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  1. UqaabKamikaze

    Quotes of the Day.

    Well, everyone's unsure of their fighting abilities. When that happens, just train more! When you're afraid, just train! When something doesn't feel right, just train! When you don't believe in yourself anymore, just train! The only thing that won't betray you is your training.
  2. UqaabKamikaze


    Sorry to introduce myself late. I just burst out with my doubts first. I am beginner in martial art and new to this forum. And so far I am spending much of my time here. I have always been obsessed with martial arts, learnt throwing punches and kicking, fighting from the people I knew who were...
  3. UqaabKamikaze

    Kaysi Fighting Methods?

    I am totally unaware of this. Heard about it. Searched internet found nothing. Can anyone help?
  4. UqaabKamikaze

    Sleeping Dogs

    Just saw this game, awesome but what I don't like about it is drinking, swearing etc things. But it has an awesome fight stuff. I never completed any game, I do not play videogames but thinking to play it.
  5. UqaabKamikaze

    Acts in martial art competitions..

    Well martial art competition itself is a challenge but then there is a thing, I was watching a dance competition based reality show in which they performed an act giving perception of antigravity like walking on walls an ceiling actually the whole room in they were dancing was rotating and after...
  6. UqaabKamikaze

    Sekf Learning in martial art.

    Hello everyone, Let me tell you first the reason for to join this forum is to be continuously moivated as people share their training experiences and stories. Coming to the point, I totally new to practical martial art, I never learnt it but I studied martial art only because I was madly in love...