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  1. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    Hello, I am a teacher and I teach adult students in the evening. We have had a few times when "unauthorized" people have tried to gain entry into the building (not a big deal now as they were not violent, but I DO NOT allow people in the building at night). I am looking for a weapons choice...
  2. Samurai

    Anyone Read Mark Wiley's New Book yet?

    I know Mark Wiley has a new book out called Mastering Escrikma Disarms. It is basically a collect of over 20 styles and people and how they approach the idea of disarming a combatant. The format and layout is a lot like his book Fillipino Fighting Arts...
  3. Samurai

    Temple Style TaiChi

    Any thoughts on Temple Style Tai Chi as taught by the following? Is it a real art with martial applications....or a modern mix of tai chi "moves" Master Robert Xavier Master John Chung Li Master Lo Chi-wan Master Chan Yik-yan Master Wu Yiek Tai Master Chen Kong Ta Master Shut Master Yeung King...
  4. Samurai

    Tomahawk Blog and more

    Hi folks... I posted this over in the Western Martial arts section, but I think it fits here as well. I just want to drop you a line and ask you to visit my Tomahawk blog at I love talking and learning all things Tomahawk. I am the maker of the Training...
  5. Samurai

    Tomahawk Training

    Hi folks... This is just a note to ask you to visit my blog at if you want to talk and learn about the awesome weapon of the Tomahawk. I make the Training Tomahawks that are featured on the "BUY STUFF" link. Another thing...if you use the GoodSearch search...
  6. Samurai

    Temple Style Tai Chi

    Can you help an idiot out with a question :-) I went to a Temple Style Tai Chi class yesterday. Loved the class but I wanted some basic information about the system. The instructor was able to provide a boatload of material but I also wanted to talk to my friends here... The style is...
  7. Samurai

    Running a School FULL-TIME

    How many people here operate a school full-time? My city has many 'general' karate / Tae Kwon Do schools, but I was thinking of starting a school with more of a self-defense / personal protection flavor. I have taught many classes on a part-time basis, but not sure if this will fly...
  8. Samurai

    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    My Training Tomahawk was featured in the Paladin Press book "Tomahawks: Traditional to Tactical" by David Grant. I also just designed a new Training Knife patterned after the 1805 Hudson River Red Handled Trade knife. I am exited about it. The Tomahawk is $20USD The Knife is $12 USD...
  9. Samurai

    Training Knife (New Design)

    My Training Tomahawk was featured in the Paladin Press book "Tomahawks: Traditional to Tactical" by David Grant. I also just designed a new Training Knife that I am exited about. The Tomahawk is $20USD The Knife is $12 USD You can see them at...
  10. Samurai

    Training Weapons (Tomahawk and Knife)

    My Training Tomahawk was featured in the Paladin Press book "Tomahawks: Traditional to Tactical" by David Grant. I also just designed a new Training Knife that I am exited about. The Tomahawk is $20USD The Knife is $12 USD You can see them at...
  11. Samurai

    Reclaiming the Blade

    Great documenty from Gala about the sword in culture, film, and the western martial arts. Thanks Jeremy BAys
  12. Samurai

    Making Money in the Martial Arts...

    Hello... I am exploring various ways people have used the martial arts or their knowledge of martial arts to make money. Some ideas are... Teaching Video Instruction Prize Fighting Writing What are some "creative" ideas you might have heard of. THanks, Jeremy Bays
  13. Samurai

    Self-Defense Against Concealed Carry

    I learned a couple of things in the early days of knife training. We were speaking of the defense against the concealed carry knife. 1.) "If there is a belt shealth or pocket clip then there is most likely a knife" - Larry Delaney (my tkd teacher) 2.) "If their hands are out of the...
  14. Samurai

    Call for Kyudo

    Anyone practice KYUDO ? I would like your opioion on a bow. I understand that a traditional bamboo and hardwood layered bow can cost $800 or more. What do you think about using a bow like this for a raw novice? This is a bow that I am selling on...
  15. Samurai

