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  1. DAC..florida

    People who live in glass houses should'nt throw rocks!!

    There are alot of members and ex-members of this board who have jumped down the throats of others for talking bad about people who are no longer members of this forum! For the first time ever today I visited and my name (dac..florida) is all over the place, I saw it atleast three...
  2. DAC..florida

    Edged Weapon Defence!

    how do you train against edged weapons? What techniques are your favorite?
  3. DAC..florida

    How many have had to use thier skills outside the ring!

    I work in corrections and unfortunately have to use my skills more often than I would like. How many of you have used them? were you satisfied with your performance? :asian:
  4. DAC..florida

    Just Conversation !

    Kaith said that he wanted to try to keep the threads on the subject, so I figured I would start a thread for members to just conversate. :asian:
  5. DAC..florida

    Whats Your Martial Arts Background?

    There are alot of members on this Martial Talk, most from different styles ect. I thought we could get to know each other a little better by posting our background. Note: If you choose to post please include your current rank and your instructor(s) name(s). :asian:
  6. DAC..florida

    How many train in both TKD and Hapkido?

    I train in both styles just wondering how many of you train in both? :asian:
  7. DAC..florida

    To RSK and the Yili's

    With all due respect I have a honest question. :asian: Why are you guests on this board instead of registared members? Maybe I missed something, is this some kind of protest? I want you to know that I am being sincere in this question, I am just curious.
  8. DAC..florida


    O.K. your walking out to your vehicle, its dark and your parked in secluded area.(I know that most of us would not find ourselfs in this scituation) You step up to your car, get your keys and someones arm comes over the top of your right shoulder and places a blade to your neck. They dont want...
  9. DAC..florida

    I have a question!

    How many different style's or sets are there in TKD? :asian:
  10. DAC..florida

    Where did all the posters go?

    Where did all the posters go?
  11. DAC..florida

    How come all the good threads get locked

    The subject title pretty much sums it up! HOW COME ALL THE GOOD THREADS GET LOCKED? :soapbox: :asian:
  12. DAC..florida

    Heres My Story!!!!

    I'm 28 years old and have been studying TKD since i was 7 for about the first ten years of my training was with the same instructor...... This instructor told his students and parents he was a 9th degree BB certified in the kukkiwon ect.. Also that all students would be certified in the...
  13. DAC..florida

    Traditional martial arts

    Traditional Martial Arts in my opinion are they original Known MA's there are alot of people from styles I have never heard of on this forum claiming to be traditionalists. My question's are : 1. are you a traditionalist? if so of what style...
  14. DAC..florida

    Multiple styles in the same dojo!

    Down the street from me theres a school that teaches both TKD and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, two different masters and styles sharing the same school. good idea or bad? :asian:
  15. DAC..florida

    Less than lethal ammo????

    Hot loads, less than lethal, ect.
  16. DAC..florida

    caliber difference between

    I'll get it started 9mm vs .45cal. or maybe .40cal. ect. All opinions are welcome! :redeme:
  17. DAC..florida

    Hand gun comparisons!

    2pistols: I like and carry glocks! how many like sigs,h&k,ect. :goop:
  18. DAC..florida

    Multiple styles

    Multiple styles How many train in more than one style or have in the past? If so why? I feel that it is hard to get everything that you need to know from one style.
  19. DAC..florida

    Dim Mak

    On a previous thread there was some discussion about Dim Mak and wether it even exists. My Dim Mak book has been returned to me and as I promissed here is the name of the book, author and web adress. The Two Dragons of Dim Mak by: Dr. Pier Tsui-Po Again I would...
  20. DAC..florida

    What does MARTIAL ARTS mean to you!

    Is it your hobby, your life, self defence, a sport, a religion maybe it means more to you! or maybe it means less? Simply express your opinion on what it means to you! I have been in martial arts since I was 7 years old, over the years alot of things in my life has changed: friends...
  21. DAC..florida

    Real life bad guys?

    I would simply like to here stories of people who have had to use thier training to defend themselves or someone else from real life bad guys! I look forward to your replies.
  22. DAC..florida

    Modern Self Defence Training

  23. DAC..florida


    I would like to say hello and introduce my self. I have been studying martial arts for 20 years and have had to use it many times in real life scituations. I always enjoy fellowship with other matial artists.