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    Repeating downward knife thrust defense?

    Yeah I know I'd probably be dead unarmed against a knife (definately with a trained opponent), but just for academics sake... Most of the limited knife training I've done (knife v. knife and knife v. empty hand) has been against diagonal or horizontal slashes / thrusts in a drill setting...
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    Palasut question

    Is this right? From the Pekiti-Tirsia system Sak-sak grip man Pakal (ice-pick) man Forehand thrust Pass (or meet and pass), then Left hand check Left check Low back-hand thrust High back-hand thurst Meet with knife, then left clear
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    Good on-line knife store?

    Hi folks, I lost my trusty Delica on a hike a few weeks ago, and keep finding myself in need of a cutting tool. I want to stick to a SpyderCo Delica, but can't find it at any of the local sporting good stores anymore. Can anyone recommend a good on-line store with a decent price? I...
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    Silat in Jersey City or NYC area?

    My sister is looking into Silat. Can I get a recommendation of a good Silat place in her area? Jersey City or maybe Manhattan. I believe her prior MA experience is in Doce Pares Eskrima / Arnis. Thanks