    Martial Arts in a Small Town

    Do you think a small rural town of about 1500 people could support a martial arts school? About 8 miles away in a bigger town of about 20,000 or so. Then about 20 miles west is a college town of about 80,000 or so. Thanks, Jeremy Bays
  16. Samurai


    I have been working with a designer to come up with a simple, affordable and safe way to train with the tomahawk. This is what we have come up with. The tomahawks are now 18 inches long and made out of stiff plastic (like a sharky training knife). I will be sellling them for $15 each...
  17. Samurai

    Israeli Martial Arts (not Krav Maga)

    How many native Israeli arts are coming out on the scene? I found two the other day that made me .....think. Anyone have any experience or information on these or any others? (looks like Systema) (looks like Rabbi TKD) Thanks...
  18. Samurai


    Anyone that wants some GREAT information on the use of the Tomahawk, please consider purchasing FIGHTING TOMAHAWK from Dwight McLemore. It is a great good filled with wonderful illustrations. Thank you, Jeremy Bays...
  19. Samurai

    People are Stupid

    I hope the title got someone's attention....... Anyway, it is my FIRM belief that instead of taking a two week self-defense course or even learning a Martial Art in a dojo enviroment, people should just learn a little basic awareness. I spent the day "thinking" like a criminal and was...
  20. Samurai

    Airsoft Guns

    Anyone use Airsoft pistols of rifles for GUN DISARMING practice? I bought one once and it was nothing but a cheap plastic toy. I would really like something that can hold up to being dropped a few times a training session. If you have any make/models or links to something you use, I would...
  21. Samurai

    TRS Hollywood Video

    Mr. Chapel or anyone that has viewed the new TRS Video, I was wondering what Mr. Ron Chapel's role was in the new video from TRS. His name is listed as one of the 7 martial artist. Thank you, Jeremy Bays
  22. Samurai

    Robin Hood anyone?

    Anyone know of any good Robin Hood books or even movies. As far as movies go, I have seen Errol Flynn's 1938 version and Sean COnnery in one called Robin and Marion and Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves. Any others?? How about books? thanks, Jeremy Bays
  23. Samurai

    Super Dan

    OK - Just WHO is this SUPER DAN that was on the CBS show Cupid Wednesday night? Go to this link Then at the bottom it says "Super Dan struts his stuff" --Jeremy
  24. Samurai

    Russian Style Hand 2 Hand Book??

    Has anyone seen this book? CLICK HERE Comments? Good information or not worth the cover price? Thanks Jeremy Bays
  25. Samurai

    Great Seminar in Indiana

    Mike Casto (pesilat on this board) gave a nice 3 hour workshop in Muncie, Indiana this weekend. Mike covered points from Escikido (Cacoy Canete's blend of Escrima and some of the Aiki arts), Knife Fighting from Sikal, and Empty Hand work from Sikal and Shen Chuen. The turn out was great...
  26. Samurai

    Archery Anyone?

    I love period archery. Nothing beats getting a nice bow in your hand and playing Robin Hood :D Anyone else into this great sport? THanks Jeremy Bays
  27. Samurai

    La Verdadera Destreza

    Anyone ever hear of this style of Spanish Rapier fencing? It is based on the so called "Magic Circle". It was featured in the 1995 movie The Mask of Zorro Any information would help as I would like to look into this style of combat. Thanks Jeremy Bays
  28. Samurai

    Bruce Lee Movies ? ?

    Does anyone know if the moves in the Bruce Lee movies are speed up? I know this is a common Hong Kong filming technique but I also heard that they are actual speed. Any ideas? Thanks jeremy
  29. Samurai

    JKD Srands on it's own?

    Jeet Kune Do is quite possiblely the one art that is most plaqued by controversy, political backstabbing, and mis-understandings. There is so much talk of .... Bruce Lee said .... Bruce Lee trained in.... Who would win, Bruce Lee or ... Was Bruce Lee the ... ....actually killed Bruce...
  30. Samurai

    This is Self-Defense

    I just got a new book in the mail titled "THIS IS SELF-DEFENSE: A Guide for the Conceptual Martial Artist". Has anyone read this book. I look through the pictures but have not had time to read it. thanks jeremy bays