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  1. TSDTexan

    When you are unable to roll, due to injury...

    What do you personally do, to continue training, if you cannot roll with others. Like what are you doing on the mats if you cannot handle the body weight of another person in a roll. I am thinking ribs type injury.
  2. TSDTexan

    Top 3 things, that you wished..

    What are the top three things that you wish you had been told as a beginning white belt, that you found out later, that would have helped you in a huge way?
  3. TSDTexan

    Post your best Bjj training vids/links

    This is a post, where I ask all the BJJ folks to post videos youtube vimeo etc for beginner 101 bjj grappling vids. I am looking for your favorites, could be setup how tos, or warmup drills shrimping etc. Thank you, in advance.
  4. TSDTexan

    Went to the dark side. bjj

    So... My Okinawan karate dojo closed for covid a while ago. I found myself going a little crazy because there was no classes. I missed my peoples. (Sad cryings sounds) Given that there are not a lot of dojo's teaching what I really wanted to learn in the area, I found myself looking at two...
  5. TSDTexan

    Divorcing my Waifu.... Its not easy....

    Dear Rika Usami, this is really hard for me. I know you are an amazing waifu.... But... My heart belongs to another. Her name is Marie. You will always have a special place in my heart. Sincerely, -Tsdtexan ****** Marie "Snow Leopard" Ruumet Rika Usami PS. Please stay awesome...
  6. TSDTexan

    The cost of Ego, disrespect, and the failure of teachers and students.

    Some youngster shows up at a backyard training for Wing Chun, with poor manners, criticizes the teacher and it looks like he provoked the teacher with a head butt. The teacher let his ego become wounded and missed the opportunity to teach the student. His fighting didn't look like Wing Chun at...
  7. TSDTexan

    Completed a bucketlist objective. Bruce Lee.

    While there are some who claim he was never a fighter, was just an actor, and has no record; it can never be underestimated what impact he had on generating interest (that translated into people beginning lifelong journeys into the martial arts). For better or worse, his life will never be...
  8. TSDTexan

    Advancing robotics and the coming use in MA

    While the future hasn't arrived yet, but it is advancing quickly towards us. While my dream of utilizing AI and deep learning to harvest unknown or lost bunkai from the forms or kata of Okinawan karate may be a ways off... yet progress in the seperate & remotely related field of robotics...
  9. TSDTexan

    Funny spoof on street fighter

    and of course my boy wins.
  10. TSDTexan

    White Crane?

    While I see a lot of wingchun in this at the beginning, towards the end, I see a lot of fujian white crane /bahe quan methods. Was wondering if anyone here who is fluent enough to tell me more about this sifu. watching the video was a masterclass, and I learned alot, even though there only...
  11. TSDTexan

    A good conversation

    so there was a good conversation on fight tips and why/how of how to leg grab without getting ktfo while shooting.
  12. TSDTexan

    Got promoted.... head spinning

    Long time coming, but I earned my () Yon-kyu grade. Everyone was told "prepare one form and three applications from it" Then we get pop quized a week early. (fun times, but i was ready) The head instructor call my name. i do my form "Shimpatan"... calm and nearly flawless. He calls others...
  13. TSDTexan

    some interesting judo thoughts on preventing your opponent from pulling guard. look for the embeded video on the page. this approach is identical in the Okinawan karate that I have been exposed to. what do you think? @Tony Dismukes
  14. TSDTexan

    Some data for reflection about the word Dan

    This research is primarily from open sourced content such as wikipedia. I have modified and edited it a small amount. But this is meant loosely as a guide for your jumping off point if you want to chase after facts. If you feel something is wrong or in error, please, cite some references to...
  15. TSDTexan

    6 year old first dan??? whiskey tango foxtrot!

    what in the world is going on? because she can do 40 moves, and correctly answered a written test on human anatomy... she gets a 1st dan at 6 years old? 6-year-old becomes youngest schoolgirl in UK to be 1st dan karate black belt my biggest issue... is that a dan needs to understand a lot...
  16. TSDTexan

    The value of failure in belt testing.

    Last night we had a kyu exam. Last night, i failed. big red F. My Shihan said i was right on the cusp. I nailed my new forms. but durring the exam I and another student (brown belt) were asked if a white belt had done a certain white belt form correctly. The brown belt said yes. then I was...
  17. TSDTexan

    Death in the family

    He was an amazing man. /Rei
  18. TSDTexan

    Neuroscience and Kata

    A good article showing how science is researching Karate kata and the neurological effects it has. Karate Kata and Cognition | Psychology Today
  19. TSDTexan

    Life imitates Art.

    There is a turn of phrase used in speach and written works Pow!!! Right in the kisser. Sometimes, life has a way of making a saying come true literally. Kissing your opponent while the ref gives his instructions : instant_regret
  20. TSDTexan

    Excellent Karate Combo.

    1. Ashi Barrai 2. Hiza Geri 3. ?????? 4. Profit
  21. TSDTexan

    GM Won Ik Lee, broke steel leaf spring in 1982

    At an open karate tournament in Brownsville, Texas. The year was 1982. GM Won Ik Yi performed a double knifehand break on a steel leaf spring. Video with sound at: - Korean Master breaks steel leaf spring
  22. TSDTexan

    Thoughts about aikido.

    Imagine if you were holding a tanto knife or a wakizatchi shortsword and attacked this man with only that weapon in one hand. Do you think you would succeed? I think aikido if it had a weakness is that it was implicitly training for an armed attack. It was not training to fight a boxer, or a...
  23. TSDTexan

    RiP Raymond Chow

    producer Raymond Chow, who introduced the world to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and even brought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the big screen, has died at age 91. Hong Kong secretary for commerce and economic development, Edward Yau, said in a statement Friday that Chow helped nurture a...
  24. TSDTexan

    A question aimed at dan ranks, but anyone can answer

    in your style, do you have higher level techniques, or even techniques that are not shown explicitly in your forms? in tang so do, there are a fair number of kicks that are not in the hyungs. but are critieria for higher dan ranks. yes, some MA are technique driven, and have no forms. So...
  25. TSDTexan

    really awesome event that im participating in.

    Yesterday, I traveled about 400 miles with 12 others from my local dojo (in Oregon) to Boise Idaho. The Hanshi 10簞 Dan of our organisation comes to the USA 2x a year and conducts a special training for 4 days. Yesterday, i got to meet him and shake his hand for the first time. This gentleman...
  26. TSDTexan

    Thoughts on Kani Basami.

    in 1980 a judoka named Yasuhiro Yamashita was competing, and during the match his leg was broken by the technique Kani Basami. commonly called the scissor leg takedown, and originally called the crab pincer leg takedown. Here is video of the match, at the time of the take down, and leg break...
  27. TSDTexan

    The only person holding you back is you.

    If you find yourself unmotivated in the journey... Realize you may have many more advantages then others, and if they can rise to the occasion... Why don't you? You can do it.