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  1. futsaowingchun

    Solo Floating Elbow Exercise

    Here is an exercise I came up with using the Floating Elbow which move in a circular motion. Clockwise and counter Clockwise using the Quan Sao .The Floating Elbow follows the main concept CENTER POINT THOERY.Which is based on effecting the opponents center of gravity or mass...Notice how I...
  2. futsaowingchun

    Floating Elbow Theory-Applied

    In this video I show how the "Floating Elbow" can be applied in a simple direct manner..Which is a follow up to my original video "Floating Elbow Theory".
  3. futsaowingchun

    Floating Elbow Theory

    This is a short and simple exercise you can do to get familiar with the idea of the elbow moving in a dynamic and circular position. The concept is call Floating Elbow theory. The idea is that the elbow is not in a fixed position but can move in any direction , and that it's not important to...
  4. futsaowingchun

    Bil Gee-Finger Strike to the Throat

    Using the palm strike to set up your finger strike to the throat.
  5. futsaowingchun

    Fak Sao Movement

    Simple Application of the Fak Sao movement of the Siu Lin Dao form.
  6. futsaowingchun

    How to flow out of a pinned hand.

    How to escape a pinned hand. Using a relaxed body to flow out of the pinned arm position.
  7. futsaowingchun

    Wing Chun Gathering in St. Pete Fl.

    I will be on the St. Petersburg Florida from December 7th though the 9th. I'll be staying with a good friend and martial artist for some training.. I like extend my invitation to everyone who would like to get-together while am there for training..Any level is welcomed and is a free event..we...
  8. futsaowingchun

    Do you have a progressive mind set?

    Sifu Michael McIlwrath Nov,4 2021 I like to share how I feel about the martial art called Wing Chun I've practiced for 40+ years. A lot of people may think Wing Chun is a complete martial art , and feel compelled to keep it pure by only passing it on the way they have learnt it. Basically...
  9. futsaowingchun

    How to escape a wrist lock

    in this video I show how to use not a technique but body mechanics to fling your opponent away using only a little force.
  10. futsaowingchun

    Tan Sao Structure

    How to use and deal with pressure from your opponent without your Tan Sao collapsing..By keeping elbow anchored to your body this creates a stronger structure. By doing so your not relying on your shoulder strength but the whole of your body..This is whole body structure.
  11. futsaowingchun

    MCM Single Hand Chi Sao. No Bong

    In this video I show my version of the single hand chi sao or Don chi. First off I do not use the traditional Bong Sao..I do not use elbow on the Centerline or Centerline theory is needed..In the video I will explain my reasons for it. This video is a continuation of my other video I made...
  12. futsaowingchun

    Defending the Centerline Elbow out

    A quick example on how you can protect your centerline without putting your elbow on centerline.. I use the body line not the centerline which is a more relaxed and a natural way to move your shoulder joint.
  13. futsaowingchun

    Having Control of Your Body Using Relaxed and Loose Joints.

    In this video ,by connecting to your opponent center of mass ,through the bridge, you can off balance and reverse the situation by throwing your opponent using little force.
  14. futsaowingchun

    Pull my Neck but Please not my Finger..

    A short clip on the Neck pulling hand technique from an angle..
  15. futsaowingchun

    Grappling Hands

    Here is a very short video introduction on how I move from the wrist , elbow then shoulder so I can move in close before striking,
  16. futsaowingchun

    Do you have a root?

    A short video to test your root agaisnt someone bigger rgen you..
  17. futsaowingchun

    Opening and Closing the Center pt 2

    A few more ideas on how to control opening and closing the opponents center..
  18. futsaowingchun

    Controlling And Dominating the Opponents Center

    With this simple idea of taking the opponents space not with hands but with your body you can dominate and better control your opponent movements.
  19. futsaowingchun

    Opening and Closing the Center Line

    This a short example on how to open your opponents center and how to close your center when opened by your opponent..
  20. futsaowingchun

    Advanced Wing Chun Structure

    In this video I show the basic ways to reinforce the 3 hands in Wing Chun which are Tan, Bong , and Fuk Sao. These structures can be week at times and I show a simple way to makes these structures stronger and more proficient by borrowing your opponents engery and using it to reinforce yours.
  21. futsaowingchun

    The Siu Baat Qua foot Work Form

    This is Buddha Hand Wing Chun's 4th form called Sui Baat Qua, or the little octagon. This form is an advanced footwork form taught to senior advance student in the Fut Sao or Buddha Hand Wing Chun system. This form is revealed for the first time to the general public for educational purposes and...
  22. futsaowingchun

    Training with the mind.

    It's been a long time I have posted here. Something I throw out, That is mental training in Wing Chun or whatever style you train in. Most of my training I have done over has over the years has been in 3 or 4 basic stages of development . 1st stage, the physical side learning techniques...
  23. futsaowingchun

    To stick or not to stick

    To Stick or Not To Stick ? The wrong application of Chi Sao is believing you can stick to your opponent while fighting. Well, unless your opponent is playing the same game,it's not possible. While your trying to stick or stay connected to your opponent bridge he will be striking you..You will...
  24. futsaowingchun

    The Cult of Kung-Fu

    The cult of Kung Fu by Michael McIlwrath February 15,2017 So you want to study Kung Fu? After, watching your first Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan Kung Fu movie you found yourself inspired and you like to be the next Van Damme. You've caught the Kung Fu craze and now you just need to find the...
  25. futsaowingchun

    The Huen Sau movements

    I though I make a simple explanation on the Huen Sao movements and explain why we train it so much in the SNT..
  26. futsaowingchun

    Discussion Of Wing Chun Internal Training

    A short discussion on what internal wing chun training means to me..
  27. futsaowingchun

    Fut Sao wing Chun Wooden Dummy

    I just posted this for public viewing something very rare. late 1960's I believe of the Fut Sao wooden dummy as perform by Sifu Henry Leung early student..Henry Leung owned a restaurant in chinatown NYC and if you look closely the dummy is inside the restaurant..This is how he used to train his...
  28. futsaowingchun

    Alternative history to Wing Chun

    Not able to copy and paste..Not sure why , so here is a link you can read all on my Google+ group. Page 1. Alternative history of Wing Chun Page. 2 Page 3. Page 4.
  29. futsaowingchun

    Luk Dim Bun Kwan Pole Form

    Here is a video I made back in Nov 2013 on the pole form. I generally don"t practice the pole that much so i made the video to document it for personal use,but I just decide to make it public as I doubt I'll get around to video it properly..I've made some small modifications to my pole..I'm not...
  30. futsaowingchun

    Chi Sao with Sifu

    Here is a rare video of me and my Sifu doing some light Chi Sao when I came to visit him about 5 years ago.. Notice we are not using the Ip Man Luk sao or poon sao rolling platform . this is a free flowing based more on pressure or pressing..This is one of the platforms we train in besides the...