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  1. redantstyle

    Why Silat?

    what makes tellner an expert? and beyond that, why dont you two mind your own business? you no likee thread, you no clikee link. JMBarr Liu Seong Gung Fu aka ktk
  2. redantstyle

    Leverage: strikes to beat bigger guys

    not sure if this has been said, but i'll take a slightly different approach. by all means, hit something soft or 'weak', with an anatomical weapon that is relatively small (for p.s.i./compression). and more importantly, use their momentum against them. classically, the big guy is liable to...
  3. redantstyle

    I have students - who knew

    well, you cant really 'see' yourself. but if others are telling you this, it must be what you are. to them, at least. mastery is relative, ain't it? i have'nt been here long, but i take you as an experienced ma judging by your post content. regards.
  4. redantstyle


    Chris Parker, i dont really see what you are describing here as a ritual. it's more like psychological tactics, decoy/'s pre-fight maneouvering. in a sense, yes it is a type of ritual(often mutual), and may very well shift control of the situation to yourself, as well as allow...
  5. redantstyle

    Understanding the knife encounter.

    i figure nobody can really resist skeletal deformation. take their body out of line and they cant do anything. without the base for the muscles to leverage the body, you get no power. ime, which is not all that magnificent or anything, you are striving to take up a position, with a safeguard...
  6. redantstyle

    ?*Tools and Training* Getting it done right where most go wrong?

    heh, it's not so easy to go deep, BL. in fact, it's quite counterintuitive. if you dont continually train core attack, balance/structure breaking, continous attack/pressure then your not liable to do so under stress. you'll move away, or try to control the direct threat. most definately...
  7. redantstyle


    well, i guess it would be smoking a cigarette, in some cases. oh and drinking some coffee or tea beforehand. but that is socializing, and likely as not to occur. my point was, in the context of ma, that the use of rituals of all kinds may very be detrimental to the desired goal...i.e...
  8. redantstyle

    A question for MA teachers

    no need. you can usually tell within five minutes or so. even if they try to act like a 'blank slate' the old wiring shows through.
  9. redantstyle

    What the hell is this

    Jailhouse Rock aka 52 Blocks is an offshoot of 'uprocking' which is a style of dancing from the seventies. it is related to or, or is the same thing as Comstock, another name for a kung fu inspired* fighting system. we also used to call it 'snake boxing'. if you watch his 'opponents' , a few...
  10. redantstyle

    Punching the back of the neck is acceptable detainment techniques for LEO's?

    hmmm....the internets. the advantage, i feel, is that you can speak your mind with what amounts to absolute strangers, and get a candid response. free and clear of the emotional context. which is nice.
  11. redantstyle


    a 'technique' is a vehicle to learn the principles of operation that lies behind any given strategy or tactic. how a technique plays or is expressed is as varied as snowflakes. you know, you might be able to standardize your entry, particularily if your uke keeps a good format, but your...
  12. redantstyle


    im actually looking at the reverse, or inverse, of the article. i use no rituals. i train in everyday clothing, in a natural environment that varies by location, and as well, i train in most all weather. the ground is generally uneven, and at times i train in extremes, like pouring rain, or at...
  13. redantstyle

    Shaolin Throws Needle thru Glass sheet bursts balloon

    plywood?!? had to be ultra thin, or some kind of trick. otherwise, that is pretty much superhuman.
  14. redantstyle

    Why Silat?

    as well, many of the applications are short power and leverage blocks. performed solo, these motions often appear a bit odd or even useless.
  15. redantstyle

    Sdmlb i've trained mostly outdoors, in conventional clothing, in all weather, and in varied locations. thoughts?
  16. redantstyle

    Punching the back of the neck is acceptable detainment techniques for LEO's?

    JCA, no desire to quibble with you, but i still think the the shin is across the neck. it looks like he tried to strike the trap with knee and slid down a bit. regards.
  17. redantstyle

    Punching the back of the neck is acceptable detainment techniques for LEO's?

    "poo-pooing punches..." c'mon, those hits where on his trapezius, not his neck. and really, his angle of attack was not going to compress the spine area in any way, and that's how you make damages. not a knee drop? sure it was, just a baby one. and it came at the right angle. regards.
  18. redantstyle

    Yi Quan?

    He trained his student well.
  19. redantstyle

    Punching the back of the neck is acceptable detainment techniques for LEO's?

    the punches were nada. but the knee should be dropped from the repertoire. it was'nt all that hard, but that is a lot of mass coming down. my style specializes in that type of blow and you can easily cause some serious damage, for obvious reasons. the saving grace was that the guy was likely...
  20. redantstyle

    A brush with the paranormal?

    could be some truth to all this. however, i tend to think the culprit is a snake in the toolshed.
  21. redantstyle

    make me stop flinching...please :-)

    you'll get used to it.
  22. redantstyle

    !!!???!?!?!?most powerful weapons ever created!!??!?!?

    in the basic NBC classes i had, the Bio freaked me out the most. it's the gift that keeps on giving.
  23. redantstyle

    US Government Bankrupt by 2016?

  24. redantstyle

    Does Taijiquan involve " Internal Iron Palm " training?

    IP is extremely mundane. it is nothing more than learning to hit with full body momentum. you have to condition the palms so that they are tougher, i.e. the skin gets thicker, muscles get denser, and the bones thicken a bit. it's a gradual process that simultaneously forges the hand and...
  25. redantstyle

    Different looking belts...

    we use black, orange, and red. sashes are for supporting the lumbar vertebrae, and stabilizing the core. helps teach breathing also.
  26. redantstyle

    10th degree black belts

    well, the standard line is that godan is the highest skill level. after that it all about various kinds of development, both of the self and the organization. i think time in grade is a good way to look at it. 'real' skill is both objective and relative.
  27. redantstyle

    The Somali Pirates

    "hungry people dont stay hungry for long"
  28. redantstyle

    10th degree black belts

    exactly^ what's a tenth degree black belt? that stuff is all from judo anyways.