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    My son had a funny thought that I wanted to share here: "What if every country has Ninjas, but Japan's are really bad at it and that's why we know about them?" His logic is pretty sound!
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    Reopening in Seattle

    It's been over a year since we shared our responses to the initial news of the pandemic. I have a small group of adult students and don't do a lot of outreach and promotion. I have been blessed with a steady trickle of interest over the years which has been all that we need to keep going. But...
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    Real Street Violence

    We spend a lot of time debating what's real and what's not on this forum. Generally YouTube is considered the source of truth and in this case, I agree. I submit to you for analysis and response, the real deal.
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    Seattle Schools

    I'm not looking to start another coronavirus thread, but I am reaching out to other Seattle schools to ask how you are doing. If you have or belong to a Seattle club, please weigh in here on how you are dealing with the quarantine, which is increasing every day. (bars and restaurants ordered...
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    Coronavirus/Covid 19

    What precautions is everyone taking regarding training? It seems that what we do would make for a really good method of transmission.
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    Marketing Spam

    Has anyone else noticed an uptick in spam this year? I've always gotten a little bit, but it's been daily for the last few months. "I can deliver to you xx new students each week!" "Turn your dojo into a money-making empire!" Blah, blah, blah. No concept of what I am actually doing. It's easy...
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    Good Perspective

    I'm not a Karate guy, but a click-hole led me to this guy's YouTube channel and I enjoyed his perspective in this video. Maybe some of you will too.
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    Advanced Techniques

    Something that I started saying a few years ago and I finally wrote down (on a chalkboard at my kwoon): Advanced Techniques are: 1) Difficult -or- 2) Dangerous (to you) -or- 3) Dangerous (to someone else) -or- 4) Break some of the rules or defy some of the system's basic/intermediate principles...
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    My new favorite joke

    ...and the bartender says "we don't serve time travelers in here!"
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    Self Defense from rape

    This is a few miles from where I live. I know that we are skeptical of 2 hour self defense courses, but simply teaching people not to be victims can make all the difference. It sounds like it did for this awesome lady. ------ Seattle Woman Uses Tactics She Learned from Self-Defense Class to...
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    I run a small Wing Chun school in Seattle's Chinatown. There's no storefront. I don't teach kids and my web site describes it as "non-commercial". The only statement on cost that I make on it is: "Modest monthly dues enable us to share the expense of our training space and a few essential...
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    Silat Books

    Hello, everyone. I am Wing Chun player, but two Silat books showed up in my mailbox this week. One is by Jim Ingram, who I've learned is local to the greater Seattle area, like me. The other is by Burton Richardson. I took a quick high level read through of the Richardson book and really...
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    Quart of Blood Technique

    Something I've been working on lately.
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    Knife Defense

    Master Ken is the greatest. Crease Control
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    Bare knuckles boxing safer than with gloves

    Interesting article. I am fan of boxing and boxing history, but I had never quite heard this. At least not with any history to support it. I thought some of you might enjoy the article. Bare-knuckled Boxing Is Safer Than Boxing with Gloves 22 Words
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    Lunar New Year - Southern Lion Dance (and Dragon)

    I took some photos yesterday at the Lunar New Year Festival in Seattle's Chinatown/International District. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of them. This troupe was the CLF club, (Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu) There is also a Lion Dance team by the local Hung Gar club (Seattle Kung Fu Club...
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    Hello from Seattle

    Hi, I'm new here. I've participated very little in another martial arts forum, but I'm not interested in arguing with people on-line about who's tougher. Want to give MT a fair try and will do my best to be a supportive member. I started boxing in the 80s, then did a year of tkd and about 3 or...