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  1. angelariz

    Sniw melted in New England!

    As is my usual response to longer days with more sun....I get outside and start hitting things and practicing gong fu and fma in earnest. But after a few months of not having students come to train CJkD from intercept of intention to grappling, I find myself in need of some more intense cardio...
  2. angelariz

    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    There are people that are pretty good in perfect conditions. In a 68 degree gym, in their uniform or yoga pants they can look just like " insert whatever great fighter".What about training in the cold? You ever tried techniques that require dexterity in the cold? You ever try to execute wrist...
  3. angelariz

    Knife work from a modernist approach

    I started JKD concepts FMA a long time ago. I trained in the basic sets of sinawali and a million combinations of drills. A dozen plus disarms and lots of pie in the sky drills. I love the good it brought. Movement, grip work, and broken rhythm were top of the list. However, after nearly 30...
  4. angelariz

    Black Belt in FMA

    I've seen some systems, like my beloved Modern Arnis has belts. However most of the other FMA I've trained were very informal. As a matter of fact much of the time we are in street clothes and are training in yards and parks. That being said, most of the people I've been training with over the...
  5. angelariz

    Kids and weapons

    At what age do you start your children in weapon systems? For us it has been ever since they can hold a sword and run around.