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    help locating a grappling school

    Could someone direct me to a web site that could help me locate a reputable grappling school? I am interested in Jiu-Jitsu, but Judo would be good too. I've tried searching but am not coming up with much.
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    black belt attitude

    I seem to have a habit of going to my dojo for a few months then take some time off, then after about a 4 to 5 months get the itch to go back and stay for a few months then the cycle repeats itself. Needless to say I have been just on the edge of getting my black belt for about, oh 5 to 6 years...
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    kwan significance?

    Is there a real significance to tae kwon do schools belonging to one kwan or another? And can a school decide what kwan they belong to or is it tied to the instructors lineage? I started in tae kwon do at a fairly young age, and for several years I had never heard of belonging to this kwan or...
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    belly fat

    Will working out a persons stomach reduce the amount of fat around it or will it just harden your stomach muscles under a layer of fat? Would a person need more cardio instead?
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    What age to begin lessons

    I know there are varying opinions on how old a kid should be before starting martial arts. I have a 7 year old son who is very ADHD. I have read some medical journals that really promote martial arts as a way to control a childs attention and compulsions. However, I don't want him to get...