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  1. Eric Damon Rapier

    Goju Ryu karate

    Tonight's class was so humbling. I was thinking that the learning would not be as challenging as I had been told. Boy was I mistaken. The martial art movements have allowed me to discover where I'm tight and have exposed my imbalances which I'm so grateful to have experienced tonight. I already...
  2. Eric Damon Rapier

    The difference

    Can someone explain the difference between Goju Ryu karate and Shotokan Karate?
  3. Eric Damon Rapier

    Martial arts events

    Is there a website or information center where I can find out where martial arts events are upcoming?
  4. Eric Damon Rapier

    Foot and ankle strength

    To all my martial arts fam....I've been incorporating a lot of your recommendations for balance and strength improvements and I do feel stronger. But I wanted to ask if there are any specific things I can do to improve my toe strength and flexibility. I realize that to truly flourish in martial...
  5. Eric Damon Rapier


    Can anyone give any pointers on how to make sitting in seiza comfortable? I hope that I am spelling it correctly.
  6. Eric Damon Rapier

    Any martial artist near by?

    Hey just curious. Are there any fellow practitioners in the Bay Area? I'm in the East Bay and willing to be an uke. I think it'll be a great way for you to sharpen your skill and allow me to feel what great technique looks like. Just putting it out there. Forgive me if I sound super...
  7. Eric Damon Rapier

    Hello all

    Hello and good morning. I just joined and kinda finding my way around. Just wanted to say hi and I'm really thankful to have found this forum. I'm thankful to have access to such a wealth of information. Y'all have a blessed day.
  8. Eric Damon Rapier

    Goju Ryu karate

    Hello all. New to this awesome website. I just wanted to ask if there was anyone who practices Karate that could recommend any stretches and balancing improvement tips for a beginning white belt. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.