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  1. Henderson

    RPS Camp 2008

    3 day seminar in PA June 20-22, '08. Instruction in Daishizen Koken-ha Goju-ryu Tode, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I hope this is the appropriate spot for this.
  2. Henderson


    Does anyone else out there practice kata Gekisai (dai) San?
  3. Henderson

    Inactivity time-out

    What is the amount of time set as the inactivity time-out for the forum? Sometimes it seems as though I'll step away long enough to make and eat a sandwich, and when I come back, I have to log back in.
  4. Henderson

    Weinstein to remake Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai"

    Yes, I know. Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai is a perfect film and has been remade and adapted many times already. But I will be very interested to see this version. Although, a VERY high bar is set when you take on a film of this magnitude...
  5. Henderson

    Today In History

    Thought I'd try something new. I'll try to update it every day. Feel free to add if you like. Today In History: June 6 1523 Gustav Vasa becomes king of Sweden. 1641 Spain loses Portugal. 1674 Sivaji crowns himself King of India. 1813 The United States invasion of Canada is halted at...
  6. Henderson

    If you can break 'em, you should be able to fix 'em...

    *If the Mods think this would be better suited in the Healing Arts section, feel free to move it* I'm just wondering how many of you have, as part of your curriculum / training programs, healing or restorative arts and techniques? Whether it be kappo, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Nei Gong...
  7. Henderson

    Martial Artist or Majorette?

    Anyone care to share their opinion on this? Yes, I will admit the lad had to practice ALOT to do this, and I realize he is young, but.....c'mon.
  8. Henderson

    Don't Talk To Strangers?

    Rhetorical questions..... How many people tell their children "don't talk to strangers?" Why is this done? A poll of elementary school children will almost always reveal that the majority of the children have been told "Don't talk to strangers" by their parents. Why does this happen? Every...
  9. Henderson


    Has anyone seen or hear from Navarre lately? I was browsing the Member's List and noticed he hasn't logged on since mid-January. ??????????
  10. Henderson

    2008? VW Scirocco

    Seems VW plans to bring back the Scirocco. If this is any indication of the actual production vehicle, I may just buy one... Yeah, I know the page is written in German, but it had the best pics available.
  11. Henderson

    Half A Million Posts !!

    I noticed that the Total Posts counter is creeping toward the half-million mark. It seems likely that sometime Tuesday evening it will surpass 500,000!! :supcool: That's a lot of yappin'! Congrats to everyone for making MT a success.:-partyon: Frank
  12. Henderson

    New Kodokan 10th dans

    The Kodokan recently made it's first promotions to Judan (10th dan) in 22 years. On January 8, 2006, three men were promoted to the highest level in Judo. This makes only 15 to be promoted to 10th dan since Prof. Kano founded Judo in 1882. I have posted the complete Judan list below. Year in...
  13. Henderson

    Kodokan curriculum

    Anybody out there have the Kodokan curriculum (rokyu through shodan) in document form, that would be willing to email it to me? Respects, Frank
  14. Henderson

    Too many Judo throws?

    In another thread we've been discussing the differences between two particular Judo throws. Which, at the core, seem to be very minor to me. This got me thinking... Are there too many throws in Judo? It seems that if there is any slight difference in tori's body position, or entrance, or...
  15. Henderson

    Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi vs. Deashi Harai

    Could one of our resident Judoka please explain the differences between these two throws for me? I am very familiar with Deashi Harai, but only vaguely with Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi. Arigato :asian: Frank
  16. Henderson

    Adrenaline Stress Training

    I did a forum search on "adrenaline stress" and came up with a few older threads on the subject. Most hadn't had a response in about 18 months, so I figured I'd start a new one.... Who out there particpates in, offers, or has taken an adrenaline stress class? Do you find it useful in your...
  17. Henderson

    Did I not get the memo?

    It seems that over the last week, many, many people have changed their avatar. Did I miss the memo on that one, or is it just coincidence that so many did it at the same time? :idunno: Frank
  18. Henderson

    Koshi Guruma to Kesa Gatame

    Tonight's Judo class consisted of working on Koshi Guruma. It then progressed taking that throw and finishing it off with Kesa Gatame. Any other Judoka have any thoughts on these techniques? Just wanted to start another Judo thread. For those unfamiliar with these tech, see...
  19. Henderson

    Seasonal Training

    Sorry if this has been discussed in other threads. I just didn't feel like browsing 12 pages of SD posts to search for it. I am wondering who alters their Self-Defense training to change with the seasons. With winter upon us, we (and any would-be assailant) make many changes that may go...
  20. Henderson

    HS Football Capital, USA

    This past weekend, Southern Columbia High School (Columbia County, Pennsylvania) won its' 4th consecutive state football championship, tying the state record. The only other team to win 4 straight was Berwick Area High School in the early-90's. Funny thing about this is that the school districts...
  21. Henderson

    Lessons taught / Lessons learned

    If your mind, what are the three most important things you learned from your teacher and hope to pass on to your students?
  22. Henderson

    Fellow Pennsylvanians?

    Any other Pennsylvanians out there? City and style? I'm in Ashland (Schuylkill County). Daishizen Goju Ryu
  23. Henderson

    Goju Ryu practitioners?

    How many practitioners of Goju Ryu do we have here at MT?
  24. Henderson

    Hello to All...first post

    Hello everyone...first time posting on MT...been reading threads for a while and there seems to be a very wide range of discussion (style and philosphies)...I am a student under Sensei Bob Cook studying Daishizen Goju-Ryu and Serrada Escrima.