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    Combat Cane?

    I can take small steps unassisted, with substantial difficulty. I cannot balance well on my bad leg at all. for example, I cant kick with my good leg I can use the bad leg for balance while standing on my goodleg. kinda like the kickstand on a bike the hardest thing is that I cant pivot on...
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    Combat Cane?

    Thank you all for your informative responses. I guess it's just ignorance on my part, but it hasn't occurred to me that most cane systems were predicated on the belief that you didn't actually need a cane for disabilities. In my case, I have lost most of my quadriceps and have pins inserted in...
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    Combat Cane?

    Hello all, Newbie to the forum, and I hope yall can answer a question for me. I am looking for a cane that can be used as a weapon in the worst case scenario. I have seen a few online from canemasters and other sites, and I was wondering if anyone had experience or insight into the...
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    Hello, from a newbie

    Just wanted to say hello, as I am new to these forums. I studied TKD from a very young age, then took a break for a few years. I eventually picked it back up in college, and was fortunate enough to earn my black belt and compete in a club. I then studied aikido through 4th kyu, until I was...
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    Good Long Machete?

    Ka-bar makes good working machetes. As others have said, the lenght you specified is a bit long for most types of work, you'll get fatigued much quicker with a longer blade. and if you're doing any kind of chopping, kukri's are great. You may want to look into carbon vs. stainless steel...