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  1. Dao

    flu Vaccine? Think again!

    Full article here:
  2. Dao

    At Last, the Truth About Doing Cardio

    According to this article doing cardio at low intensity for long periods of time is unhealthly. For one it's a good way to lose muscle mass. And also healthwise you're training your body to react slower to bacteria.
  3. Dao

    deadly tornado kick

    Tornado kick more powerful than spinning hook kick?!!!!!
  4. Dao

    Spinning back fist to the head allowed?

    I remember when I did a combination of either side kick or round house then did a spinning back fist. I got in trouble from the teacher and was told I wasn't allowed to do it anymore. I made no contact even though I could have.
  5. Dao

    board breaking

    there is one school where you have to break a board while a person holds the board with only two fingers. The theory is that you have to kick the board fast and with a snap. If you use pure strength it will fly off but with a snap it suppose to break. This is the only school required this in...
  6. Dao

    Power of Kihap

    Do you think Kihap is effective scaring or startling your opponent? What are the other benefits in Kihap?
  7. Dao

    Bad school(s) disrespect student of teacher

    I was at a TKD school where students disrespect each other. One black belt was threatening to beat a lower belt up. I wasn't ease dropping, the black belt was raising his voice in the change room. This was happening while I was changing into my uniform. I fought with another black belt that...
  8. Dao

    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    "To determine the health effect of Falun Gong, we conducted a survey among some Falun Gong practitioner in five districts in Beijing, with 12,731 valid questionnaires. Our results show that Falun Gongs disease healing rate is 99.1% with a cure rate of 58.5%; Improvement rate is 80.3% in...
  9. Dao

    Puppylinux - live cd

    It is nice to have a nice small live cd incase your operating system doesn't work anymore for some reason or if you have an old computer that's too slow for windows xp and up. It runs completely off ram. All you need to be able to burn a cd.
  10. Dao

    Folding uniform

    I am curious if people fold their uniform after they classes. I used to throw mine in a bag without folding but in another school I got into trouble for not folding it and I was taught how to fold, it looks real nice and keeps the uniform getting wrinkled.