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    New To The Forum

    Welcome to MT.
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    Cerio/Masters Black belt returning to study EPAK style

    The forms are very different.
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    Word Association

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    New guy

    Welcome to MT!
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    New member here

    Welcome to MT.
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    Connecticut Trooper Kenneth Hall

    Trooper Kenneth Hall, a 22-year veteran, was in his parked cruiser writing an infraction around 4 p.m. after pulling over another vehicle on the northbound side of I-91. At that time, a pickup truck slammed into the back of his cruiser and then struck the other vehicle that Hall had pulled over...
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to MT!
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    TKD Documentary?

    A few years ago I had read an article about a TKD documentary that was in the works. They had mentioned it may be out in 2010. It was going to look at the history of TKD and the assocation to North/South Korean politics. I found this link... it may be it.
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    Grand Master Hu Jianqiang

    I was chatting with some people at work about the martial arts and the name Grand Master Hu Jianqiang came up. Turns out he has a school from my work. I love visiting other schools and styles. Just curious if any of you have heard of him. Also has a school in LA. I have read what is on the...
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    Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Welcome to MT!
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to MT!
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    KT:The Kenpo Hands

    Try a little experiment. Stand in a fighting stance. First do so with closed fist. Next try it with the "Kenpo Hands". Take note of the way you tighten your ab section more with the Fierce Tiger Claws. Practioners used a training excercise called, piercing beans (handing striking into barrel...
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    Observation Techniques

    Totally agre on the Dog Bros. Material. Grood stuff. As for the knife I was refering to the individual that confronts you and pulls out a knife and threatens you. Not the person who jumps out of a tree and stabs you. Agreed. Not enough time to distinguish.
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    Kenpo and Fitness

    1.Cardio for first 15 minutes of hour class. Then 10 minutes of rapid fire basics. 2.I personally put a lot of work into cardio. Technique and skill do not mean much if you are sucking wind on the ground.
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    Observation Techniques

    On another note... The idea of observation can also be use in tournament fighting. I used to teach my students to watch people that were around their age and rank and get an idea of the competition. Before the fights, mosts fighters are warming up tossing kicks in the air. You can get a good...
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    Hello to All! Just stopping back to say hi

    Bought a new house last year and that has been taking up much of my free time. On top of that, work has been nuts!
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    Observation Techniques

    What is common sense (or obvious) to one individual may not be to another. I have conducted self-defense seminars where I have told individuals how to carry shopping bags, purses, to walk to a car, view their car before getting in, etc... Many times I will hear, "I never thought about that"...
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    Sets dvd

    I do not want to take away from any other videos that are out there. I own many videos from different Kenpo instructors. First off, many of them were produced in the 80's -90's, so much of the material is frozen in time (no new modifications or alterations to the style). So closer to the...
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    Sets dvd

    I think he has some of the best DVD's out there. Like all videos, they are a great study tool, not a replacment for a qualified instructor.
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    5 Soldiers Killed in Attack

    Col. John M. McHugh, 46, of New Jersey, assigned to the U.S. Army Battle Command Training Program, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Lt. Col. Paul R. Bartz, 43, of Waterloo, Wis., assigned to Headquarters, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, N.Y.; Lt. Col. Thomas P. Belkofer, 44, of...
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    Staff Sgt. Shane S. Barnard

    Staff Sgt. Shane S. Barnard, 38, of Desmet, S.D., died May 19 in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when he stepped on a secondary improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 3rd Ordnance Battalion (Explosive Ordnance Detachment), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.
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    Brian A. Aselton Memorial Ride

    The Twelfth Annual Officer Brian A. Aselton Memorial Motorcycle Run, sponsored by Gengras Harley-Davidson/Buell, will be held on Sunday, June 6, 2010, rain or shine. All friends and supporters of law enforcement on all makes of bikes are welcome. Registration will be from 8:00-9:45am at Gengras...
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    Hello to All! Just stopping back to say hi

    I have been away for awhile. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    GM Dan Anderson seminars Middletown, CT April 24, 2010

    The CMA website has been updated with the rescheduled date. New date is September 18th.
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    Larry Tatum Seminar - Louisville, KY Feb 26-27th

    Great News. He always puts on a great seminar!
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    Spc. Jason M. Johnston

    Spc. Jason M. Johnston, 24, of Albion, N.Y., died Dec. 26 in Arghandab, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division...
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    Surfing - the ultimate martial arts crosstraining cardio!

    Surf or Die! Surfing is one of the ultimate sports! (snowboarding a close second). :) Glad to hear you are having fun with it. You longboarding or knife?
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    Are you talking about these?