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  1. Navarre

    Whadju git fer Christmas?

    What did everyone get for Christmas?
  2. Navarre

    Holiday plans and traditions

    This may not apply to everyone but, for those celebrating a holiday: What are your plans and/or traditions for the holiday?
  3. Navarre

    Favorite childhood toy

    Related to the best Christmas present thread is this. What was your favorite toy as a child? It's probably the one you played with the most though not necessarily. It may be one that you had for a very short time but remember fondly. Unlike the Christmas thread, this toy could have come from...
  4. Navarre

    Best Christmas gift ever

    With the holiday season here, I thought I'd open an appropriate thread. What is the best Christmas gift you ever received? Answers like "my children" don't count because we all know they're priceless. Otherwise, it can be any product, services, event, or gesture from any part of your life.
  5. Navarre

    Sil Lum Tiger Lady's photo gallery

    Hey, SLTL, I was going to respond to your posts about your recent addition to the photo gallery. I can't reply to it because it was in the FAQ section (and I guess this digresses anyway). I just wanted to say I liked your photos. Every tie I see a kung-fu practitioner I wish I had a chance...
  6. Navarre

    How memory works

    My wife e-mailed this to me today. Obviously she's trying to tell me something. lol Still, I thought it was interesting.
  7. Navarre

    X-Men 3 trailer

    Have you seen this yet? (requires Quicktime to view) Comments?
  8. Navarre

    Last minute gift ideas?

    Ooookay, so there's someone (female) who is having a birthday this weekend. I want to express my affection for her but I'm not sure what to get. Doesn't sound too hard but here are my problems: The birthday is this Sunday so there's really no time to ponder, ship items, etc. I most likely...
  9. Navarre

    Cancer's roadmap to metastasis revealed.

    From the Yahoo web link here: I hope this leads to new discoveries and a lot of saved lives. Too bad we weren't further along with this before my mom died from cancer. Hopefully many other people will see their loved ones live.
  10. Navarre

    What's under your Favorites?

    Tgace had just posted a link to a great web site that I had saved under my Favorites/Bookmarks toolbar long ago. I never posted anything about it here because it wasn't martial arts related. But, then again, that's what The Urusai Bar & Grill is for, huh? It made me wonder, "What links do...
  11. Navarre

    Defining a martial arts style/system.

    I'd be surprised if this hasn't been brought up before but I'm too lazy to research thousands of posts. What is it that truly defines one martial arts style or system from another? At first thought, a few characteristics come to mind: Country of Origin: It is generally easy to trace an art...
  12. Navarre

    The Person Below Me...

    Ever in the pursuit of bringing the world closer together, I'm going to start a little game. It's an easy one. The person in the post immediately before you will ask a question. You answer that question in your posts and then ask your own for the person to follow you. I suggest quoting the...
  13. Navarre

    When you can snatch the pebble from my hand...

    Are there any schools in the USA (of any system) where the students completely reside during their training? Y'know, like the Shaolin temples are in China and that sort of thing? I've often thought I could give up my worldly ways and devote myself entirely to my training as do Shaolin monks...
  14. Navarre

    20 Questions

    Most or all of this has been answered elsewhere. I thought a little consolidated thread could be fun though. We might find some commonalities amongst ourselves. Please answer the following questions: Current age? Primary martial arts system? Secondary martial arts system? Favorite MA...
  15. Navarre

    Kata analogies

    I was posting a response under the Ko Sutemi forum earlier concerning the execution of katas. After thinking on it for a minute I made an analogy of kata execution to driving. Like driving, a kata is not performed mechanically. One drives best when alert but relaxed. The mechanics of...
  16. Navarre

    Navarre arrives.

    Hello everyone. Thank you for helping me find a new home. I am Michael aka Navarre. I have only recently joined, as you can see. I have studied Ko-Sutemi Seiei Kan Karate for 21 years (2nd degree black), Manabi-Masho Jujitsu for 12 years (4th degree black), and Shoo-Jin Martial Arts (an...