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  1. dancingalone

    Where Did Everyone Go?

    I haven't been active for some time, but now that I am back it seems the forum is a lot slower with fewer participating members than in the past. Where do the cool kids go these days to talk martial arts?
  2. dancingalone

    Fuji Brushed Cotton Gi

    I got one as a sample as I was possibly thinking about offering them for sale at my school. I think these are great buys for the price. Nice even stiching, smooth fabric that drapes well. Japanese cut. Inexpensive too. Is it Shureido, Tokaido, or Hirota? Of course not. But I'm going to...
  3. dancingalone

    Dumb Gi Shrinkage Question - ProForce Diamond

    It's been a few years since I've owned one of these, but one of my students asked me to order him one. He's attracted to the cotton/poly fabric since it tends to wrinkle less than an all-cotton uniform. Does anyone with recent experience with these know if they shrink after the initial wash...
  4. dancingalone

    Century Ironman with MDK Trim?

    I am buying a gift for a friend. He prefers the Ironman uniform from Century and has worn the label for years. No problem...Only I don't see an Ironman offered on the Century website with the black trim. Is this something they discontinued or did he have the trim put on himself? Or?
  5. dancingalone

    Is Tang Soo Do Korean?

    Well, just 'trolling' a bit since this section is dead. Anyone care to discuss whether TSD/SBD should continue to be considered a Korean martial art considering most of the art's leaders are in the USA and that projected growth of the art will continue to be in the west, given the official...
  6. dancingalone

    Quality Labels with Wholesale Opportunities?

    Does anyone know which of the popular, quality brands offer distributer opportunities to small schools? I am projecting sales of 35-50 units the first year.
  7. dancingalone

    Moo Duk Kwan Numbers

    True or false?: The number of Moo Duk Kwan black belts exceeded even the Chung Do Kwan's at one point. Discuss.:hmm:
  8. dancingalone

    TKD Dobak or Starfleet Uniform? I am dating myself and probably outing myself as a nerd, but I could see Counselor Troi wearing something like these. LOL. :jaw-dropping:
  9. dancingalone

    Help Requested Locating A General Choi Quote

    Can someone point me out to which publication if it exists where General Choi wrote or said that a first degree black belt should be able to defend himself against a single attacker? Does he also ever set out what the performance expectations are for each degree of black belt (or geup ranks too...
  10. dancingalone

    Chinese Father Hires Hitmen to Kill His Son...

    online. I would just unplug the computer myself, but I guess his reasoning isn't entirely out of whack. :)
  11. dancingalone

    What kind of Coffee Do You Buy?

    Hey, I'm looking for some coffee recommendations. I'm no coffee snob. I just use a regular drip brewer. I do have my own bean grinder though honestly I've been known to buy pre-ground beans at the grocery store. Yeah, yeah, I know. :) Can you all share what you buy to make at home? Some...
  12. dancingalone

    Danish Fat Tax to End Maybe the tax wasn't heavy enough, pun intended, to make the Danes change their eating habits?
  13. dancingalone

    Less Is More? Heian Oyo

    A friend introduced me to "Heian Oyo", a kata in his line of Shotokan where the five Heian forms have been condensed down into a single longer pattern. Looks fun. I found an example video on Youtube. Ng6QLFHnmZ4
  14. dancingalone

    Worth Deducting Points For?

    Just curious what everyone thinks. I judged at an open tournament this last weekend, mostly in the traditional Japanese/Korean forms divisions. The competitors are supposed to run a "traditional" pattern, though certainly in an open tournament the definition can vary since you're bound to see...
  15. dancingalone

    Tell Me About YOUR Tang Soo Do

    This is an open invitation for anyone training in Tang Soo Do to tell us (me) about your particular expression of Tang Soo Do. Do you practice AMERICAN TSD or Soo Bakh Do? What is different about your style? What do you like about it or what would you want others to know about your school...
  16. dancingalone

    Favorites: Should You Have Them?

