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  1. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    I gotta get me some lucky undies.
  2. Buka

    3 word story v3

    turkey bacon, which.....
  3. Buka

    Last Poster #7

    Once in a while a buddy out here hooks me up with Kona coffee. (I used to train him for competitions) Next time he does I'll put the touch on him for a second bag. :)
  4. Buka

    Last Poster #7

    I'm joining you guys for a steaming cup of Joe. Cheers!
  5. Buka

    How can I ease my tension whilst practicing kata?

    Too young for the forum.
  6. Buka

    Do you use technology to improve your Martial Art's skills?`

    Welcome to MartialTalk, MyFitteLife Ninja, hope you enjoy it.
  7. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    I couldn't answer any better than what you stated.....which I italicized. "I'm thinking that if someone calls 911 and says "Hey, I've got a drunk guy who was acting crazy, so I've pinned him down and taken a gun off of him, and guess what? It's one of your police officers. Can you send someone...
  8. Buka

    RIP Legend Gene LeBell

    My heart is heavy. .
  9. Buka

    3 word story v3

    of all Holies....
  10. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    So could I, but that wasn't my point. The whole thing is just tragic. And, in my opinion, the guy that murdered him knew who he was. I wish the very worst for that murdering mother f'r.
  11. Buka

    Trading Shots: Would you let your child do MMA?

    Any of the MMA places Ive been to were very careful with kids. No shots to the head, no arm bars and no chokes of any kind. I trained my young nephew that way, then, when he was eighteen, trained him with everything else. Seemed to work well.
  12. Buka

    3 word story v3

    also known as.....
  13. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    I disagree. Anybody who's worked as a cop would have automatically patted him down as part of the process. At least anyone I know. And when you discovered he was carrying? Ship would get real western real fast.
  14. Buka

    Mistakes people make when holding Muay Thai pads.....

    In my opinion, if a dojo has any kind of pads for people to use for striking - everyone in the school should be taught the proper ways to hold pads. How the hell else are they supposed to know?
  15. Buka

    Opinion on school's pricing plan

    I agree. I used to let anyone train for a month free if they wanted. Probably not the best business practice, but it was a busy dojo and didn't seem to matter.
  16. Buka

    Thinking ahead versus going with the flow in sparring

    If I'm sparring with a student, I'll often do so with a plan in mind to see if that student has been working on......whatever. Other than that I have never used a predetermined plan going into any kind of sparring or competition.
  17. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    It's not that difficult to avoid trouble. And for the most part, it's really easy to avoid being incarcerated. Ain't like it's rocket science.
  18. Buka

    Returning After 3 Years

    Awesome, go getup', bro!
  19. Buka

    Last Poster #7

    Even devoid of the two legged variety?
  20. Buka

    Post your best Bjj training vids/links

    There's a ton of them. There's a solo training routine I like, but can't find it right now. I like simple ones, like this...
  21. Buka

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    People take Martial Arts classes for lots of different reasons. Exercise, something to do, to have fun, whatever. And while that's certainly true, I believe that those that train diligently want, to some extent, to know how to defend themselves. It's self preservation - an instinct hard wired...
  22. Buka

    World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Killed

    Both breaks my heart and really pishes me off.
  23. Buka

    When you are unable to roll, due to injury...

    When I was a green belt I tore my hamstring quite severely. I couldn't train for a couple months, but I never missed one class, went to the dojo every single day and every single night. I watched them all, beginners and advanced classes alike, big notebook on my lap. I made notes on everything...
  24. Buka

    Top 3 things, that you wished..

    1. The fact that a person is wearing a Black Belt does not mean, in any way, shape or form, that that person has even the slightest idea of what he's saying or doing. 2. If you're teaching a lot of classes and still paying tuition, you might as well just bend all the way over so your Chief...
  25. Buka

    Pre-attack Indicators?

    Yeah. True dat.
  26. Buka

    The eyes

    I have a friend who has, according to all the women we know, gorgeous blue eyes. But when he gives someone stink eye, it chills them, his eyes become very unsettling. We refer to them as his "wolf eyes." Over the years he has backed down people, time and time again, who were looking for trouble...
  27. Buka

    The eyes

    The eyes lie. I've been bested by tons of people, but never by one who watched my eyes.
  28. Buka

    Pre-attack Indicators?

    Her saying "yes" when you propose is the biggest pre-attack indicator in human nature.
  29. Buka

    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    I think there should be one week designated every year where bicyclists, obviously not kids or once in a while riders, but the full time "I own the road because I'm on a bike" people, are not allowed to be on the road. Except for sport. We should be allowed to run them off the road, take their...
  30. Buka

    Went to the dark side. bjj

    Hey! Nice to read you again, bro.