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    I was having a discussion with my students one time and the conversation turned on to the topic of how many people have come through our doors over the years, and worked out with us, only to quit later on. We're a very small outfit up here and most people hear about my place by word of mouth...
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    Soul Searching

    More often than not. "As long as there is a tomorrow, the only way I can face it is with no regrets...", has been my signature on here. But this is one of those times when I find myself doing a little soul searching... I had a friend, a fellow Marine, whom I haven't spoken to in several years...
  3. green meanie

    X-Men 3!!!

    It's almost here! Can't wait to see it! The trailers look EXCELLENT. Anyone else excited about this?
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  5. green meanie

    What is your criteria for naming a successor?

    If you were in a situation where you needed to pick a successor for your art, what would your criteria be? Would you pick one of your children as your successor, regardless of their training and abilities? Would you pick your highest ranked student, even if you or they have taken the art in a...
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    Hi! New here. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for letting me in. :)