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  1. Human Makiwara

    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    I have 9 weeks to prepare for a demo baseball bat break. It will be a mawashi-geri (round house/shin) break about waist high. I'm fairly well conditioned for kotekitae (arm on arm pounding, leg and stomach) but have been asked to step up for a school demo. I started using rope wrapped, wooden...
  2. Human Makiwara

    Earned my Uechi Ryu - Shodan (black belt) on Sunday.

    I just wanted to brag a little. I earned my black belt this weekend. It was an awesome experience. My partner and I tested and passed with high praise from a senior rank promotion test board. My jaw was tested during the final sparring portion of the exam. It held up but opening my mouth has...
  3. Human Makiwara

    New member here.

    I've lurked for a while and finally signed up. I enjoy reading everyones posts and hope to be able to contribute.