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    A story of an attempted kidnapping.

    A friend of mine just shared this, and I thought worth spreading around. It's scary as heck, and every parent's fear, but it's better to have knowledge of how they operate (at least one of the ways). - Names redacted to preserve privacy.
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    A breakdown of the Frank Dux claims

    While the guy doing the vids is a bit odd, it's good that someone is willing to do this sort of thing. There is more than enough hogwash in the martial arts community, and it's way past time that we started policing ourselves. The Kumite Background Military Career
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    Fuji Elemental Gi - FYI

    Hi all, I have had a hard time finding Gi's that fit me well. I'm a pretty big guy and the place I have the hardest time is across the thighs and seat. Even gis that fit well everywhere else are often way to tight there. I had good luck with a Storm Gi when I trained Gracie Barra, and have...
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    Fun video of Renzo Gracie rolling with some students

    Notice how everyone is smiling and having a blast. Renzo makes everything fun for the kids, adults, etc. Even the adult blue belt that he rolled with was grinning from ear to ear the entire roll.
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    Gracie vs. Buchecha, 2017

    I really need to see this.
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    Rickson Gracie promoted to Red Belt

    Right now!
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    PTK Empty Hand versus Knife

    Tuhon Tim Waid of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali system, shows some of what we do from an empty hand versus knife perspective. To be fair, no one, and I mean no one, including Tim, wants to be in an empty hand versus knife situation. He would be the first to tell you that if you end up having to use...
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    FMA craziness

    I'm not huge on going around posting videos to ridicule others. But, there are times when a bit of calling out is necessary in the martial arts, as there are way too many people posing as something they are not. One of the major issues that the Filipino Martial Arts suffer from is that...
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    Knife attack video from Brazil

    Just saw this today. There are a number of things worth note. First of all, how close the attacker is before the attack happens and the speed at which the thrust is delivered. Second, notice the attacker looking around to see if anyone was watching, followed closely by "grooming behavior"...
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    New interview with Rickson Gracie by Matt Thornton of Straight Blast Gym

    Definitely worth your time. Matt never pulls his punches in terms of his opinion on the martial arts, and he has the cred to back up his claims. His story at the very beginning alone about watching Rickson train with a bunch of Judo Black Belts is worth the watch. Enjoy!
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    A good example of PTK double knife

    Simple and direct.
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    "Fundamentals" versus "Basics"

    Basics? Nope, Fundamentals A short little article discussing the difference between those terms. While I don't agree 100% in that many martial arts do have methods that are more advanced, there are parts that I do agree with in that fundamentals, properly used, can probably get you by the...
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    GT Gaje shows some basic knife applications...

    ... and why blocking is not going to work out well.
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    RIP Tuhon Chris Sayoc

    Unfortunately, the FMA community lost another big name today in Tuhon Chris Sayoc of Sayoc Kali.
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    New Roger Gracie documentary.

    Looks pretty good. I love the way he wins with the basics.
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    Chris Haueter's full Globetrotter's Speech

    Many of you have seen the speech that Chris Haueter gave at the BJJ Globetrotter 2016 event. To date, I had only seen the 20+ minute version, and not the whole thing. He covers a ton of ground, provides some good history on BJJ, and also weighs in on his philosophy of the art in general and its...
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    Pekiti Tirsia Multiple Attacks drill progression

    My PTK instructor, Dustin Denson, put together a few short videos on ways that the strikes from the Multiple Attacks method can be combined and drilled in solo fashion. It's a nice example of simplicity of movement and it's relation to combative effectiveness. Part I Part II Part III
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    Huge 2 day seminar in the Houston/Sugarland, TX area...

    ... benefits to bring awareness to Veteran suicide and prevention.
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    Adult Worlds vs. Masters Worlds

    Adult Worlds Vs Master Worlds Impression By Rafael Lovato Jr.
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    Is your knife training teaching you about range and how to control it?

    My title pretty much says it. One of the really common things I see when people demo knife (offense or defense), even in most FMA's, is a lack of discussion about controlling range. Tim Waid, who is the head of the PTK organization I train under likes to ask "how did you get there?" when...
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    Trouble passing the guard?

    You aren't alone.
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    Recommend a good Gi Bag

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get a bag to carry my gear for BJJ. I have one for PTK, one for lifting, and would like to have one dedicated to BJJ so that I don't have to transfer my stuff (tape, mouth guard, etc.) all the time. I thought about buying a regular duffel bag, and that would...
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    Vision Quest Tribute Video

    This is very well done. The only thing missing are the sound effects.
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    Hyperlyte Gi?

    Anyone wear these? I'm in the market for a sturdy, but lightweight Gi. I was looking at the Fuji Suparaito as a guy I train with was wearing one last week and it seemed very nice, but I don't like the color scheme for the blue version, and I will probably buy more than one. HYPERLYTE Gi...
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    Bryan Mossey - Knife Grappling

    I've been looking forward to seeing some of this material for some time now, and am glad that Bryan is starting to release it. For those who don't know who Bryan is, he is a Black Belt in GJJ under Pedro Sauer, a Full Instructor in FMA under Dan Inosanto, an Instructor in Silat under Dan...
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    So, you think training with the Gi is unrealistic?

    These guys decided to respond... Funny Video: The Gi Is Too Unrealistic So Instead They Suited Up Thought it was funny, so I figured I would share it.
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    The Duck Dynasty choke

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    How would you describe Royler Gracie's game?

    Just curious. I know that he was a great competitor, and still is in many ways, but I don't know much about his style of BJJ. I would expect he is pretty traditional with strong basics (ala Roger Gracie, Kron Gracie, etc.) given his upbringing, but since I really don't know, I figured I might...