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  1. kitkatninja

    Two questions about Isshin Ryu & Isshinryu karate:

    My understanding is that Isshin Ryu & Isshinryu karate are the same - it's just the way it's written by different clubs in different areas... However Ishinryu karate (note the 1 s), is a different art. This was created by Ticky Donovan in 1973 in the UK (England). A blend of Kyokushinkai...
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    Do We Have Any Reiki Practitioners Or Master's On MartialTalk?

    Just reviving this thread... I studied under Lorraine Batty's tutelage in 2005, received my Master level attunement in Kundalini Reiki. However haven't practiced or done anything with Reiki for well over a decade...
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    john van weenen

    No, never met him myself, but I would have liked to... He was one of the instructors of my first Sensei in Shotokan karate.
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    Where are your stripes?

    I had to look at a couple of photos... Our stripes/bars are on the left side :)
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    Valentines day... Who is going training?

    It's Valentines day today, who is going to brave the day and go training instead of spending time with their partner? Haha ;) Luckily I had already discussed today with my better half yesterday.... We agreed to go out for a meal on Sunday when it's quieter and this morning we exchanged cards...
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    Top of the morning!

    Welcome to the forums, glad you could join :)
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    Instructor certification?

    I was wondering, how many of you instructors have separate instructor qualifications? Is it integrated into your actual rank/belt? Or is it not required for your association or art? This isn't a question on whether or not you need instructor certifications or not - as that can be a whole...
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    Which is best to start with? (tai chi/kung fu)

    I would say try all three and make your decision based on that... When you make up your mind, stick with it until that art doesn't meet your needs then move/change...
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    I should really work on that as well... I mean, my abs are defined... Defined as a keg rather than a six pack, haha :D
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    Welcome to the forums :)
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    Karate "How To's"

    Cool, just subscribed... Was thinking about doing something similar, but I'm not really outgoing, haha :D
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    Introducing myself

    Hi, from another person in the UK... Welcome to the forums :) (can't say anything more that what @gpseymour has already said, haha)
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    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

    Shotokan was my first art when I started my MA journey back in the 90's. To be honest, it was a choice of Shotokan or Wado and at the time due to work and studying, Shotokan fit in with my schedule. 6 years later I left shotokan (after gaining my 2nd Dan - changed associations after I gained...
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    Welcome to the forums :)
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    Judo or Kyokushin?

    Try both, go with whichever one you feel most comfortable with :)
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    Ouch, I feel for you mate... Two years ago I broke my tibia, fibula and ankle... Was out of training for about 7 months, was on sick leave from work for about 5 months (due to pain)... Not sure what was worse to go thru, the break or the physio, haha :D
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    It's not so much "chasing rank", but it's the further training, building on the concepts of the previous levels - contraction/expansion, compression/decompression, the further development of the art to make it your own, etc... The implied training. If I just "chasing rank", I could go and join...
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    Thanks mate... Looking at it I remember vaguely reading the thread a while ago, but couldn't remember where I read this post, haha :)
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    I love it when this stuff happens

    Read it this morning, had to laugh - serves him right :)
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    What happened to your ankle? What arts will you be trying? Good luck with the tournament circuit :) -Ken
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    San Dan

    That's great... Are you going to frame & display it? Or is it going into a folder? Sent from my ASUS_A002 using Tapatalk
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    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    So now that we have entered 2019... What are your martial art (related) resolutions and or aims for 2019? Mine are: 1. Continue my training towards my 4th Dan (I started last week)... 2. Lose fat, build more muscle, and increase flexibility... 3. From a club point of view, increase adult...
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    Welcome to the forum... Apart from the arts which you have mentioned, you may find a Tae Kwon Do school, I know that Russian president Vladimir Putin has been presented with a black belt and made a grandmaster of taekwondo during an official visit to South Korea, and that he will do his part...
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    How many of you have trained in the same country that a MA was created?

    Yeah... Did kickboxing under his association many years ago... Also did kickboxing under the PKA, which is from the US (but wasn't living there at the time)... Lucky you... Never got to train with him or to be honest any founder of any martial art... :( I can't say that it's increased my...
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    How many of you have trained in the same country that a MA was created?

    How many of you have trained in the same country that a Martial Art was created? This isn't one of those threads where you've gone searching for the origin of your martial art for deeper meaning, self-realisation or wanting to be trained by a native (I mean those may be good reasons, but this...
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    Would-Be Kidnapper Chases Woman Into Karate Dojo

    Read about this, as someone posted the news article on FB... Well, that was a foolish thing for the guy to do, haha :D
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    Just wondering... Your yearly insurance cost

    Found it, it's not called/labelled PM, it's called conversation :)
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    Just wondering... Your yearly insurance cost

    Hi Mate, was going to PM you with the rest of my answer, but for the life of me, I can't find the PM button...
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    Just wondering... Your yearly insurance cost

    That's for instructors insurance only with a public & product liability cover of 瞿5m. That is based on my martial arts qualifications (my Dan ranks as well as having instructors qualifications), the art taught and the use of weapons for demonstration purposes; weapons include Bo, Bokken...