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    What is really the difference between TMA and MMA? False Dichotomy...

    I can't help but notice all of the TMA Vs. MMA threads popping up that revert to the "my style rocks/yours sucks" mentality. Very few good points are ever made on them (although there is the occasional insight that makes the non-ego-maniacs think, which is why I have read through a few). Well...
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    Why the Obsession over finding the "Best" Art?

    I can't help but wonder why people have gone as far as to rank arts based on "street effectiveness," "best for self defense," or overall effectiveness in the "real world." I ran across a few sites that have gone as far as describe/debate why certain arts are "better" than others. For example...
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    Hapkido--Is Combining Philosophies Okay or will it Hinder my Progress?

    I am relatively new to the Hapkido style I have transferred into. After much reflection (and a lot of help from MT) I have come to the conclusion that my old school gave me valuable perspectives on flowing/changing techniques that my current school does not emphasize. My first school lacked...
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    Stares and them Glares

    I tend to see people staring/glaring/eyeballing others (and sometimes me) from time to time for no reason. They are of the same gender and age group (not talking about crush stalkers). Is this generally an indication that a Monkey Dance may take place soon, or that the starer is looking for a...
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    Relaxed Vs. Tense Reaction in SD Scenario--How to Cope?

    I have been pondering this recently as my teacher is currently teaching at a slow and relaxed pace to allow us to understand the concepts behind our throws and locks. Locking/throwing a relaxed partner can be a pain which forces us to rely on technique. After a few weeks of training I was...
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    How Much Longer will I Struggle to Catch Up?

    It has been over a year since I switched over to the "real deal" Hapkido school from a TKD+HKD school (taught small circle Jujitsu as HKD?). I have learned more in a year at my new school than I did in four years at my old school, and I have no regrets for switching. However, I have yet to...
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    Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing to hone striking?

    With so many of these places popping up in my area, I had to wonder... can cardio boxing/kickboxing, when taken simultaneously with another art, help to refine striking (as in technique, power, and speed)? Naturally I am wary of these new places (a few are chains, such as Title Boxing) and I...
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    Just how dangerous is that bully?

    A subject that came up between me and k-man was fighting relating to bullying. I know most bullies are insecure and easily intimidated, but that's not the case for some. And, when avoidance, deescalation, and other self defense tools fail, you are in a sticky situation. My view is you never...
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    Defensive knife on campus?

    I just realized that more people carry knives than you would think. Personally, I'm a bit hesitant, as a defensive knife can easily give you the edge/save your life but also land you in a world of trouble with the law, or escalate a situation enough to the point where someone pulls a gun. Or if...
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    Can an underweight man realistically protect himself/fight his way out of a situation?

    I keep coming back to this question. I'm 6 foot and weigh in at a scale-tipping 140lbs (I run) :mst:, and have been training in hapkido the past several years. I know hapkido is designed to not be dependent on strength, but being so light gives me a lot smaller margin of error with my...
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    Could I start a Hapkido club for College?

    Would it be possible to start a small martial art club/group (for Hapkido) if you do not yet have a black belt/teaching certification, but several years of experience? As in at college level? I'm close to BB. I may transfer out of state for my Masters (or sooner), and would like to...
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    Can Indomitable Spirit be Conveyed?

    As in before a fight? Just wondering, because in my K-12 years I got in a lot of almost fights, but no one would take the final step. They always backed down, and walked away looking foolish. Since I am a Martial Artist and did not want to fight I would not be the first to strike. But, if...
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    Martial Anatomy Books/Resources

    Any good books/resources to get me started researching pressure points, anatomy, ect? Or psychology?
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    When can you become an instructor WHF?

    Is it 3rd dan or fourth dan? Just curious.
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    What's with Unrealistic (Fake) Martial Arts?

    I'm not talking about how MMA wannabees call Tae Kwon Do (or any TMA for that matter) unrealistic, I'm talking about arts like Yellow Bamboo. Just how many of these arts are out there? Do you know any of them? How did they grow? And how did they fall? Or are they still out there? And are...
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    Columbus Ohio Seminars/Events?

    I am attending OSU, and am looking to see if there are any seminars/events in the area, preferably in summer, but others might be good too. I have done Hapkido for several years, but am unable to cross train due to my current schedule.
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    Home Made Warriors and Online Black Belts

    We are living in a digital age, and this is starting to become seen as more of an option in recent times. Why go to a dojo if you can be certified online, or why pay to train if you can learn through videos? It seems that Bruce Lee's theories are starting to be put into effect. People can now...
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    Does Shadowboxing + HKD Work?

    Can shadowboxing the days out of the HKD dojo help to hone my striking ability? Or will it only be a hindrance? Or is it only a good pre-workout? I wish I could go heavy bad so I could practice my kicks, but I don't have access to one outside of the dojo at the moment. Any links to how-to's...
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    Soft vs Hard Martial Arts Discussion

    Okay, I ran along the theory of aliveness while on another forum. Recently, many people seem to worship sparring, MMA, BJJ, and discredit any "soft" form of martial arts as ineffective/unrealistic unless if are studied with extensive cross training. However, many here know that a skilled martial...
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    From Hankido to Hapkido need advice

    As the result of a move, I no longer have Hankido available in my area. However, I have found a good Hapkido school that I am currently attending. What can I do to ease the transfer? Everything is different, as we have forms in hapkido, more kicks, less repetition, more strikes and weapons. I...