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    The Ultimate "Versus" Thread

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    My Shoe is a Deadly Weapon?

    An instructor I know who trains security personnel and police officers told me that a shoe can be legally considered a deadly weapon if it is used to kick someone. He also told me that it is standard procedure for police to confiscate a person's shoe as evidence when they investigate an assault...
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    Marin County Martial Arts Schools?

    Does anyone have any personal recommendations for martial art schools or instructors in Marin County, California? In particular, I'm looking for something within about a 45 minute drive of Stinson Beach. You can assume for this thread that the type of martial art doesn't matter.
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    Palestinian Actor Interview (Paradise Now) This interview with one of the Palestinian actors from the Academy Award-nominated film, "Paradise Now," has changed my opinion of what the film is about. I'm now interested in seeing it. Take a look.
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    Surgery for shotgun injury?

    This is really a medical question, but it's firearm related, and inspired by current events, so I thought I'd ask here. When a person has been wounded with shotgun pellets, will doctors usually attempt to remove the majority of the pellets with surgery, or do most of them get left in there...
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    Tae Kwon Do Salute

    I've read that when TKD is taught in countries where the people won't bow (usually for religious reasons), they use a salute instead. I was wondering, what kind of salute do they do? Is just a typical military-style salute, or a more complicated gesture? Can anyone post a picture of Tae Kwon...
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    New flight attendants

    Sent to me by e-mail: Replace all female flight attendants with good lookin' strippers. What the hell? The attendants have gotten old and haggard looking. They don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers would double, triple, perhaps...
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    What are Natural Movements?

    It seems to me, when I read descriptions of various martial arts, that it has become popular to say that an art is based on, or makes use of "natural movements." So, I've begun to wonder, what movements are natural, and what aren't? Obviously walking is natural. So is running. But what about...
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    Hello again - long time, no see

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been to MartialTalk, so I thought I'd let my old peeps know that I'm around. :) I've been dealing witha few small life changes over the past ten months or so, and sadly, martial arts hasn't been much of a priority for me. Wow I've missed a lot! :erg...
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    Switching leads in TKD

    Some martial arts styles emphasize training with one particular lead side. They tend to train their strong side in different techniques than their weak side. The prevailing philosophy behind this seems to be that it's better to train each side of your body to excel at different tasks, than to...
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    Hitchhiker's fans, DON'T PANIC!

    I'm a huge Douglas Adams fan, and I've been very worried for a while that the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie will suck big, giant goat-(insert choice of anatomy here)- on wheels. But this article has given me some hope...
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    King of Tae Kwon Do

    It's time for something fun (and maybe silly). Imagine that for one year, you are the King (or Queen) of all that is Tae Kwon Do. All practitioners of all martial styles within all organizations that consider themselves Tae Kwon Do must obey you. Your reign only lasts one year, but the...
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    Reservations about JKD

    Last night I tried out a beginner's class at a martial arts school that teaches a combination of JKD, FMA, and Silat. After warming up, the class covered a lead jab, a rear Thai-style roundhouse kick, and some stickwork. I had fun, and I plan on going back for my second beginner's lesson. But...
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    The Death of Diversity (in more than one sense)

    An article that I find a little disturbing:
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    School Recommendations for San Fernando Valley and LA Area

    I just moved back to the northwest San Fernando Valley (Chatsworth to be specific) and I'm in need of a new martial arts school. Got any recommendations for me? Don't worry too much about what style- I'm open to a lot of things. Please let me know the prices of a place, if you know. (You...
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    Movie Preview: Ong-Bak

    Seems as though this one is sans wires. I've only seen a short TV trailer myself. ONG-BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR Starring Tony Jaa, Petchai Wongkamlao. Written by Suphachai Sithiamphan. Directed by Prachya Pinkaew. (STC) 105 min. Opens Feb 11. Jaa rules: Thailand's rising martial arts...
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    Black Belt Mag. Article on Western MAs

    Black Belt Magazine's website has this article on Western martial arts that I thought was interesting. The details it gives about these arts aren't very specific, but it gives a nice size list with several European arts I haven't heard of before...
  18. Zepp

    Hot Showers and Inflammation

    I know we've got some people around here who can answer this one. If you have a minor injury with mild inflammation, from, say a pulled muscle, or a minor sprain, could taking taking a hot shower make it worse? If it does, would icing down the inflammed area after the shower prevent it from...
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    LARK Program

    Politically speaking, I don't agree with this joke, but I still thought it was funny: A person wrote a letter to the White House complaining about the treatment of a captive taken during the Afghanistan war. Below is a copy of the response. The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...
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    Teaching Situational Awareness

    How do you teach situational awareness to other people? Are there drills you use, or games you play? Can it be taught by one person to another in a dojo or classroom setting?
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    Newsbrief: Black Belt Mag's Festival of Martial Arts

    On July 29-31, 2005, Black Belt Magazine will be having their 1st annual "Festival of Martial Arts" consumer and trade show at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Tickets and reservations are now available. For more information, visit:
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    Let's drown 'dem savages!

    In case you had any doubts, yes, the title of this thread is meant sarcasticly. Tiny Tuvalu Fears Future Is Beneath the Pacific Fri Jan 14, 2:08 PM ET Science - Reuters By C. Bryson Hull PORT LOUIS (Reuters) - The islands in Tuvalu where Enele Sopoaga visited his aunts as a boy...
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    Release: New Bioactive Wound Dressing

    For those with an interest in emergency/combat medicine: Bioactive dressing surface has great potential for healing wounded soldiers, cops URI professor, biotech business president develop new product KINGSTON, R.I -- January 4, 2005 -- A soldier suffers a life threatening wound at a...
  24. Zepp

    Release: Study Suggests Injured Martial Artists Can Train By Watching

    Original release dated December 22, 2004: Human see, human do: Ballet dancers' brains reveal the art of imitation Scientists have discovered that a system in our brain which responds to actions we are watching, such as a dancer's delicate pirouette or a masterful martial arts move, reacts...
  25. Zepp

    Bush administration paid media to promote law

    Education Dept. paid commentator to promote law By Greg Toppo, USA TODAY Seeking to build support among black families for its education reform law, the Bush administration paid a prominent black pundit $240,000 to promote the law on his nationally syndicated television show and to urge...
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    News: UFC Community Tsunami Relief Fund

    From Thursday, January 06, 2005 Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Ande Roberts in conjunction with the guys from Stevie Bs gym in Birmingham, are planning an 12 hour weight lifting and sparring marathon in order to help the relief effort following the tsunami which obliterated...
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    People with religion less likely to commit suicide?

    A short article about a new study that I thought may be worth considering: Thoughts?
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    Middle Target Height?

    I've always been taught that in practice, an attack thrown at "middle target" height should be aimed at the solarplexus. But from some of the posts I've read here recently, it seems that other TKD styles throw middle target punches at shoulder height. Where do you aim your middle attacks...
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    What's your connection to the Chung Do Kwan?

    It seems like there's more than a few Tae Kwon Doists on this board that are affiliated with the Chung Do Kwan in some way, so I figured perhaps we should dedicate a thread to talking about it. (Even if you've stated it elsewhere before.) Some are part of the current day kwan (and the WTF along...
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    God's Laws

    This is pseudo-political, but I think everyone will find it mildly amusing at the least. Sent to me by e-mail: