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    Ed Parker Teachings

    Footwork and stances are probably the most important aspect of any interactive martial activity. After all, everything you do and might hope to accomplish with your upper body is predicated on what you achieve with the support of your lower body platform. Unfortunately, this is also probably...
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    Passing of a former teacher

    November 8, 2008 JAPAN'S LIVING LEGEND DIES AT 80 (Los Angeles, CA) The International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) is in mourning today following the passing of their President and Chairman, Hidetaka Nishiyama at the age of 80. Mr. Nishiyama was a world renowned karate master well...
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    Are You Supposed To Finish Techniques?

    Are You Supposed To Finish Self-Defense Techniques? Ron Chap矇l There are many misconceptions that permeate modern self-defense martial arts "systems." Most of them have their origins somewhere in the Ed Parker influence or lineage, based on his successful implementation of business concepts...
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    "Kenpo-Karate & Chi"

    Reprinted from Combat Sports Magazine Mar 92 Kenpo Karate and Chi By Ron Chap矇l, Ph.D. "Chi" is a term that is used across the full range of the Chinese Culture and is included in all of its diverse sciences. The reason for this is these sciences are all interconnected to, and relate...
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    Another Perspective - Same Conclusions

    Recently several questions have arisen on issues of using the term commercial Kenpo, on honorary ranks, competition versus street skills, and the quality of kenpo being taught today. This is a post from another Kenpo open forum (San Jose Kenpo) by Mills Crenshaw, an old student of Ed Parker who...
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    Evolution, Lineages, and Timelines

    An interesting question from Mr. Broad, and a short article response pasted from KenpoTalk. The answer to such a question is very complicated from one perspective, and somewhat less complicated from another, yet still intricate. There are many people seeking to define their place in...
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    A Moral Dilemma

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    PAM's, BAM's, and old posts

    There are many reasons Im reluctant to post videos. Partly, because without instruction, they are meaningless. The general perception that you can learn from video is a false one without prior significant knowledge of that which you are viewing, and what to look for. It is for this reason; we...
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    L.A. Sheriff Memo Circulating

    From: Williams, John D. [] Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 9:36 AM Subject: Have Martial Artists Corrupted Defensive Tactics and Close Quarter Combat Training? Have Martial Artists Corrupted Defensive Tactics and Close Quarter Combat Training? Background Martial...
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    My trip to Texas

    Having a brief moment to take a break and catch my breath gives me the opportunity to thank all of those in Houston Texas for such a warm and friendly response to our lecture/seminar. Especially Mr. Billings who was so gracious as my guest, and brought a ton of enthusiasm to what was for him, in...
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    Another Passing

    Recently on another thread on this forum I spoke of a conversation with GM Douglas Wong about getting together with old friends. One of the names I mentioned passed away 3 days after our conversation. Sadly the same thing has happened again. My nephew Howard jackson, also passed away. Although...
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    Kenpo Roots & History Part 2

    From Combat Martial Sports Magazine Part Two: The Kenpo-Karate & JKD Connection Ed Parkers creation, Kenpo-Karate, has a brother and a sister art. The sister is Jeet Kune Do (J.K.D.). Well save the brother for another day. Kenpo-Karate and J.K.D. are both training concepts, as...
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    Kenpo Roots & History article

    There has bee a lot of discussion on both forums, so I though I'd post this article from Inside Kung Fu Magazine a number of years ago. Dan Inosanto also has it posted on his I&I site. A Karate Pioneer: The Roots of Ed Parkers Kenpo...
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    11 years for shooting unarmed gangbanger in the back?
  15. Doc

    Please help DOC.

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need everyone to resend me ALL of their contact info please. (keep family and stupid agents away from your work computer)
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    Operation Blunt or "Cut" me some slack.

    Knife crime trial to be extended A campaign against knife crime on trial for more than a year is to be rolled out across the capital, the Metropolitan Police has announced. Operation Blunt has been running in 12 boroughs since November 2004 and will now become a feature in every part of...
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    Too Hard or?

    The Sunday Times - Britain December 04, 2005 US cop quits 'too risky' UK force David Leppard A TEXAN patrol officer who became the first foreigner to join the British police is to resign after three years because he says policing is too dangerous here compared with America. Ben...
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    Lessons In Research & Perceptions We Use In SL-4.

    For the first time, a scientific reconstruction of how an unarmed suspect must have moved during a confrontation with police has been successfully introduced into the British criminal justice system, exonerating 2 officers who were facing murder charges after shooting the man dead. The...
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    Don't Call Me Grandmaster

    Changing My Title for the General Public Doc Fei Wong May 12, 2004 I am thinking about taking a humble title to replace the term "grandmaster" in the general public. Of course all the students and instructors in my federation will still address me by the title of Grandmaster, because this...
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    Tasers and Escalation of Force

    A large insurer of law enforcement agencies has issued a position paper on Tasers that cites 10 "risk management considerations" for their safe and effective use and directly refutes concerns of activist groups that allege these popular control tools are dangerous and inhumane. In contrast to...
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    self-Defense and the Law

    Self Defense Law and the Martial Artist by Peter Hobart, Esq. Introduction Anthony Ervin was a career criminal. He was arrested eight times on assorted robbery, weapons, and assault charges between 1987 and 1996. On October 8, 1996, he acosted Courtney Beswick, a blind man who must have...
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    email me at PM's deleted
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    Hurricane Dennis

    Dennis Picks Up Speed Packing devastating 150 mph winds, Hurricane Dennis tore down a guard tower at the U.S. detention camp for terror suspects as it stalked Cuba's south coast and prepared Friday to strike into the heart of the largest Caribbean island. Thousands of residents and tourists...
  24. Doc

    Kenpo Kards Book

    Ed Parker has finally finished the much anticipated Kenpo Kards Guidebook, and it is an awesome piece of work. Please go to for more information. It is an item worth having with or wihout the Kenpo Kards.
  25. Doc

    SL-4 Kenpo at Silat Camp of Masters II

    Pentjak Silat Camp of the Masters II June 10 through June 12, 2005 - LOS ANGELES Couprie Martial Arts Studio 7100 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 101, Van Nuys CA 91406 The Instructors: Master Ahati "Kilindi" Iyi: African Martial Arts Mestre Dennis Newsome: Capoeira - Angola Master...
  26. Doc

    Kevin Mills & Co.

    Kevin & Jenni Mills were in town tonight for a brief tune up in SL-4. I must say I have to commend Mr. Mills for an excellent job of teaching. His 8 black belts students (including Jenni Mills) looked really great and I know its through no lack of a great effort on his part. Just wanted to say...
  27. Doc

    Training at the Speed of Life

    In Law Enforcement training is life or death. I believe if you teach/train students to defend themselves, the approach should be the same. Unfortunately "business" and ego gets in the way. This article is a reprint from one of our publications, and it applies equally as well to self defense...
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    MartialTalk Community

    Most recently, I had the opportunity to meet one of our MartialTalk regular participants. Mr. Kevin Kilroe, (who posts under his own name) was in the state for an event in Northern California. Mr. Kilroe took the time and energy to actually come through Southern California to say hello. He...
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    Chow interview Synopsis

    In the latest issue of Black Belt Magazine, there is an interesting last interview with Kwai Sun Thunderbolt Chow. Read in its entirety, it says much about Professor Chow at the time of the interview in 1986. A plain and simple man, he often spoke directly of his feelings of the moment. He...