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  1. _Simon_

    Returning After 3 Years

    Ah so great to have ya back here!! And just awesome about getting back into training, enjoy every moment!!!
  2. _Simon_

    Adopting a competitive mentality

    Great question Ivan, and agree with all the answers above. That sort of mentality just isn't necessary for success in competing. I'm also the same personality as you, and I'm not interested in that mentality. You can have aggression without the emotional overlay of anger or "kill-mode" (again...
  3. _Simon_

    Pre-attack Indicators?

    It's usually when they start to do this.. but DAMN it I miss it every time!
  4. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Ah fantastic! I remember you wanting to try honey processed beans, hope it turns out swell!
  5. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

  6. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Haha wow! That's pretty funny, would have p'd off alot of people but quite a clever lesson. Me looking at it I would have thought the same! But actually he's wrong, that's the Flying Chorizo Nebula (S22437) in the distant El Burro galaxy.
  7. _Simon_

    Got some good news for a change

    Fantastic to hear, Bill! Wishing you all the best vibes for the ablation, keep us posted mate :)
  8. _Simon_

    3 word story v3

    seeming to resemble
  9. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Good morning to you, and good night in general! I'm off to bed! 不
  10. _Simon_

    Anyone do weight training on top of MA?

    Yep, been lifting more years than I've been doing martial arts. Started off with many years of serious bodybuilding style training, between 3 and 5 days a week. Nowadays just 2 days a week, to maintain and build a little strength and muscle mass, balance out the body, and mainly out of just the...
  11. _Simon_

    Should people post why they disagree

    I'd personally love a "your post evoked within me a sense of pensive reflectiveness of which I am brought through an inquisitive mood and an earnest journey of curiosity and state of wonderment and awe for the rest of the day..." emoji reaction. ---> ?
  12. _Simon_

    3 word story v3

    had too much
  13. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Apparently! Can I be the prince of missing points? King is too much responsibility.
  14. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    The 3 word ones were always hilarious haha... but keen for a new sort! Edit: just saw the new thread, wicked :D !!
  15. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    That's huge! Very exciting :D
  16. _Simon_

    Never thought I would witness a belt duel

    From the sounds of things they're having a wonderful time :)
  17. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    BEAUTIFUL kick photo! Oh good on ya Jacob, so nice to hear... and that'll be a huge deal moving up to the adults division. How exciting! OH really haha bless em, that's very cool.. oh man I'd so love to do that. Our dojo isn't tournament focused at all except for one of our instructors, but I...
  18. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Okay.... too far now. Group of kangaroos in the distance all hanging out under an Australian flag. Come on guys, that's enough. Way too cliche. WE KNOOOW ALREADY. Too much.
  19. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Am on a holiday for a week, having a lovely time. This kangaroo mumma just loves hangin out on the resort grounds, not phased by mere humans! That and kookaburras are laughing their heads off! It's a little too cliche Australian! What a weird place this can be.
  20. _Simon_

    Last Poster #7

    Hey I did the same thing recently! Am on holidays and we were in the newsagency, and boom, Black Belt Magazine was there! I was also surprised haha
  21. _Simon_

    "Make violence a choice and no-" you never have a choice..

    I'm confused by this whole thread! Strange imaginative responses... references that go STRAIGHT over my head... All this thread needs is a dim mak reference and we've truly come full circle!
  22. _Simon_

    Speaking of hitting trees

    Bruce Lee: "Boards don't hit back." Tree:
  23. _Simon_

    Sky watching

    Stunning videos!! Thank you!
  24. _Simon_

    On Developing Over Time

    Stunning trophy, really love the metaphor and imagery. Even the idea of chiseling away and removing the nonessential, revealing what really mattered. Very well said too. Keep goin Bill. The path is always uncertain, leaves us open to really explore it in its fullness. You are valued here, and...
  25. _Simon_

    The deadly Handshake!!!

    How bout this one... any defence against it? Anyone ever used it on dah streetz?
  26. _Simon_

    What is this Stance Called?

    Oh cool have never seen Wado's version of Enpi! Have added mae geris and a much more dynamic move up the middle section with the rising/downward pressing blocks... fascinating!
  27. _Simon_

    The deadly Handshake!!!

    @drop bear , good times
  28. _Simon_

    Footage of me in the London IBJJF Internationals

    Yeah oh for sure. I think the psychological aspect plays a huge part in that too. The more you expose yourself to that environment and pressure the more familiar you become with it, and your body doesn't waste as much energy through unnecessary tension. And also there would be less nervous...