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    Ho Kam Ming seminar"notes"
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    Wing chun book(JAMA)

    The Journal of Asian Martial Art has come out with a collection of articles.The book is available from Amazon as well as JAMA Half the material is by Jeff Webb of Austin Texas.. he used to be with Leung Ting and Kernspecht. The other half is by me.Together with pictures of some students of...
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    Wing chun seminar in Tucson

    Wing Chun Sifu Augustine Fong of Tucson, Arizona last Sunday finished a very well attended four day "reunion" seminar in Tucson. It included a Chinese banquet on Saturday evening. I attended the seminar all day Saturday and the banquet on Saturday evening. Approximately 50 persons attended o...
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    David Peterson's new book on Wong Shun Leung

    Just got my hard cover copy.Expensive but well formatted, printed and bound with lots of eassys and pictures. Look like a keeper. I might coment on it after I read it.
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    Ip Man 3

    Ip Man 3 is a fun movie. It is not a documentary but it is quite entertaining. Good acting by all the characters including Donnie Yen again as Ip Man. The fight scenes are well choreographed. The last fight scene was specially good...a fight between Donnie Yen as Ip Man and another wing chun...
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    Kung Fu in mainland China- a discussion?

    Mao and traditional kung fu in mainland China. The Communist revolution China appears to have had devastating results in mainland China. Bad enough when Mao came to power- much worse with the Cultural revolution. Chen taiji survived despite terrorization by Red guards. Chen Xiao wang has...
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    Ip Man wing chun- some thoughts

    Wing chun has spread IMO much too unevenly.Although Ip Man remains the central figure in the rise of wing chun-the movies are just movies. The important thing in Ip Man's wing chun are the interlinked concepts that are not easy to learn properly enough to be deeply embedded in one's movements...
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    Not so rambling-re wing chun

    I am puzzled by parts of this thread. So rather than arguing I will make my statement and let it go. I have been doing wing chun regularly and consistently and daily since 1976 when I met my sifu Augustine Fong who learned from Ho Kam Ming who learned from Ip man for the longest period of...
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    Ho Kam Ming wing chun in Toronto My sifu is Augustine Fong and my sigung is Ho Kam Ming who spent as much time with Ip man as anyone. Ho Kam Ming is from Macao but he visits and lives with his sons on the mainland and in Toronto, Canada.In Toronto Master Ho's best student is...
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    Augustine Fong,Sifu:WVTAA Sifu of the year awrd 2012

    Augustine Fong-WVTAA-Sifu of the Year award Augustine Fong, sifu was selected as Sifu of the Year for 2012 for their Hall of Fame- see the link above. He will join Tsui Shong, Tin, Hawkins Cheung and others in their...
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    Journal of Asian Martial Arts: Finale and a book.

    Journal of Asian Martial Arts/ a book and finale The Journal of Asian Martial Arts has been a premiere and well produced quality journal. Unfortunately, the print world faces rough economic times. As a finale the Journal is coming out soon in September with a 200...
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    Sharing:A perspective on Augustine Fong Wing Chun
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    Augustine Fong Gung Fu federation site upgrade