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  1. Brian King

    Comment by 'Brian King' in 'Strength - A Welshwoman's Reflections in the Heart of Russia'

    Wonderful blog post. Thanks for sharing! Brian
  2. Brian King

    July 4th & 5th 2009

    Having blown multi-hundreds and hundreds of pounds of explosives in my distant past, firecrackers and bottle rockets now hold little interest to me. So rather than spending time lighting fuses and counting fingers I spent the time working around the home and doing some reading and thinking...
  3. Brian King

    Years ago

    Another bunny trail, the link looked promising but panned out. I have spent several hours going down memory lane. Read a familiar story on line, some army officer reminiscing about his time in the Army. It was interesting as his time was before mine yet he was talking about events that had a...
  4. Brian King

    again breathing

    Inhale exhale, it all sounds so simple. It is something that we have done since the first slap and yet I still have questions and need of practice and exploration. When I first started martial arts I found myself holding my breath often, this new awareness soon highlighted that I often...
  5. Brian King

    A timely reminder about a masterpiece.
  6. Brian King

    reasoning approaches

    I was reading a discussion on a firearms centric forum that I go to regarding a transition method vs. a slightly different transition method. While the thread was interesting for those that carry both long gun and hand gun, even more interesting to me was Sonnys observation on reasoning...
  7. Brian King

    Comment by 'Brian King' in 'snow tracks'

    The training went well, thanks for asking. We have been joking about the crappy weather we have here during our training. It almost seems with out fail to clear up and have sun breaks instead of the promised snow and storm. We have been able to train during the rain and snow but not as much as...
  8. Brian King

    Comment by 'Brian King' in 'New Years Resolutions 2009'

    Thanks for the link Flea, I will check it out. Warmest regards Brian King
  9. Brian King

    snow tracks

    Last Saturday it snowed and it has been below freezing ever since. No big deal for much of the country but we do not get to experience such weather that often. We had snow again today that has continued all day and is still going strong at 1am. This is my first winter in this house so the snow...
  10. Brian King

    Blog: Brian King

    Blog: Brian King
  11. Brian King

    New Years Resolutions 2009

    An early start to New Years Resolutions 2009 Written December 7th 2009 December 7th 2008. It is just another Sunday for many around the world and just another Sunday for many Americans. I spent a couple of hours today in prayer and contemplation remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor that...