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  1. Transk53

    Modern Day JKD

    I have been wondering if what is JKD, has any bearing on what Bruce Lee originally set out? From what I have read of him, he was always looking to innovate and streamline, or at least tweak some things. Exactly what I am not entirely sure, but in today's world, has JKD moved on and been added...
  2. Transk53

    Wing Chun Uk Self Defence

    Just wondering if any member on MT belongs to the same schools?
  3. Transk53

    Me Again

    Hi all, Just thought I would do another meet and greet. October 2017 I met the love of my life, and going to be putting that ring on the finger, but the most fundamental thing so far is that she sobered me up with love. She is an angel that at 46 I thought had alluded me life. I manged to...
  4. Transk53

    Wing Chun and Knee Support

    Would like some oppions on knee supports if possible. Before I go ahead and buy one, do any of you peeps use a knee support with brace while practicing and if it inhibits stance? If not one with a brace, any other recommendations. Used to have a neoprene support, but frankly thought if felt more...
  5. Transk53

    Superbowl 51

    Really looking forward to this. Reckon this is going to be a high scoring game. As much as I admire the Patriot machine, I would like to see the Falcons win this. Either way, I hope both teams bring thier A game and just fight without yellow flags.
  6. Transk53

    Global Fandom

    This may step a little close, but not meant to cause offence. I like the Steelers and the Penguin's as a favourite set of teams in the NFL and NHL. But I am not a fan as I was not born in Pittsburgh, nor am I likely to see them live. Now while I am not Liverpool born, I am an Evertonian through...
  7. Transk53

    Happy New Year

    Well it's already 2017 in New Zealand, so I'll start this one early. Happy New Year to all of you. And if you are working, have a safe one.
  8. Transk53

    Carrie Fisher

    Really not sure why this has hit me hard, I am really having trouble accepting she has gone. Not sure about you lot, but to me Carrie was incredible. Gone too soon, and will be much celebrated by me. Oh my, gone far too soon. RIP, and I'm sure that you are raising hell beyond the rim
  9. Transk53

    Interesting Vid

    Well at least I thought so. It is long, but worth watching if you have a lazy afternoon or on the night shift or whatever. I don't who the author is, but highlighting Emil Martirossian from 19:40 or so, think the author knows his stuff. Mind you though, there was not much expansion on the kind...
  10. Transk53

    Deep Water

    I like my cop shows. Watching Deep Water on BBC Four. A good watch so far. Seen a few Australian cop shows over the years, but this is pretty good. Recommend a watch :)
  11. Transk53

    Counter Balance Issues With Balance

    Hey all. I been thinking about my balance issues, due to my skeletal adnomaillties at birth. Anyway, long form of thoughts, but I won't waffle on. My right foot has a overarching middle of the foot. What this translates for me, is that I have around a cm to a half, of less surface area. For...
  12. Transk53

    Phillip Bayer

    After his unfortunate accident and life changing injury, I wonder if any member around here, has seen him in action. I wonder with the loss of his hand, has much of his Wing Chun had to be adapted. Or would it be the case that some moves would be just left out. Chain punching for an obvious one...
  13. Transk53

    Perception Of A Street Fight

    I have seen a fair amount of threads talking about street fights, with myriad solutions. My street fighting perception comes from being bullied and so on. As an adult, I quickly learnt that the term "Street Fight" pretty much alludes to nothing. It is applied to the darker side of humanity...
  14. Transk53

    Terry Wogan

    A Brit institution rather shockingly passed on yesterday. Immense presence on both radio and TV for decades. It was Terry who made the Eurovsion Song Contest watchable. Thoughts go out to his wife and family.
  15. Transk53


    The streak goes on and another belt to boot. Would love to see him fight in London. BBC Sport - Gennady Golovkin beats David Lemieux for IBF middleweight title
  16. Transk53

    Klitschko Vs Fury

    I am looking forward to the slaughter, problem is that the boxer I see on the floor is Fury. I know this sounds nasty, but does Fury actually have a chance in your opinions?
  17. Transk53

    Training Mask

    Thought I would ask on here as there seems to be split opinions on whether mask like the one in the vid work. Initially I thought there would be some heightened oxygen levels being absorbed. Apparently though that is not the case. Jerome Pena is on a reduced supply. Some of you may have seen to...
  18. Transk53


    Never a great fan but good luck to him. The desire has gone - Four-time world champion Carl Froch announces retirement from boxing talkSPORT
  19. Transk53

    When Sport Throws A Surprise

    Would never had thought that Everton would have a Muay Thai boxer would be a toffee. COYB :) Muay Thai Heroes Visit Goodison Everton Football Club
  20. Transk53

    Wavemaster XXL

    It will out stock before I can get it, but what do you members think. Is this a decent bag? Have seen another that has grabs on the top so you practice knees, but not sure, this or traditional slung bag do you think? Century XXL Wavemaster Freestanding Punch Bag Black Sports Outdoors
  21. Transk53


    I have been through quite a few of the UFC/MMA portals online, mainly ones indexed by Google, when I hear of some of the big bouts come up. Thing is though, I would like to be able to watch fully live on a safe site. I have used (cough) sites to watch footy and what not, but can someone...
  22. Transk53

    Overhand Right!

    Don't use this one, or at least did not use this one, preferred a straight right. Those of you that fought at competition level, how do you, or did, employ this particular punch? Really interested in hearing some stories if I may.
  23. Transk53

    Jack Johnson

    Recent thread activity reminded me that I wanted to delve further into the Jack Johnson life story, but not one of applied fiction. The service station incident pretty unforgivable, but the times were the times. Thinking that some of the old timers might know if the following author would write...
  24. Transk53

    Interesting Read

    I thought so anyway. Seems to make sense. Those on that side of the fence what do you think? You Should Not Be Teaching
  25. Transk53


    From Wiki Regardless of its origins, the nunchaku was not a popular weapon, since no known traditional kata (choreographed practice movements) for it exist, possibly as a result of its lack of efficacy against contemporary weapons such as the katana. Picking up on the 5 year old doing his...
  26. Transk53

    Steven "freddie roach"

    Had one of those moments when Facebook actually throws you a tasty bone. Anyway while reading through Wiki, I realised that I had heard the name before. I am going to do my research, but just wondering, any of you out there that have been to his gym. No agenda here, just really curious if any of...
  27. Transk53

    Hatton Academy

    Anybody on this board have taken the instructor course? At my current gym, a class is three times a week, but with different instructors. Just wondering about the syllabus and whether it would be box fit, which is know doubt obvious. Just wondering if any instructor types around here would view...
  28. Transk53

    Exante Diet

    I now about the hype and whatnot. Just thought I would give it ago for 28 days and see what results I get. Going to start tomorrow after I get my scales from work. Reckon I am hitting 15 and a half again. I just eat too much, so I am not 100% confident. But hell, your body can learn. So, rather...
  29. Transk53

    Happy Easter Everybody

    The time were one can munch chocolate with an excuse. Whatever you celebrate or not, happy Easter :)
  30. Transk53

    Aggressive And Unwarranted Behaviour.

    Got a question from a recent discovery. It is not my place to name anything, so I will ask the question as a scenario. Please don't state otherwise :) My somewhat disturbed state of mind is centering on this> Scenario: A Sifu decides that he would like a night out. Goes on said night out and...