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  1. Phoenix44

    PC vs Mac?

    My PC is on its last legs, and I can't decide whether to go with another PC or switch to a Mac. I've always had PCs, and they've always done exactly what I've wanted them to do, but everyone who has a Mac seems to love it. I find the price differential daunting. A Mac with the features and...
  2. Phoenix44

    "Blood In The Cage": MMA, Miletich, and the UFC

    This is a great new book about the beginnings of MMA, and the rise of the UFC. Well written, entertaining, and a great read. And you get to learn all the details about your favorite fighters.
  3. Phoenix44

    A-Rod and Anabolic Steroids: Do you care?

    Let's face it: no amount of all-natural organic body building can make a baseball player look like some of these gorillas. They're all using anabolic steroids, and a "clean" athlete can't possibly compete in a field of steroidal giants. So why does it have to become a federal...
  4. Phoenix44

    Dit Da Jow

    Where do you buy your herbs?
  5. Phoenix44

    Martial Arts and Adolescent Maturity: help with research?

    My son is a high school junior; he's been a martial artist since he was 6 years old. He's currently in the early stages of his Intel research project, looking at martial arts and adolescent maturity. He hypothesizes that participation in the martial arts helps kids make better choices in other...
  6. Phoenix44

    What if you DON'T cross-train?

    There have been a lot of threads about the benefits or drawbacks of cross-training. But really, what's the alternative? Serial martial arts, let's say, 8 years of TKD followed by 7 years of BJJ followed by 4 years of choy lay fut? Are you just supposed to stay in your primary art forever...
  7. Phoenix44

    What do you pay?

    1. What do you pay for your MA training per month (or per class)? 2. For what you pay, is there a limit to the number of classes you may take? 3. Are you in a city, suburb, rural area? Thank you.
  8. Phoenix44

    Olympic Coach Mixes Training With Christianity

    What do you think about this?
  9. Phoenix44

    FMA on Long Island?

    Any recommendations for a school in Nassau County? Thanks.
  10. Phoenix44

    When is enough enough?

    I started thinking about this after reading Xue Sheng's "Hard Decision" thread. I'm hoping I can count on my colleagues at Martial Talk for some considered advice and ideas. I've been training at the same dojo for many years. I took private lessons for most of those years, attended classes...
  11. Phoenix44

    How long between shodan and nidan?

    I was reading the thread on why so many people earn their black belt and then quit, and someone suggested the increasing time between subsequent ranks. Just out of curiosity, in your system, how many years between shodan and nidan for someone who continues to train regularly?
  12. Phoenix44

    Domestic spying without a warrant

    The president has admitted to directing the NSA to wiretap phone calls originating in the United States without obtaining a warrant. Domestic spying without obtaining a warrant is a crime, violating the fourth amendment of the Constitution. Most of us would not argue that wiretapping is a...
  13. Phoenix44

    Heart Rate and Cardio Exercise

    Anybody out there an exercise physiologist? According to conventional wisdom, to get a good cardiovascular workout, you should aim for 65% (for beginners) to 80% (advanced) of your "maximum" heart rate, with the maximum defined as 220 minus your age. By that standard, I should be hitting...
  14. Phoenix44

    The Next HOUSE Majority Leader

    Looks like Tom Delay got some 'splainin' to do, too. He was just indicted.
  15. Phoenix44

    Tai Chi on Long Island?

    I've taken a couple of Tai Chi courses ("Tai Chi for Health") with the local parks department, and a few classes in Tai Chi and Qigong at the National Women's Martial Arts Federation training camp. I'd like to make more of a commitment to Tai Chi as a martial art, and qigong. Anyone know of a...
  16. Phoenix44

    Tai Chi on Long Island?

    I've taken a couple of Tai Chi courses ("Tai Chi for Health") with the local parks department, and a few classes in Tai Chi and Qigong at the National Women's Martial Arts Federation training camp. I'd like to make more of a commitment to Tai Chi as a martial art, and qigong. Anyone know of a...
  17. Phoenix44

    Why the hostility?

    One of the things that impressed me about MT, and about The Study in particular, was the higher level of discourse than I'd found most other places. And since I was active in the election process, believe me, I heard a lot. In contrast to what I'd experienced elsewhere, most (not all) of the...
  18. Phoenix44

    "Coalition" vs The Dubya Show

    An interesting article in Newsday reported that, a few months ago, the UN offered to send a Muslim peacekeeping troop to Iraq to, among other things, help coordinate the election. Bush said, "No." So do you think he REALLY wants a "coalition," or is this just a control thing...
  19. Phoenix44

    Moral dilemma #2...what would you do?

    The ATM at my local bank is located in a small ante-room of the bank, through which you must pass if you're entering or leaving the bank. The other day I went to the ATM to deposit my paycheck. The bank itself was open at the time, and I was alone in this ante-room. I didn't see anyone go...
  20. Phoenix44

    Conservative? Liberal? Do these words mean anything anymore?

    People use the word "liberal" as if it's a curse-word, when all it really means is "broad-minded" or "generous." The Bush Administration has been referred to as "Conservative," or "neo-Conservative," when they are clearly radicals who do not represent traditional Conservative values of...
  21. Phoenix44

    Serbia vs. Iraq: You're kidding, right?

    On the thread regarding the VP debates, Fool Wolf posted his or her "2 cents" supposedly comparing, in a sarcastic manner, Clinton vs. Bush. Fool Wolf stated: and ended with: And it would be really clever, if it wasn't A) untrue, and B) plagiarized. First, the facts: In the early...
  22. Phoenix44

    Stop crying for teachers

    I absolutely HAVE to say something about teachers or I'm going to explode, and I'll take the risk of being flamed. Let's take, without argument, the crappiest place in the country to teach: New York City. The median teachers' salary is $47,345. (From Teachers work 180 days/per year...
  23. Phoenix44


    Forget about "surfing" the web...I can barely crawl, because of browser hijacking and pop-ups. I have a cable connection, Windows XP; IE6; McAfee virus protection, firewall and privacy protection; spyware protection; and pop-up stopper. I've even reported the offenders to the attorney...
  24. Phoenix44

    Universal Health Care: Opinions please?

    I started this thread because it's come up several times elsewhere. For some reason, some people think universal healthcare would be prohibitively expensive. I don't. The current healthcare system is wasteful, fragmented, and enormously expensive. Every doctor, hospital, and clinic must...
  25. Phoenix44

    Did you see it: Fahrenheit 9/11 ?

    So now that the movie's actually out, did any of you see it? I did. Comments?