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  1. Happy-Papi

    Sharing my son's experience catching a bad guy.

    Hi guys! I have been out for a few months but here again to say hi and to share my son's experience last January 11, 2014. I just copied and pasted this from my Facebook and here it goes... I didn't post the whole story on FB but the story went like this... My son and his classmate saw a guy...
  2. Happy-Papi

    Shaolin Monk harnesses Qi to drill his head?

    The power of Qi... Watching this made me felt like a total newbie!
  3. Happy-Papi

    Jump rope for weight loss and ankle / knees rehabilitation.

    Anybody kind enough to give me some advice about learning how to jump rope and do it with a putting more damage on my ankles and knees... First of all I am over weight with bad ankles and knees and was never good with jump ropes but I want to learn it in hope to be sexy again :) my son strongly...
  4. Happy-Papi

    Weird lower shin kicks.

    Recently I have noticed that my son's kicks are becoming different than the kicks I normally see being used by most MAist. It started changing when one of his Karate teacher who is the champ holder taught him weird kicks. It looks similar to normal kicks but just inches before he hits the...
  5. Happy-Papi

    Stun Guns and Pepper Spray from 30 years ago Vs the new Stuffs.

    The first time I got my hands on stun guns and pepper sprays was 30 years ago when my uncle bought some for my aunties for self defense. I never really like those stuffs but one time I went to visit my father in the province and borrowed my aunt's sports bag and inside it was her pepper spray...
  6. Happy-Papi

    MA lessons how much?

    I'm just curious on how much is the average payment a martial arts instructor receive per session, month, or per seminar and is it worthwhile to teach MA abroad for a foreigner. I have been sharing weird MA since I was in high school to my school mates and friends and naturally I don't get...
  7. Happy-Papi

    Knife fighting skills for unarmed combat.

    I originally wrote this for my real MA friends and brothers but I don't know if this can be useful to MT??? Hope it does in some way... To our kind moderator, Please delete this if you...
  8. Happy-Papi

    One Inch Punch Origin

    This has been bothering me all these years... Who was the pioneer of the "One Inch Punch"? Was it originally from Bruce Lee or was it originally from Traditional Chinese Martial Arts? I heard that it was from Bruce Lee but I have seen very similar technique used in old Chinese Kung Fu...
  9. Happy-Papi

    Funny Crav Maga Video

    Found this in YouTube. Enjoy :)
  10. Happy-Papi

    "Hit Him Like You Mean it"

    Please let me share this... Early this year I went to a tournament as a supporting instructors to support the competitors. Me having very minimal knowledge of their competition rules, I couldn't give proper advice since I came from a different art. Basically I was there to help with the...
  11. Happy-Papi

    Fancy Footwork and Minimal Footwork

    This is not really a comparison on Fast Fancy Footwork Vs Minimal Footwork on which is better. Maybe for most of us during our early stages of learning MA is that we all tend to have lightning fast fancy footwork but as we get older, we basically slow down. Like one of my old teacher, he often...
  12. Happy-Papi

    My son slowly losing interest in competition and sports MA.

    Recently I saw some signs that my son is slowly losing interest in competition and sports MA. He is 16 and have a black belt in Judo and and two black belts from me on CQC-FMA and is now doing Karate (full contact). Before he often joins competitions but nowadays seems to be passing a lot on the...
  13. Happy-Papi

    Father and Son Fun Knife Practice Vid.

    Seems like some dadis are enjoying our father and son videos so here is another. This video is originally intended for my brothers in the military and may be tough for others so please don't watch if you are against knife arts. This is just one of our afternoon practice that frequently...
  14. Happy-Papi

    Father and son fun practice.

    These are for happy-dadis here in MT :) Some of me and my son's old practice videos when he was younger. My son was studying different arts and I was just slowly introducing to him CQC-FMA. We train semi full-con and we do get hurt or small cuts from time to time... but I do get hurt the most...
  15. Happy-Papi

    Hello from Kyoto Japan.

    Good day to you all. I'm Ronnel, a Filipino dad living in Japan. I'm a retired CQC-FMA practitioner until my son got interested. During my younger years back in the Philippines, I was lucky to be trained by military MA spec-ops practitioners from different arts. I was the water boy but...