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  1. Svemocn1vidar

    Wong Shun Leung students are impressive!

    Recently,it's safe to say that i've become a "librarian of Wing Chun". I've collected huuuge material about Wing Chun,esspecialy Grandmaster Yip Man's lineage. Be it books,videos,smaller clips,interviews,newspaper articles,live events,seminars and so on.. What i must say to pay proper respect to...
  2. Svemocn1vidar

    Your honest opinion on William Cheung's Wing Chun system!

    I won't even go into that regular discussion when William Cheung is concerned,"My Wing Chun is special,i was taught the real-deal,everyone else was fooled". I really don't care about that. It does not concern me. I never even belived that. But what i want to know is your opinion on some stuff...
  3. Svemocn1vidar

    What's the time you invest in improving your footwork?

    Besides doing it with your students/kung fu brothers in class,how much time do you guys invest in footwork when you're alone? No matter the lineage,which parts of Wing Chun footwork you work on the most? I understand we have different concepts of shifting and weight distribution,this is not...