarities in style and specific techniques to the Moo Sul Kwan hapkido I train in). And you make some valid points. But that footage is a demonstration — and a great one at that. They aren't doing 50, 60, 100 falls in a row in...
  21. zDom

    Unarmed Florida Teen Shot

    I am ashamed of our national media. For them to pursue their agenda (anti-gun and hate mongering between races) and skew stories so far from the truth is despicable. This isn't a Democrat / Republican issue. This is an "American people deserve the TRUTH from news to inform their world-view" issue.
  22. zDom

    Kote Gaeshi - flipping out!

    For whatever reason, we don't fall on this technique below black belt; just tap out. We do have another wrist lock that uke unwinds the wrist with an air fall. For dan technique, a version of this with attacker using both hands on grab and using full resistance we take uke to the ground but it...
  23. zDom

    Hapkido falling skills

    I agree that breakfalls shouldn't hurt. Ours aren't acrobatic, they are practical. They enable us to be thrown many times during a training session with no ill effects. And breakfalling should also keep us from injury should we ever have to fall off the mat, or at least reduce the injury...
  24. zDom

    Behold, the Taser Sword!

    It gives you a better non-lethal option: smackin' 'em with the flat of the sword has always been there but this gives that option a little.. boost. :)
  25. zDom

    FASD Street Fighting Strategy

    ... really? :)
  26. zDom

    Last Point-Style Competition Footage of zDom

    In support of Mr. Slinkard's trying out a new tournament format (for us, well, for over the last 20 years anyway) and having black belt sparring immediately follow the opening events (black belt form, black belt board breaking) rather than being the last event of the day, I came out of...
  27. zDom

    Teaching Do's & Don'ts

    Do with them. Don't just stand around describing techniques or counting off kicks for them to do while you watch. Students need to see things done correctly, many times. They need to see in the instructor that hapkido is a lifetime fitness commitment and not just a climb to black belt where you...
  28. zDom

    Let's take a step back-Taekwondo as a mental exercise.

    Why only three or four times? :)
  29. zDom

    WTF Taeguk question from a outsider.

    There are a lot of places in the Taegueks that we used to aim kicks higher than specified. I was taught, and teach, that particular sequence differently: midsection kick low enough to "fold" them them toward you, grab opponents head and pull it into the elbow strike. Fun sequence.