    I may have started a similar topic before but I'm minded to discuss it again. I have a very promising girl in my class right now. She's only been with me about 8 months but shows technical maturity way beyond her time. It's obvious she pays attention to instruction and that she works on it at...
  17. dancingalone

    Il Lo vs. Il Rho

    Just idle curiosity after chatting with one of my students, a former TSDist. Why is the first (second) Chil Sung form referenced as 'Il Lo' rather than 'Il Rho'? The second (first) Chil Sung hyung is called Ee Rho. If someone can explain this idiosyncrasy to me, I'd appreciate it.
  18. dancingalone

    Laptop Screen Question - Yellow Tint

    I have an aging Thinkpad R60 that I still use. It's been a good friend to me over the years and I run Linux on it which explains why it hasn't been relegated to a recycle pile yet. However, of late the screen has taken on a decidedly yellow tint which makes text hard to read. I've connected...
  19. dancingalone

    Requirements to Advance from 3rd Dan to 4th Dan (KKW)

    It seems that there is a 3 year wait to go from 3rd to 4th in the KKW regulations. As I read it, the KKW only requires that Taebaek be performed along with only 1 additional poomsae. No other requirements though the local testing master/board can add more material if he wants. Is this correct?
  20. dancingalone

    Favorite Kata of Famous Sensei

    I'm always interested in knowing what techniques and kata the older masters favored. Can anyone correct or add to to this list? KYAN Chotoku - Passai NAGAMINE Shosin - Wankan, Wanshu MOTOBU Choki - Naihanchi FUNAKOSHI Gichin - Kusanku/Kwanku Dai (Not certain on this one, but reportedly he...
  21. dancingalone

    Kyung Hee University & Yong In University

    I noticed both schools have TKD-related degree programs. Does anyone know if there are advantages to one program over the other? Is admissions difficult for someone coming from the United States and is it necessary to be fluent in Korean to be academically successful there? (Are non-TKD...
  22. dancingalone

    How Far Do You Travel to See Your Teacher?

    Just a fun question to pass the time. I have to get on an airplane to see both of my sensei, since they each live on the opposite sides of the country and I live in the middle. :( Also, what is the farthest you would travel? 5 miles, 50 miles, more?
  23. dancingalone

    Dojang Holidays

    Which holidays would it be acceptable for your dojang to be closed on, assuming you reside in the USA and you attend a commercial school?Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?the entire week of Christmas?Thanksgiving weekend?Spring Break?What about the various single day holidays like MLK Day...
  24. dancingalone

    TKD Great S. Henry Cho Passed Away

    GM Sihak Henry Cho passed away on 03/08/2012. RIP.
  25. dancingalone

    The Evolution of Trias Karate

    Anyone know what the differences if any are between the various incarnations of Robert Trias style karate? I know it's been called Shuri-ryu, Shorei-ryu, and Shorei-Goju-ryu at various times.
  26. dancingalone

    Family Classes

    Are these popular in your school? I'm referring to classes where adults and children are intermixed, the idea being that Mom, Dad, and the kiddos can all train together as a family activity. This was fairly successful in my church class, but my business dojang's 'family' class really is just a...
  27. dancingalone

    TSD Breathing

    Could someone explain the theory behind kihap in Tang Soo Do? One of my students who came from Tang Soo Do likes to use 'Chook, Cha' on quick 2 count combinations such as outside block, reverse punch, but he couldn't explain WHY he was taught to do it this way. He did explain that he was told...
  28. dancingalone

    A Strange Question

    Is there any avenue where people studying the sword will spar with bokken with others studying the bo? With safety and mutual respect as paramount concerns of course... Just an idle itch of mine. I have been studying the bo for years now and have practiced various bo vs. bo forms, but I...
  29. dancingalone

    Hallmarks of a Good TKD School

    A parent recently asked me how they could find a quality school to enroll their kid in. I mused on this for a while. We often say that students should look for the best teacher they can find, regardless of the style. True enough in my opinion, but what signs or indications should be present...
  30. dancingalone

    Traditional One Steps and Their Intent

    How many of you believe one steps should engrain practical self-defense movement within your muscle memory or is it more of a means of 'form' training? My thought is that either can be the goal or outcome depending on how the one step is conceived and designed. The bulk of one steps I've seen...