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  1. rlobrecht

    Getting the Eagle Badge in Boyscouts

    I'm the Scoutmaster for my son's Boy Scout Troop. I expect Life Scouts to talk to me about their progress, and to initiate the progress. But I don't require them to do it on their own. I will also reach out to them to give them little hints and pushes from time to time. We also have a...
  2. rlobrecht

    concealed carry insurance...experiences or advice?

    I get ads for concealed carry insurance from NRA on a regular basis. Basically it covers your legal defense when you shoot someone. I've never pulled the trigger (pun intended) and purchased it, or looked into other options. I agree with your comment on Ayoob. He has to be good for your defense.
  3. rlobrecht

    MartialTalk and KenpoTalk under new Ownership

    Congratulations Bob.
  4. rlobrecht

    Punching Bags for the living room

    There are a couple of other things to consider. The bases sometimes leak or crack. That could be an issue for your apartment. But water is easier to get out when you decide to move. Sand is very heavy, and very difficult to get out.
  5. rlobrecht

    Direct Mail Advertising?

    Incentivize your students to bring their friends. Give them discounts when their friend signs up.
  6. rlobrecht

    "Best" Pistol to Own?

    I agree. Another good benefit of a shotgun is that with the right shot (smaller pellets) you're less likely to penetrate walls and hurt an unintended target in the next room, or the next house.
  7. rlobrecht

    it's official

    Congratulations, Manny! Your Sabumnim wouldn't have made the offer if he didn't think you were up to the challenge.
  8. rlobrecht

    What would your "man cave" look like? :D

    Mine has a heavy bag hanging in one corner, 60 gallon aquarium in another, large glass desk with Mac in the third corner, and book shelves in the last. A folding treadmill and lateral filing cabinet are along one wall. A shelf runs around the top of two walls with Star Wars collectibles on it.
  9. rlobrecht

    Should i change the sights?

    I'm with CNida. Keep your family history as it was, unmodified. There are lots of good weapons in the market for very little money these days. Edit: typo
  10. rlobrecht

    Rx ballistic lenses?

    I bought sports goggles through my eye doctor. They were less than $100. Way cheaper than my every day glasses. They look something like this: My eye doctor also sells what they call safety glasses, which look like they might have been fashionable in the 70s.
  11. rlobrecht

    Free concealed carry training?

    I was looking something up for another forum, and noticed that Texas does have the ability to have the fee reduced in half if you fall below the federal poverty guidelines.
  12. rlobrecht

    NRA members!

    You might look for a more local organization. I know that Texas has the Texas State Rifle Association. I've never joined, but their purpose seems very similar to the NRA, except focused strictly on Texas.
  13. rlobrecht

    NRA members!

    Lifetime member of the NRA and the North American Hunting Club. I got the DVDs last year. They weren't that great, and I sent it back.
  14. rlobrecht

    What do you carry and how?

    I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 in the 5:00 position in an IWB tuckable holster. Conceals in shorts and a t-shirt (essential in Houston).
  15. rlobrecht

    365 Project

    Love this Mickey doll. We have a bobble head version.
  16. rlobrecht

    Free concealed carry training?

    When Texas first introduced concealed carry, I found the class fees to vary widely, also what was included also varied (some took your pictures, and brought in officers to take your fingerprints.). The license to teach a CHL class is expensive, as is the range, classroom, etc. I'd be shocked if...
  17. rlobrecht

    Predator Armour For Use In IRT Scenario Based Training!

    And here I was hoping to read an article about some fantastic new research about stealth armor like that from the Predator movies.
  18. rlobrecht

    Taekwondo teacher choked student to show off move

    The parents were present, had given prior permission, and were told what to expect. In general, my gut reaction is the same as all of you, you should never demonstrate to unconsciousness, and you shouldn't do this kind of demonstration on a child. However, I can imagine that there were things...
  19. rlobrecht

    Master not registering students with kkw

    Does the student have a contract with the Master?
  20. rlobrecht

    Is this a legal use of force with a gun...

    It would be in Texas.
  21. rlobrecht

    Considering a compound bow

    Very useful against a raging horde.
  22. rlobrecht

    Practicing Forms in a cramped home

    This is exactly what I do. I always try to keep my orientation, relative to the starting position, correct, and just move forward or backward to make room for the next few moves. 8x5 is a little small, but you can probably do 1-2 moves before having to back up. It's not perfect, but it is...
  23. rlobrecht

    Civilian shooting school...more than paper targets...

    There's a place in Houston with classes kind of like that. I took one of their classes which included shooting an assailant (paper targets) from inside a vehicle, some quick around the corner, shooting, etc. It was good fun, and I learned a...
  24. rlobrecht

    TSA Agent killed in LAX : Was : Hey Bob!

    Well said.
  25. rlobrecht

    Pactising Kicks Slowly vs. Quickly

    Slow kicks are good to develop strength and balance. As pointed out above, super slow kicks, like the one in Moon Moo, are really hard.
  26. rlobrecht

    Behaviour of boy scout groups while camping? Discuss...

    If you're looking for a way to tone down the misbehavior while the Scouts are there, you'll have to find the adults. Or worst case, go back to their reservation details and call the adult that made their reservation.
  27. rlobrecht

    Boldly Going...

    luq laH chaH "of course they can" in Klingon according to Bing's translator. That back and forth was fantastic. I especially like how he pulled temporal loop out of his wormhole.
  28. rlobrecht

    Zero Tolerance strikes again!

    I saw this on the Houston news this morning. I would hope the school would see reason, but I would expect them to get a bit more pressure with this kind of national publicity.
  29. rlobrecht

    Java as target?

    Java is bad news. If it wasn't for Minecraft, I wouldn't have it on any of my systems. I keep it disabled in all of our browsers.